Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I love the Christmas-tide, and yet,
I notice this, each year I live;
I always like the gifts I get,
But how I love the gifts I give!
~Carolyn Wells

Wouldn't life be worth the living
Wouldn't dreams be coming true
If we kept the Christmas spirit
All the whole year through?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

John & Sophie

"I promised you Sophie,I will never ever leave you .
And tonight I am keeping my promise"

He held his grip on her. Its been 7 years....7 glorious years...though he has crossed his prime..she still appeared the same as she had looked before 7 years. Bold & Beautiful.That's what he always looked for, that's why he waited and never rushed into things.

When he saw Sophie in one of those famous magazines while waiting in the airport, he immediately booked a ticket to Germany just to catch a glimpse of her. When he finally saw her in the grand party hosted by her family,he was breathless.He kept on gazing her , her curves, the intensity in her looks, her boldness,her charisma which made her stand out of the crowd.

The next day he made his offer,an offer which took their breath away,for he was a man who would not take No for an answer.He didn't want to take any chances with her.The heritage of her family was globally known and even though his friends & family were worried that he took an hasty decision without consulting anybody,once they met her, they couldn't help but to let it go and simply stood gazing at her.

Some of them would say "Man, you are the luckiest man in this world"
He would simply smile and say "I know"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arrogant Fools We Are

I just finished reading “Winner Stands Alone” by  Paulo Coelho. Although it was a good read,it did not leave a impact on me except for a small part.The Lead character at one point raises a question about global warming and so called Man’s cruelty towards Earth.

“How can we be so arrogant? The planet is,was and always will be stronger than us.We can’t destroy it,if we overstep the mark,the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing.Why don’t they start talking about not letting the planet destroy us?”

Nasa_blue_marbleIts a valid question…isn't it? I mean we shouldn’t be worried about the earth but about ourselves,Human Race as we are collectively called. Actually the posters and banners should read “Save Mankind” (from the atrocities of Man actually) But that would be just selfish,so we try and paint a different picture and say “We Strive to save Earth”

They say the water level is rising and we are cutting down trees,so many species have become extinct etc etc..So what?, May be there will very little land or no land above the sea…may be the world as we know it will become a Water World of some sorts with underwater forests and aquatic creatures.Only thing is we may not be alive to see how the world turns out…may be millions of years later, the new intelligent species may figure out that millions of years ago,that two legged animals ruled the land..

I am not rejecting the views by scientists or activists,I am just saying may be they should convince people to save electricity and reuse & recycle as much as possible not to save Earth ,but to for our own survival.


Not  Acme of Evolution But Arrogant Fools We Are

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Oh sorry those of who u didn't know  Rajiv S.Perumal has been officially posted in TCS,Mumbai (finally!! almost an year since he got the offer). So we had met up for dinner for the last this year

We included Me ,Rajiv,Vaisak, Manoj & Dhiru.

Rajiv always liked Oye Amritsar in church street  and since Dhiru recommended the new one in Koramangala is Very Good, we thought lets see wat’s all the Oye about.(even i like Oye,but that's a different one the blessed souls who read my creative gibberish G&G will understand what i mean)

Coming back to OyeImage0190 Amritsar,the first thing that hits you is the decor and ambience,trying to recreate the Dhaba environment.The parking-lot itself is covered in the design of a lorry back door .The sign board too is very creatively done,not too mention the walls where one can see relaxSingh 

Step in to the dining roof (yeah its in terrace) its all breezy and nice.I saw some candle lights too in some tables,but I seriously doubt whether its was supposed to be candle lit romantic dinner,because the place is kinda funky and loud. The Bar counter is named London beer & wines owned by Tipsy Singh and similarly tandoor and main food counter have been creatively decorated as well. I could have take many pics, but you see all attention was on Rajiv. 


The menu was in form of rubber flaps which hang in the back of a truck.One can see the effort that has gone in the designing of the whole thing. 

Johnny ka Label , Pepper Vodka Golgappa shows they really mean it when they say dhabha experience.

The staff were courteous and the service was good enough for a restaurant of this kind.

Dhiru wanted to try the shorbhaImage0192 and we almost chuckled at the sight of it.First the quantity was too low.Second the spoon was already inside and the waiter just brought it as it is .No tray no saucer no salver and the spoon with the soup was wobbling as the waiter was figuring out who among  us was the lucky one.Finally it settled on Dhiru’s place.He looked at me and  said “Lakshmi aren't you gonna blog abt this??” Sure dude i just did.

The soup was good so we didn’t make it a big issue.The starters were amazing both the Chicken and Gobi.The main course was good,but again, the presentation was poor,none of them looked appetizing. Since almost all dishes were tasty and the fact that it was past 10 pm already we didn't have the time to crib about it, plus u know… Rajiv IS  leaving to Mumbai.Vaisak and Rajiv had the long glass lassi’s .They said it was really nice and awfully heavy.

Overall it was nice but lil expensive than i thought (came to 300 per head and we ordered very few dishes).But it has definitely made into my list of eat-outs.

BTW I am pleased to inform, Rajiv has landed safely in Mumbai,   and will be travelling 80 kms daily to work in the local trains ( he didn’t sound happy abt it though..i wonder why )

BYE RAJIV, all the coffee shops in Bangalore is going to miss your presence,but not more than me.




Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost – 16

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
They all asked the same questions…………………
tell me abt yourself?
why did u do an MBA ?
wat is marketing?
wat is ur strength & weakness
can u sell me this pen?
why shud we hire you?
bcoz i am damn good dammit
that was exactly DJ wanted to say..but of course he didn't. he told
what was expected...and finally the day came. He started msging everyone.
hi, got thru spark technologies..
will call later

soon he got replies and rings ..
way to go dude!!

Super machi congrats!!!
good yaar :)
thats great :) will call u
0804311 8585 calling………..
DJ wondered who it was.eventually picked up
'congrats' - a voice whispered
DJ was puzzled who it was....

"thanks but who is this?"
"hmm ..GHOST"
DJ's face lit up was DG
"oooo..thank you ghost..but why are you whispering"
"I am in office"
"oh ok ok"
"chal i will call later..congrats again"
"thanks dear.. bye"
In the System
OD1 : so how is it going
OD2: pretty good
OD1: really ...?
OD2: yeah the geek and the ghost are still going strong
OD1: the what??
OD2: he is the geek and apparently she is the ghost
OD1: where do u get all these?
OD2: i have been reading their logs
OD1: but y??
OD2: its interesting ..u shud a have a look
OD1: I got other things to do
OD2: uff ...yeah rite
OD1 was puzzled with OD2 's expression. He left the room wondering
what was that "uff" thing?
2.00 am.
DJ woke up...
DJ:hellos (why is she calling this time?)
DG: oye u sleeping?
DJ: yeah (not anymore)
DG: can u do me a favor ?
DJ: sure (its 2 AM FOR GOD SAKE!!!)
DG: u will definitely do it na?
DJ: yeah yeah tell me (as if i have a choice)
DG: can you come to library in the morning?
DJ: i can ..but isn't ur viva tomo ?
DG: yeah that's wat..need some help with the presentation..have some doubts
DJ: and u ask me now?
DG: uff ...listen
DJ: yeah tell (oh no... not the uff again)
DG: can you come or not
DJ: of course i will ...
DJ: k thanks
DG was waiting in the library..she was so tense...DJ went towards the table
DJ: hellos
DG: Thank god u came
DJ: why wat happened ? and why u looking so tense?
DG: yaar my viva is today
DJ: i know ..but i didnt know u cared abt it so much.... that too
after getting placed...

DG; yeah i didnt.... thats the problem
DJ: no me the presentation i will clear ur doubts
DG didnt say anything she kept looking at him
DG: yaar....u wont get mad na if say one thing
DJ was wondering what is going on ,but he was sure there is some big trouble
DJ: tell fast wat happened? and where is the presentation
DG; thats wat..there is no presentation..i didnt make it
DJ: OMG!!!!
DG:can u plzz do it for me?
DJ: u ask me now? Oh my GOD....i cant believe this
DG: i thought i will do it myself... but then...
DJ thought for a sec..nothing good is going to come by scolding
her..and its too late..I better start working...
DJ: step aside...gimme ur lappy...dont worry …everything will be fine
DG: thank u thank u
DJ: only the ppt rite..or anymore shockers u have for me
DG: no no only ppt
DJ : hmm ....and wat if i hadn't come?
DG: i knew u wud come
DJ ; yeah rite....
He started on the presentation...he spent 1 full day preparing his
ppt...he quickly pulled his presentation and started editing it .
DG: yaar
DG: I am hungry
DJ froze for a second...he cant believe what he is hearing....Food??
..she is talking abt food now?..he slowly turned to her
Like a lil kid asking for a toy she asked him
DG: can we eat sumthing and then start?
DJ couldnt control his laughter ..and DG wondered wats so funny
DG was studying the slides and writing notes...less than 15 mins for
her presentation
DJ was looking at her...wondering "how cooly she is doing this?"
DJ: tell me sumthing
She kept looking at the slides and asked……
DG: wat?
DJ : why do u always wait for the last time...why do u always call in the middle of the night and ask things like this?
she turned towards him and with a sweet smile she said....
DG: i am the ghost na...hehehehe
It was that moment DJ realized matter what she said ,no matter
what she did..and how much ever she troubled him ,,,its just
impossible for him to get angry on her
DJ :hehehehe yeah ...ur the ghost and i am the geek...may be i will write a story one day about all this -
DG: gud it…wat is the title?
DJ: wat else …. THE GEEK & THE GHOST
To Be Continued...............................................

Thursday, October 15, 2009


May the Divine Light of Diwali

Spread into your Life

Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali

Monday, October 12, 2009

THANK YOU ALL for My B’day Blast

This post is to thank everyone who saved my birthday to become the best one till date (aren’t these smileys cool )

Thanks to Him…I was alive to celebrate my birthday .

Thanks to unknown aliens who r in a galaxy far far way for not attacking earth and steal my thunder.

Thanks to Mayan calendar who assured me world wont end before 2012 and i can go ahead with my plans

Thanks to my family for wishing me (each one did at different timings so i had my family wishing throughout the day)

Thanks to Neha to be the first one to wish me exactly @ 12am.

Thanks to Snigi who kept herself awake to wish me @ 12 and wished me @12.02 am – merci beacoup

Thanks to Rajiv who kept trying and finally caught me on call and wished me @ 12.10 am

Thanks to Tiger who called @ 12.45 after driving for 400kms in bike through flood filled AP.

