Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yes!! Finally I am on Whatsapp... But I will come to that later.

So how are you?  In 2 days it will be 2 years and 2 months since my last post.

Since this is my personal blog, I am just going to give the most important highlights of what was going on in my life for the past 2 years and I must say it was pretty eventful. The below events are more or less chronological in order.

  • Was working as project executive in a Design firm
  • Went to Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Met Saravanan Sundaram (he was just starting up then, now he is going places, literally and figuratively)
  • Smitten by Wildlife and Photography, I researched for 4 months and  spent almost all my savings and bought a Canon 550D (I call her Di). Satish was kind enough to give me his tripod, lens and filters. MJ studios now has a virtual presence. (I started using MJ studios for home movies and photo slideshows) 
  • Joined Bangalore Photowalk and made some really good connections. Now the group is registered as  Photographic Society of Bangalore and it is going to be even bigger. 
  • Work was getting tougher. 10 hours shifts turn to 12 hours and 14 hours. There were times when i worked for 24 hrs straight and even for 36 hours straight. But sadly that was not the hard part.
  • One fine day I entered office, sat on my desk, and froze for like 10 seconds. It might have been an anxiety attack. Doc gave me Valium and I slept for 2 days. 3rd day went to office and quit. This is called burnout in HR terms.As you can imagine, this is probably the most important event in my life so far.
  •  I didn't have a job, nor was I interested in attending interviews. As fate would have it, My ex-colleague was looking for someone to launch and manage his e-commerce portal. So I joined him as a working partner, launched the portal in 2 months and ran it for about 6 months. Due to lack of funding, now its dormant. I am still associated with it as a consultant. 
  • Meanwhile Rajiv quit TCS, joined a US firm and came back to Bangalore. As fate would have it again, he was also into e-commerce. He was doing the same things I was doing it for my portal. After working for 6 months part time, Now I am his full time colleague :)
  • Speaking of Rajiv, he recently rebooted his blog after he lost and regained his domain name :P. We have made a pact, once he blogs, he cannot blog until I post something in my blog. so if I need to post, I have to make sure he posts something on his blog. we hope this will help us to blog regularly.
  •  I am in a really good place now. I work from home, sleep after lunch, get good pay and avoiding direct contact with stupids, idiots and scoundrels. I can watch movies in Imax for discounted rates in weekdays, take impulsive road trips to Ooty. Go home whenever I want. As long as I have my laptop and decent internet access, work is under my control and not dictate where I go and what i do.
  • I am typing this post sitting in a remote village in Pudukottai (my native) on my Asus win8 touch ultrabook. I also have a Google Nexus 7 by Nexus and use it for movies and games. After 8 months waiting, 2 month late delivery and cancellation, i finally got fed up and went to a mobile store nearby and finally got my hands on Nokia Lumia 520 which completed my gadget family, desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Needless to say I am Lovin' it :)
  • .... and last but not least, after facing several insults, shocks, mockeries from friends...I am now on Whatsapp. Ping me :)