Thursday, October 15, 2009


May the Divine Light of Diwali

Spread into your Life

Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali

Monday, October 12, 2009

THANK YOU ALL for My B’day Blast

This post is to thank everyone who saved my birthday to become the best one till date (aren’t these smileys cool )

Thanks to Him…I was alive to celebrate my birthday .

Thanks to unknown aliens who r in a galaxy far far way for not attacking earth and steal my thunder.

Thanks to Mayan calendar who assured me world wont end before 2012 and i can go ahead with my plans

Thanks to my family for wishing me (each one did at different timings so i had my family wishing throughout the day)

Thanks to Neha to be the first one to wish me exactly @ 12am.

Thanks to Snigi who kept herself awake to wish me @ 12 and wished me @12.02 am – merci beacoup

Thanks to Rajiv who kept trying and finally caught me on call and wished me @ 12.10 am

Thanks to Tiger who called @ 12.45 after driving for 400kms in bike through flood filled AP.

Thanks to Anbu, Nisha who woke me up with their wishes proving distance,time or frequency of talking does not hinder friendship

A Big THANKS to all my friends & relatives for their orkut scraps and wall posts and phone calls

Thanks to Vijay Mallya to have build such an airy and luxurious UB city smile_regular

Thanks to RAJDHANI group for serving such good unlimited food @ affordable price tagDSC00372

Thanks to Meghna, Rajiv, Neha, Vibhor, Dhiru & Vaisak for taking time out to come to my humble treat .

Thanks to Vasanth Doss for his ISD call @ the right time DSC00361

Thanks to Neha for ordering the yummiest black forest.thanks to Thom’s bakery for making it so good.Thanks to Vibhor for picking it up

Thanks to Meghs for the good fitting black tshirt

Thanks to Vaisak n Rajiv for their double gift

With the landmark card i bought my first book- Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (recommended by bookie friend Snigismile_regular )

and the second gift came a lil late but was worth the wait…all my favorite moments from Alliance captured in a calendar aptly named PRICELESSCapture





Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -15

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

“Looking at the SWOT analysis, its apparent that the firm is very weak financially and has limited core competencies.Considering the market forces that is controlling this industry,its seems that the best way to save this company is to divest.”
DJ was ebbing with his intelligence.He eyes were focused with a fire in them.He loves to sound intellectual especially when the audience has no clue what he is talking about.It makes him feel he is special, a cut above the rest.
“Alternatively there is one more way to save this company. SYNERGY ....that's the key.If the firm can identify suitable partners in the upward or downward stream of the supply chain and synergize with them,then the combined financial gain,R&D strength will definitely will boost their chances of their survival”
But this time the guy who was listening to him was not a novice...he was a maverick,much more smarter than DJ.He was loosing patience with DJ's lengthy explanation bcoz he had already decided what he is going to say.However he continued listening to give DJ his small happiness of sounding like a strategist.
“I definitely think Synergy is only solution for survival.for example if u look at this scenario they can partner with the vendor supplying the machinery so that they can assemble their own customized assembly lines with improved R&D increasing production & efficiency. What do you think? “
“Nah..I don't see a strategic fit in this and i don't think synergy is the solution in this scenario” image
Its was RJ who said this.
RJ is the one of the popular kid who everybody knows and important thing is he also knows everybody by their names. He is one of those whiz kids one might find in prestigious institutions.He always made it to the toppers list, though he spends most of the time in exploring new places and making new friends.He talks with a cool & confident air which makes anyone believe whatever he is saying.
But very few close friends like DJ knows many at the times he keeps bluffing .Nothing evil.but just for fun.He is not very serious like DJ.Because he believes he can be the best in anything he does.
DJ : if synergy is not the solution then wat else??
RJ: The best thing to do will be to license out this technology which is the only good thing they have,sell all production units,pay their debts.Then set up R&D centers from the license fee. The royalty fee from sales ensures a steady income stream.Since the technology is good,that will ensure good sales,which is sufficient to cover the R&D operating costs.
DJ was dumbstruck and felt even dumber.He thought "man, how does he do that??". He always does this.Gives one answer and cleans up all the crap thrown at the table.
DJ:hmm that makes look at the time its 8.30... wat plans for dinner?
RJ:nothing guess i will go home,at least i will eat @ home today...
DJ:hehehehe about coffee?
RJ:good life? (its a milk brand)
RJ:Sure i will have coffee.
DJ:okies....i will get the coffees
RJ:kewl....i will start the draft meanwhile
Just that time ....DJ's mobile rang....DG CALLING
DJ :just a minute
in room
and 20 mins passed
oh ok
no not yet
u had dinner?
DJ then realised sumthing.. dinner... dinner@home.. coffee good life...oh no....
listen i will call u back...
DJ realised he came out of the room for the call..he went inside and saw RJ packing his stuff...
DJ:Dude why u packing?
RJ:I have finished the draft ,i have mailed you..its getting late..i already got a call from home...
DJ:Dude just wait..i will make the coffee 2 mins..
RJ:hehehehee its ok dude..if i had coffee now i can't eat time i will have it sure....hope u don't get any long distance calls :P
DJ:hey c'mon,,,it was DG only
RJ:hmm i saw...i didn't know u guys started talking..i mean u know...daily basis ....n stuff
DJ:nonono no no nonono..its not like that..
RJ:8 NO's? seriously...?
DJ:i meant No... i mean ..the thing is she has joined work na so she has shifted to a hostel and it will take some time before she gets internet..since we used to chat daily..for the time being we just call each other.....
RJ:oh ok.....anyways all the best
RJ:for the report hehehehe
DJ:u scared me
RJ:don't worry its all good....
DJ:ok then...catch you tomo....i will call u ....say by 5?
RJ:sure..MG road?
RJ:kewl... Bye Ciao
RJ:i will ping u later...hehehe anyways ur not using Gtalk much nowadays :P
DJ:DUDE!! c'mon
RJ:ok ok...bye now..i gotta run
DJ put a lil pepper on the pasta (he likes a pepper a lot) and just when he closed the lid....his phone rang "DG calling"
DG:u said u will call ..
DJ:i was abt to call
DG:ur so cheap.. saving ur phone bill??
DJ:yeah rite... RJ was leaving .. thats why i cut the call
DG:u cut my call again..i will kill that clear?
DJ:yes mam..Crystal
DJ:i meant Crystal Clear
DG:good....had dinner?
DJ:not its cookinggggggggggggg OH no my pasta.... listen i will call u back ....
DJ threw the mobile on the table and thought "she's gonna kill me for this"
& then ran into the kitchen to save his dinner.
To Be Continued.....................................................................................................