Thanks to Anbu, Nisha who woke me up with their wishes proving distance,time or frequency of talking does not hinder friendship

A Big THANKS to all my friends & relatives for their orkut scraps and wall posts and phone calls

Thanks to Vijay Mallya to have build such an airy and luxurious UB city smile_regular

Thanks to RAJDHANI group for serving such good unlimited food @ affordable price tagDSC00372

Thanks to Meghna, Rajiv, Neha, Vibhor, Dhiru & Vaisak for taking time out to come to my humble treat .

Thanks to Vasanth Doss for his ISD call @ the right time DSC00361

Thanks to Neha for ordering the yummiest black forest.thanks to Thom’s bakery for making it so good.Thanks to Vibhor for picking it up

Thanks to Meghs for the good fitting black tshirt

Thanks to Vaisak n Rajiv for their double gift

With the landmark card i bought my first book- Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (recommended by bookie friend Snigismile_regular )

and the second gift came a lil late but was worth the wait…all my favorite moments from Alliance captured in a calendar aptly named PRICELESSCapture





Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -15

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

“Looking at the SWOT analysis, its apparent that the firm is very weak financially and has limited core competencies.Considering the market forces that is controlling this industry,its seems that the best way to save this company is to divest.”
DJ was ebbing with his intelligence.He eyes were focused with a fire in them.He loves to sound intellectual especially when the audience has no clue what he is talking about.It makes him feel he is special, a cut above the rest.
“Alternatively there is one more way to save this company. SYNERGY ....that's the key.If the firm can identify suitable partners in the upward or downward stream of the supply chain and synergize with them,then the combined financial gain,R&D strength will definitely will boost their chances of their survival”
But this time the guy who was listening to him was not a novice...he was a maverick,much more smarter than DJ.He was loosing patience with DJ's lengthy explanation bcoz he had already decided what he is going to say.However he continued listening to give DJ his small happiness of sounding like a strategist.
“I definitely think Synergy is only solution for survival.for example if u look at this scenario they can partner with the vendor supplying the machinery so that they can assemble their own customized assembly lines with improved R&D increasing production & efficiency. What do you think? “
“Nah..I don't see a strategic fit in this and i don't think synergy is the solution in this scenario” image
Its was RJ who said this.
RJ is the one of the popular kid who everybody knows and important thing is he also knows everybody by their names. He is one of those whiz kids one might find in prestigious institutions.He always made it to the toppers list, though he spends most of the time in exploring new places and making new friends.He talks with a cool & confident air which makes anyone believe whatever he is saying.
But very few close friends like DJ knows many at the times he keeps bluffing .Nothing evil.but just for fun.He is not very serious like DJ.Because he believes he can be the best in anything he does.
DJ : if synergy is not the solution then wat else??
RJ: The best thing to do will be to license out this technology which is the only good thing they have,sell all production units,pay their debts.Then set up R&D centers from the license fee. The royalty fee from sales ensures a steady income stream.Since the technology is good,that will ensure good sales,which is sufficient to cover the R&D operating costs.
DJ was dumbstruck and felt even dumber.He thought "man, how does he do that??". He always does this.Gives one answer and cleans up all the crap thrown at the table.
DJ:hmm that makes look at the time its 8.30... wat plans for dinner?
RJ:nothing guess i will go home,at least i will eat @ home today...
DJ:hehehehe about coffee?
RJ:good life? (its a milk brand)
RJ:Sure i will have coffee.
DJ:okies....i will get the coffees
RJ:kewl....i will start the draft meanwhile
Just that time ....DJ's mobile rang....DG CALLING
DJ :just a minute
in room
and 20 mins passed
oh ok
no not yet
u had dinner?
DJ then realised sumthing.. dinner... dinner@home.. coffee good life...oh no....
listen i will call u back...
DJ realised he came out of the room for the call..he went inside and saw RJ packing his stuff...
DJ:Dude why u packing?
RJ:I have finished the draft ,i have mailed you..its getting late..i already got a call from home...
DJ:Dude just wait..i will make the coffee 2 mins..
RJ:hehehehee its ok dude..if i had coffee now i can't eat time i will have it sure....hope u don't get any long distance calls :P
DJ:hey c'mon,,,it was DG only
RJ:hmm i saw...i didn't know u guys started talking..i mean u know...daily basis ....n stuff
DJ:nonono no no nonono..its not like that..
RJ:8 NO's? seriously...?
DJ:i meant No... i mean ..the thing is she has joined work na so she has shifted to a hostel and it will take some time before she gets internet..since we used to chat daily..for the time being we just call each other.....
RJ:oh ok.....anyways all the best
RJ:for the report hehehehe
DJ:u scared me
RJ:don't worry its all good....
DJ:ok then...catch you tomo....i will call u ....say by 5?
RJ:sure..MG road?
RJ:kewl... Bye Ciao
RJ:i will ping u later...hehehe anyways ur not using Gtalk much nowadays :P
DJ:DUDE!! c'mon
RJ:ok ok...bye now..i gotta run
DJ put a lil pepper on the pasta (he likes a pepper a lot) and just when he closed the lid....his phone rang "DG calling"
DG:u said u will call ..
DJ:i was abt to call
DG:ur so cheap.. saving ur phone bill??
DJ:yeah rite... RJ was leaving .. thats why i cut the call
DG:u cut my call again..i will kill that clear?
DJ:yes mam..Crystal
DJ:i meant Crystal Clear
DG:good....had dinner?
DJ:not its cookinggggggggggggg OH no my pasta.... listen i will call u back ....
DJ threw the mobile on the table and thought "she's gonna kill me for this"
& then ran into the kitchen to save his dinner.
To Be Continued.....................................................................................................

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -14

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Thanx :)
It was Placements Season 09 and things were looking bleak more than ever.Yet everyone in the‘A’grade B-School were burning the midnight oil, drafting reports and hanging out with friends with all day reminiscing the Happy Days they spent together.
DJ:when is the joining?
DG:Next monday
DJ:so soon?
DG:yeah man,no time only.. lots to do
DJ:so wat abt the report
DG:which report?
DJ:hello!! ur still in college who will do the final report??
DG: yaar i am least bothered ,i have to look for accommodation,pack all my stuff,so many things to do,report is last in my mind
DG: acha listen
DG: i will be busy for the next week days..i wont be able 2 chat
DJ: i know , the time has come
DG: for wat ?
DJ:change..all our lives are changing ….its time to move on
DG: arrey chup ur talking as if we r going to die tomo
DJ: hehehe yeah ..but still i dont think we will be able to chat like this anymore
DG: don worry dear..i will get internet in my new room..i cant live without it :P
DJ:hehehehe I know…. seriously
DG:chal i am going out…catch u later
DJ:k ..but when?
DG: dunno yaar..i will ping u when i get time..anywayz u will be online 24/7  :P
DJ: yes..i will be waiting :)
DG: dont miss me ok? :P
DJ:heheheh.. yeah rite :P
DG: chal  ba.bye 
DJ: listen if u want anything for the report lemme know
DG:    thanks i will sure eat ur head for that.who else is ther :P
DJ: hehehe okies..have fun and congrats again
DG: thanks again ..I am sure you will get through soon
DJ: hopefully :P
DG:dont worry ..i will pray for you :)
DJ: :)  chal you go get ready
DG:  okies ba bye
DJ closed his lappy with a sigh.. “hmmm its will be just one another good memory”  
In The System
OD2: so how long ?
OD1: atleast 2 weeks or so
OD2:thats too long
OD1: yeah i am concerned about the IFR’s
OD2: chuck that..i am worried abt him..poor guy is going to miss his GF
OD1: chuck that? wat lingo is this and wat does GF mean?
OD2: it means its not a major concern and FYI GF means Gtalk friend
OD1: where do learn this stuff
OD2: dont u see television
OD1: no i have better things to do…i heard its a waste of time
OD2: they call it the idiot box
OD1:then it suits u perfectly
OD2:hahahahaha man u & ur PJ’s……..

To be Continued……………………………………………………………………………..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost 13

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
thud dud thud dud thud dud thud dud…………………DJ was running again.
It was a long,dark, lonely highway.
Running away from the world…. the world which is “full of practicality” Running away from the so called “reality”……As he ran the same images that used to haunt him kept coming again.he kept running towards the faint light at the end of the road.
The light grew closer…interestingly the light  was getting dimmer as he got close to it…. 
As  he approached the light… he could see the source of light… there was a face…… but it was not the same …it was not her was not the face that stole his sleep…this was different…… .it was someone else…he heard a giggle, the girl was laughing….
DJ couldn’t stop …he ran towards her ….then he felt something different…
zzzzoooooooooopppppp……It was a sudden pull… a gravity pull…he was falling…..aaaahhhhhh…………HUH???
but this time there was no sea,
there were no rocks…
instead he heard
DJ : wat the hell?
DG was standing up on the stairs and was calling him.
DG: oye…come fast
DJ looked around and thought ‘you have gotta be kidding me’
DG: u fool …i am calling u only… come fast
then she continued to walk up the stairs and disappeared in the darkness
DJ: damn..this is not happening
He climbed up the stairs and reached a porch.and a tall building like a church..there was huge door denoting there is a huge hall inside.He saw her entering inside.
He approached the door and he almost froze.His old school watchman was sitting beside it.
 “is it really you uncle?”
“of course its hurry up.. everyone’s waiting”
DJ was utterly confused  “everyone???”
He finally entered the building
and it was a huge hall and suddenly he was hit by loud music ‘AAJ KI RAAT…’was blaring in the speakers
DJ was thinking ‘wat in the world is going on here??’
and then he noticed the crowd …it was really everyone …everyone from his life..the very ones he was running from… hiding from….his school friends,old neighbors, college friends,his teachers , girls he had a crush on,..and he heard someone calling…
“ah ! there you are.. we were waiting for you”
“first look wat is he wearing” (he was in sweatshirt and tracks)
DAD: yes u must change now..there’s fresh set in that room
MOM: first wash your face..u look so sleepy
DJ was staring at them blankly
MOM: wat you looking.. go go
DJ went inside the room and changed amidst all the confusion.when he came out he saw a girl passing by in the corridor.He couldn’t see her clearly.he went behind he could see her dressed in a long white dress with white wings she was dressed as an angel..DJ became very curious and stepped up .but she was moving swiftly through the passage..suddenly out of nowhere DG appeared.
oye… where you think you are going?
hey… no ..i…i thought  i saw someone
which girl ur following?
.no ..yes …yeah… i mean ..white dress .. how did u know it was a girl??
you guys are all the same…i am waiting here and your running behind some  girl
it was not some girl..she..she was like an angel
and i look like a ghost to you??
DJ noticed that even she had dressed up…
arrey no look great
hmm …you look good too
thank you.but can you pls tell me whats going on??
cant you see ….its a party!! come come
and she pulled his hand and ran to the hall..they entered and the music dj shouted “look finally the real DJ is here” and spinned off Bon Jovi’s “Its My life”
And the crowd clapped and hooteed “wooohoooo” some shook hands wid him girls waved at him ..friends lifted him up…and then…
BOOM   a banner opened “Welcome Back DJ” and party poppers exploded and the party was officially on…
and his friends   who were carrying him finally got him on the ground and he was searching for DG..but she seem to have disappeared…he looked around and saw was everyone he loved and cared about more importantly it was everyone who loved and cared about him…
the dj spinned off “Its the time to DISCO” and the people started joining hands and forming a train…suddenly DG was there and grabbed his hand and they joined the dance train…..and he had to scream becoz of the loud music..
wats all this
you still didnt get it?
no…Welcome back to??
life is short so ENJOY MADI DI DI DI DID IDING DING DING DING DING DI DING DING DING …DJ killed the alarm…it was 7 am
DJ couldn’t believe it was all a dream..he was wondering how come his usual nightmare changed into a big party dream…even then his sleep was not disturbed
hmm so you keep alarm to get up @ 7am??? how lazy are you?
DJ heard his mom’s voice.he got up and realized he was @ home..he had come for a short holiday
hehehehe 7 am is early morning in Bangalore.
get up and freshen up… coffee is ready…
hmm ok..
DJ suddenly missed DG..he realized he hasn’t spoken to her since he came home.He got up,freshened up ,,grabbed the coffee cup and went to the balcony and rang up to her mobile.As soon as she picked she started screaming
oye…you alive ?? you went home and completely forgot me huh?
DJ’s face lit up with  huge smile …then he calmly said

To be Continued…………..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost-12

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG: oye
They were in the last term in college and both them knew that their 24/7 chatting is soon going to come to an halt as they will soon start working and life wouldn’t be the same.
DG changed from hellos to oye and DJ changed from hi to hellos,they said good morning to each other ,reminded each other to have lunch,discussed what happened in the evening and said goodnight at the end of the day.And occasionally they got into serious conversations about the changes that is going to happen in their lives.All the good ,bad & ugly was known to each other and DJ was actually surprised to find him comfortable to discuss many personal stuff with her which he won’t even think of sharing with his other friends.
DJ: nuthn..jus frustrated wid life
DG: y??? wat happen?
DJ: :(
DG:arrey bol
***** 20 minutes later*****
DJ: so thats the whole thing
DJ:and i don't know wat to do
DG:but what can i do
DJ:thats the point i want to do sumthing but i don't know wat to do
DG: hmm
DJ: wat can one do when they want to help but cant do anything
DG: u dr?
DJ: s
DG:tell me sumthing
DJ: s
DG: if i was in trouble wat will you do
DJ:is this a trick question?
DG:arey jus tel wat wll u do
DJ:of course i will try to help whichever way possible
DG: but if there’s no way you cant help
and if theres nuthing you can do
DJ: then wat can i do
DG: so u will sit simply, watch me cry ?
DJ: i can get u a tissue
DG:stupid don't irritate
DJ:yaar i really don't know… wat shud i do..tell na
DG: i thought u were brilliant..
DJ:oh plzz…there is a diff between being intelligent and wise.I may be intelligent but i am not wise thats y i make stupid decisions and stuck in situations like this
DG:yeh sab bol.. lekin jawab math dho
DJ: hmm lemme think…i will listen to the problem tell you not to cry and try to console you
DG:if its too bad ?
DJ: yaar wats this? y r u asking like this?? seriously i dunno
DG: ok if u had a problem like that …u know what i will do?
DJ:oh tell wise sage…wat thee gr8 thing u do?
DG: shut up u mkin fun of me
DJ:arrey baba…ok ok i wont make fun now tell
DG: I will pray
DG: i will pray to God to solve your problems

        to help you
        to make you smile again
DJ was stunned.he didn't know wat to tell.. how to react.Although he believes in god and go to temple & church..he is not too religious or he didn't think of sumthing like this..
DG:where did u go
DJ:i was praying
DG:   gud
DJ: thanks
DG:u r welcome
DJ:i will pray for u too if u get into trouble …which is always
DG:heheheh yeah man …thanks i will pray for u too
In The System
OD2 sighed after seeing the logs and rolled his eyes saying “Kids”
OD2:this is so kiddish
OD2:they have no clue abt what up here… do they?
OD1 : nopes…bcoz they are not supposed too
OD2:sumtimes i feel sorry for them
OD2:if only they knew wat was abt to happen to their sweet lives
OD1: they shouldn’t know and don’t you dare to do sum mischief
OD2: no problemo amigo
OD1:and stop watching the television thing
OD2:aye aye captain
OD1:(with a heavy sigh )…i dunno wat i am going to do with you…


To Be Continued………………………………..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Stupid Mouth

My stupid mouth,
Has got me in trouble.
I said too much again.
To a date over dinner yesterday
And I could see she was offended.
She said well anyway...
Just dying for a subject change.
Oh, its another social casualty
Score one more for me
How could I forget?
Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one soon

We bit our lips. she looked out the window
Rolling tiny balls of napkin paper
I played a quick game of chess with the
Salt and pepper shaker.
And I could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn
Between what was good, what just
Slipped out and what went wrong.
Oh, the way she feels about me has changed.
Thanks for playing, try again.
How could I forget?
Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one.
Im never speaking up again. it only hurts me.
Id rather be a mystery than she desert me.
Oh Im never speaking up again.
Starting now
One more thing.
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But its all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny.
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire
Im never speaking up again it only hurts me.
Id rather be a mystery than she desert me.
Oh Im never speaking up again
Starting now


Had some serious tussle with not 1 not 2 but 3 of my friends.Although each one was in  separate instances… all of them said the same thing “you cannot just say whatever u like..think before u speak”..I wasn’t abusing and was in anger ..nor i had a intention of hurting them..they were all just statements, sumthing which i said simply and eh yeah.. thoughtlessly..  may be i shud have put some thought before saying things…  funny thing i consider myself as a big thinker..stupid me.

So I shut myself for some time,so that i don’t get into trouble.. at least for now (:P)…………………..the more i thought abt it i found something

I could have got angry and thought…

  1. They are stupid
  2. they are rude
  3. they don’t respect my friendship

If  I want to look at it positively...i can say

  1. they are listening to me and really give importance to wat i say
  2. they are honest enough to tell it to my face rather bitching abt me with others
  3. they really care & want me to change my negatives to be a better person

Everything happens for a reason… but what reason?  its all in the way you look at it…its like the shoe salesman who went to a new city and said with frustration “ there is no market cuz no one wears shoes there” while another shoe salesman went to the same city and came back  with glee and said “There is a huge market cuz no one wears shoes there”

I am like the second salesman and see things positively..(but frankly speaking  i cant sell anything :P).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The GEEK The Ghost -11

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

"So you are saying this is not a proposal or something like that?" asked OD2
They were all sitting in the Cafe Galactica -OD1,OD2, & HEX1 , the Human Expert who is certified professional in studying human behavior.It is rumored that he was actually trained in earth by living among the earthly mortals.
OD2: but i have seen in the archives ,this is the same words they say when they make or enter a commitment
HEX1:true,but u are taking it in face value.Just because they said doesn't been they are committed to each other plus same words mean different things in different contexts
OD2 : but the context here hold good right? i mean he is a boy she is a girl, both are single ,talk daily.
HEX1: It is not that simple.There are many more variables involved in it.I cannot explain sitting in a coffee shop .You have to study million cases before generalizing.Also i have seen the earlier transcripts and they both have said the same lines to other people too,close entities,biological relations like parents,brothers etc
OD1 stopped sipping his Grande Latte and broke his silence.
OD1: what's your point?
HEX1: they are just Good Friends, Nothing more Nothing less
"We are just good friends,nothing more nothing less"
DJ said it out loud as if it was a press meet and took a sip of Iced Green Tea. He was surrounded by his friends in Infinitea
"ooo really??" "yeah right " "i believe you man" " "If you say so" " "are you sure?"
His friends responded with many varied answers,but none of them seem to accept what he said.
DJ: i am sure
"hmm how was the date?"
DJ: i told wasn't a date ..i just took her to her aunts place .It was far and she didn't know the place,so i just went with her. It was not like we went to a movie or dinner sumthing
"hmm so u were planning for a movie & dinner?"
DJ: c'mon guys... cut it out
"ooh u getting serious ? you like her... don't you?"
DJ: of course I like her but only as a friend
"hmm actually she 's good .. you can go for her"
DJ: yeah rite......actually she's too good for me
so if she's okay wid u , u wudnt mind right?? do u want us to talk to her?? we will be happy to do it
DJ: oh plzz ...stop it.. nuthn like many times u have seen me speaking to her in class
"thats y we were wondering how come u went out with her"
DJ: OMG!!..... i told u it wasn't like that.Its like ..(DJ's mobile rang)
...DG CALLING......
"ooooo look who's calling"
DJ: ssshhhh, (picked up the phone) "hellos"
"no, tell me"
"with the guys"
"hmm" hmm"
"no problem"
"its k"
"pakka na 6.30. . my bus stop"
He hung up and looked up.His friends were all grinning big time
"one more date huh?"
DJ: Oh plzzz will u guys Shut up
"don't get worked up lover boy... we didn't say anything"
DJ: guys seriously ..there's nothing between us..don't go spread any "hot news"
we know man ..just messing wid you..just don't get in any trouble
DJ: i will take care .. thanks
6.20 am
The streets were filled with morning mist..Lazy Bangalore was still rolling under the sheets.
DJ was walking as fast as he could..he felt the his heart was pounding "Last time" he thought "let it be the first & last more more chatting.... just hi ,hello thats it...have enough trouble already"
As he neared the bus stop..he froze.....
DG was sitting inside the bus stop..She was shivering due to the cold air.
Something melted away from his mind...
"when did u come?"
"15mins before "
"ooh..but u said 6.30 how come u reached soon"
"no traffic na so reached early"
DJ was feeling bad for keeping her wait in this cold.
DG : one bus went sumtime back
DJ: u could have gone na
DG: i was waiting for u
They got in the bus
"How is ur aunt? "
" we were talking all night.... didn't sleep at all"
"Sleep now.. it will be atleast an hour before we reach college"
DJ looked at her sleeping peacefully.He kept looking....His mind was calm , there was no was good feeling .....he remembered how he when he saw his Dear Dolphin ...this was nothing like that... He was sure ... now all his doubts flew away....
DG opened he eyes and saw him looking her.
"nothing go to sleep"
His mind was clear - She trusts me... I trust her...I don't care what they say, what others think..we understand each other..and nothing else matters....
DJ said to himself "We are friends and Come what may we will be best friends forever... nothing more, nothing less"
To be Continued..........................................

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

OD2:the cupids have been deployed
OD1:I can see that…their intimacy levels are increasing
OD2: u look tired may be u need to rest
OD1:Yes but i want to see the initial reactions
OD2: this is unbelievable..look at the IFR’s ..we have already level 4
OD1 : i have a feeling it may go even more higher
OD2:This is great ……breached level 7
OD1: hmm make sure everything is stable
OD2:don't u feel its going too fast..shouldn't we inform him(info CoV)
OD1:unless it breaches level 10 nothing to worry about
OD2:what if it does
OD1:its highly will stabilize by Level 10
OD2:ok i will take care of take break
OD1: hmm …see that indicator if it goes to yellow be careful ..if it reaches orange call me immediately
it will go up to red also but its highly unlikely image
OD2: don't worry i will take care of it
OD2 was scrambling his pizza ..he loves late night shifts…bcoz it will be very peaceful and only he will be there to monitor the logs.
He was checking the logs of was rising steadily but did not go above the level 10
……………………… image
OD1 was in his dorm resting with the slight sound of Buddha trance filling his room.He suddenly got the prompt…its was OD2 “we gotta situation you better come here”
when he reached OD2 was looking pale .He has never seen him like that.He soon got to know why.The indicator was glowing red.
OD1: why didn't u call me before
OD2: i don't know suddenly it jumped to yellow and by the time i prompted you it went to Red
OD1: get me the logs
OD1 looked carefully the logs of GG which records all the interactions between DJ &DG
OD1: wow looks like the cupids are working better than i thought.
OD2:oh yeah, they are on a roll here – Boyfriend , Girlfriend ,u r the best and all the heart ,smiley stuff.
The indicator went one more level up.
OD2: we better tell him
OD1: Don’t call, just send a prompt
OD2: okay
OD2: what the ….?
OD1: check the status
OD1 quickly grabbed the intercom called for backup
OD1: This is OD1 from sector 86 . come in Console
Console: Console here, go on
OD1 : need emergency back up,our network is crashing
Console: right away sir ,I will deploy the SRT(System Recovery Team)
OD1:plz hurry thanks.
OD2 was running here n there checking all dashboards
OD1: You are sweating
OD2:really …then give me a tissue…are you kidding me ? what is all something
OD1 smiled like a saint : its an ESS protocol – Emergency System Shutdown.
OD2: ESS? Is it normal?
OD1: its rare , but its internal preventive measure.
OD1:don’t worry he won’t screw you .but we have to figure out why the ESS protocol was triggered
OD2: hmm .
OD1: check the final transmission
Since the displays were down , OD2 took a print out of the last log report
OD2: You have Gotta be Kidding me!!!
OD1: what happened ??
OD2:I think we got the reason ?
OD1 cant believe what he was seeing.
LOG F34DTKNE - 2.00 Am EST
“I love u :)”
”I love u too :)”
Fatal System Error
Error ode 21
Transmission Failed

To Be Continued………………

Happy Indepedence Day

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yes. This post is for YOU.

Don’t look around …its really ‘U’

so who are you?

You are one of kindest souls who took some time out of your busy life to read my scribbling and  I would like to say a Big Heartfelt “THANK U” to stress on how much this means to me.

I met my friend today..I meet him daily and we hangout for 2-3 hrs daily to chat all nonsense..It helps me take my mind off all the stress of work.

Talking about stress , its not my work that’s stressful (because i like what i do) its the people around me who are the reason for my stress.Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are causing the stress, its my inability to give proper attention to them which is causing all the  stress to me.

I met a friend today and after initial Q’s like how r u? how is work? how is life? etc etc she told “ i keep reading your blog from time time”

OMG!!! I had almost forgot my blog..

I didn’t know she reads my blog and there is good chance that there might be others like her who read my blog occasionally and yet i don't know who they are..

I haven’t blogged for quite some time with lot many things going on around me……

So Am I so Busy? – not really

The ppl with whom i used to talk frequently or with whom i want to talk frequently are busy with their lives and ppl who want to speak to me say i have become so busy with my life (my dad called up one day and wanted a appointment to talk with me – although he meant as a joke  I felt very bad)


Truth is I feel something is missing in Stuart Little, he says there is a “empty space”   I am not sure what i am missing …may be its my friends ,the daily hi, hellos, genuine ones not like in office as a formality .

i can see my friends drifting apart ,the degrees of separation seems to increase.Yeah i know life’s like that only..but

wherever you go ,whatever you do,i would pray for your well being because you have took your time of your busy life to read my scribbling…

and i cant THANK U enough for that.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Nature Calls

No ,this is not about the metabolic activity we all do every day (one thing where no one failssmile_regular ).

Today, I left office much earlier than my usual time ,didn’t want to hangout with friends (cost cutting smile_regular). Anyways i took a Volvo near empty and the FM  [at least that still works in my dumb ericsson,Sony is still sound smile_regular] played my “color of music”.

I got out the bus with the music still playing image

i took a walk along the park

where the sun was still setting,

its funny to see dogs bark

without any sound (headphonessmile_regular)

It started to get dark

i slowly crossed the play ground

the breeze made me to take my headphones off

i heard the birds chirping with glee image

as if they were happy to see me

I realized simple things of nature brings 

peace to my mind more than precious things

So when natures calls me

i would attend with glee


pls bear my poetic insanity…..

love all (at least trysmile_regular


Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -9

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG: chup kar, don't irritate me
DJ:wat did I do?
DG: how can u say that without knowing sumone?
DJ:I didn't mean it that way
DG:i didn't expect this from u
DJ: u didn't understand what i am telling u
DG:huh? i don't want to understand
DJ:wat do u want me to do?
DG: chup kar.. dn irritate me..go disappear
DJ signed off
DG (omg… this guy na.. uff…)
DJ (all girls are stupid why don't they understand.??.)
DJ normally is silent but sumtimes he talks a lot..way over the line and that often gets him into trouble.He fails to understand that sumtimes its best to leave sumthings untold regardless whether its true or right.When there is a problem he want to talk it through and wants closure asap.
DG is normally not silent but when sumone irritates her she just shuts them out.She doesn't want to talk things through but leave the issue.After some days, she clears it off from the table and things become normal again.
As DJ & DG, chatted a lot,misunderstandings started cropping up and since they had different approaches in solving problems the peace process was more complicated than the actual problem.
Every time they fought ,DJ thought “ok this is it..its going to end.we wont talk anymore”.But he didn't want to end it.  He gave some serious thinking about wat to do abt the matter and how to resolve it.
DG on the other hand,does not talk to him for a day or two,and then again starts the conversation as if nothing had happened. Her thinking was “friends fight.. so wat?..its no big deal”
DJ will be amazed to see her chat without a trace of their fight.on the other hand he was little disappointed to see her take it lightly while he pondered over it for a long time.
somehow their connection survived..
It was a busy day in THE SYSTEM as usual.
The OPS DUO were tracking all the progress of “Project GG”.It was becoming one of the biggest projects of all time.They were even planning to get it added in the A* list which has dedicated lines.But they have still lots to do to get there.Even though the IFRs were steadily increasing,they needed something to accelerate its pace.
  Operations Duo 1:i don't think its a good idea
Operations Duo 2 :do u have sumthing in mind?
OD1: honestly nothing
OD2 : well we have to do sumthing
OD1:yes,but we gotta be careful
OD2:hmm we are in critical position
OD1:i know.He(Info CoV) wants to listed in A*.at the same time i don’t want to ruin the current     progress
OD2:Why do u think it will ruin this?
OD1:don't u see the logs?
OD2:i do see their logs
OD1:every time they fight,the IFR fluctuates than their bloody stock markets and there’s no log for a day or two but they do exhibit frequency signals
OD2: u have been going thru their metadata reports.. aren't u?
OD1: yes.. are u not?
OD2: good heavens ..i am not crazy like you
OD1:sumtimes u have to cross reference
OD2:whatever….anyways wats the plan now?
OD1:(sighs deeply)..deploy the cupids..lets see wat magic love can do?
OD2:u just told its not a good idea!!
OD1:I know wat i said..given the circumstances i think we have to take some risk
OD2:wat abt his approval
OD1:actually he mentioned the same idea very early,i convinced him not to go for it.So he will be more than happy to give clearance
OD2: that's y u agreed? now i get it
OD2:U think it will work? i mean will they actually become… u knw?
OD1:no they wont..but it will work alright
OD2:i don't get it..then y are we doing this
OD1:just do it..its like a crash test
OD2:oh…now i get it..
MEMO from Info COV 
I hereby approve the deployment of CU-0456-19-86 –code K1 for Project GG and hereby assign OD1 & OD2 as the Task-Masters for this operation

To be Continued ……….

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ – Dance in Peace

   “Show’s over Boys.Lets pack up”

No I am not one of those reporters covering the ‘MJ Memorial’ the hottest story in town.I am not blaming them either.. that’s their job.I waited for the media hype to settle down. so that i can pay my tribute peacefully and so here goes…


The cameras stopped Rolling

And the cranes came Down

The world went home Sobbing

Leaving the King Alone

One Soul is Lost

And the World feels Lonely

One chance Lost

To see the King in all his Glory


Tonight was supposed to be Thriller Night

But I cant see the Zombies at my Sight

The King has left the Stage

But the traces of his Moonwalk still Remains


You were Right

They Didn’t Care About You

They called You Whacko

Now they are chasing the Ghost of Jacko

I think they have all gone Whacko.


The King wont Rest in Peace

As His Soul was filled with Dance

I could see him from my room

  Dancing all night in the Moon


Oh MJ..I wish you be here tonight with us

for the empty stage haunts us

more than your Thriller Ghosts

Our hearts are gone Cold

Only Your music

Can Heal the World