Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sunday with Solitude

2.. 3.. 4
How many times have you told me you love her?
As many times as I wanted to tell you the truth
How long have I stood here, beside you?
I lived through you; you looked through me
Ooo, solitude
Still with me is only you
Ooo, solitude
I can't stay away from you
How many times have I done this to myself?
How long will it take before I see?
When will this hole in my heart be mended?
Who now is left alone but me?
Ooo, solitude
Forever me and forever you
Ooo, solitude
Only you, only true
Everyone leaves me stranded
Forgotten, abandoned, left behind
I can't stay here another night
Your secret admirer
Who could it be?
Can't you see all along it was me?
How can you be so blind as to see right through me?
Still with me is only you
Ooo, solitude
I can't stay away from you
Ooo, solitude
Forever me and forever you
Ooo, solitude
Only you, only true

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Geek and The Ghost -7

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
thud dud thud dud thud dud thud dud…………………He was running very fast.
uh huf huf uh huf huf uh………………He was gasping  heavily.
It was a long and lonely highway.It was dark and the road was wet as if it had rained sometime before.
It was DJ who was running.Running away from the world…. the world which is “full of practicality” Running away from the so called “reality”……As he ran, he could see images of his life passing him, his family , his home, his home town…his school…. his teachers…his first friends…the weird eyed watchman… his classmates…his friends…the temple where he got lost….the small hill he first climbed…..He kept running and the  images kept passing on as if displayed on the stores of windows…the people were waving at him…some calling him…some smiling at him…some yelling at him..some mocking at him….he kept running…..
He was running from them…but actually he wanted to run away from him…his life ..his world ..….he had been trying to escape this “reality” but he couldn’t…..
DJ saw a light up ahead in the road he was running….he kept running towards it as it appeared to come nearer to him. He kept running…he could see faces again…faces he would never ever forget….faces of people who love him…care about him..faces of people who showed him the world…people who showed what friendship really is…people who saved him…he kept running.
The light grew closer…interestingly the light  was getting dimmer as he got close to it…. 
….people who bullied him..people who taunted him..people who hated him…people who laughed at him…people who made him cry …people who made him laugh……people who gave him peace….but he didn’t stop….he kept running.
And then he approached the light… he could see the source of light… there was a face too…a face so bright…it was her face….the face that took his breath away…the face that made him speechless…..
DJ has this problem …he keeps running away from his life …even from others who love and care about him….he just wants to run away…not to be ‘tangled’ in any emotional web….but this face stopped him…her face so bright which was the source of the light…
He stopped running…he kept staring at her face….she wasn’t looking at him..but somewhere else….DJ approached her slowly…suddenly she turned and started walking swiftly in the other direction….he started to walk fast…she started to run…he started to run….she kept running… he was closing in on her….he kept running….
She seemed to slow down…he ran even more faster…..suddenly she stopped…and turned back…
DJ couldn’t stop …he ran towards her ….then he felt something different…he felt that he entered into someplace …a vacuum….there was no surface beneath was as if he was suspended in space..she was floating …smiling at him…he gasped..he couldn’t breathe…she floated closer with her arms towards him…DJ extended his arms too…they were close to a connection……
zzzzoooooooooopppppp……It was a sudden pull… a gravity pull…he was falling…..he could see the steep rocks in the sea…he was going to crash……

DJ WOKE UP…… he was gasping…his forehead was sweating……he checked the time 2.45 am
He had slept at 12.30 only… “not even 3 hours” he muttered…..DJ got up from his bed…he cannot go back to sleep now.He washed his face and looked in the mirror and wondered how long this will go on..Its been 3 years since he first saw her…his first love…She stole his heart…he didn’t bother..She broke his heart ..he wasn’t surprised…She took away his sleep and from that day he regrets for having seen her.
DJ was hearing depressing songs to ease the pain….LP’s Numb…"I’ve bcom so numb i cant feel u there”..Somewhere I belong …“I wanna heal i wanna feel..i wanna let go of this pain held so long” ..
It was ..DJ logged on the net..Kevin was singing ‘Great Escape’ in the headphones…
“I was unhappy for so long,
So many times I walked away.
Think I was searching for something,
Not knowing what I had to face.
Until I found…..”
DING!!!!!  DJ was startled by the sound as it blared into his ears….
DJ (what the hell…os is this??)
DG: nt slpn?
DJ: no yaar.. woke up jus now..
DG: same here…cold still nt lettng me slp.wats wid u..y wok up?
(DJ didn’t want to tell abt the nightmare he has been having for 3 years…so )
DJ: had a bad dream…
DG: ooooo wat dream tell tell
DJ: u r very excited to hear the bad dream than scared or sad
DG : tell na
DJ : don’t tell anyone
DG: i tell fast…
DJ: i had a dream that our eco prof was dancing salsa…..
DG: lolzz…so funny…u got scared for that ???
DJ:  it was a night mare i tell u
DG: hehe even i had a dream about him once.he was wearing salwar kameez 
DJ: lolzz
(after some time)
DG: tell more
DJ: wat?
DG: anything….

And thus they became friends……..

To Be Continued…………

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -6

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Since the initial conversations showed a serious disconnect between the two,neither of them were keen to converse.While DG still was a Media Junkie (refer Technographics segmentation by Forrester) and continued to chat with her usual chat buddies, DJ was as usual busy crawling the web for more information to add to his “intelligence”.But actually they were utter crap which won’t improve his standard of living (like new habitat in mars,ancient tomb in Egypt,cars that fly,home under water,etc etc) .He had no idea as to how these information is going to help him in his career or personal life.Nevertheless he continue to add  this junk to his brain as he believed information is power.
Due to this IFR rates went steeply down
The Info CoV  was pressurizing the Ops Duo to prevent the link from breaking. Ops Duo desperate to do something ,but computer viruses were not enough.So they turned to real viruses.They tied up with the  Physio guys and planted real viruses near DG’s location.This was done in to exploit the vulnerability in DJ who cares for others, especially girls (actually every guy has it,but its very prominent in DJ )
DG almost hit her head on her computer screen. “i am such a fool, shouldn’t have played in the rain and had brownie with ice-cream” she thought. She had been constantly changing her status from headache to itching eyes to cold …then she again updated “in the verge of fever'”.
DJ was observing her status changes…he couldn’t help it……he wanted to ping her..ask her to  take rest…his point was “why be online when ur not well??” .He typed hi every time the status changed, but his usual tendency of not to ‘disturb’ others stopped him from pinging her.But after seeing that she is in ‘verge of fever’,he couldn’t take it any longer so he finally decided to ping her.Just when he was about to send ‘Hi’ he was reminded how she pinged him …he quickly retyped …and pressed ENTER
DG(what does he want now)
DJ: y don’t u take rest..
DG (huh? why does he care…)
DG: have to do the case study yaar
DJ:ask ur grpmates to do na..take some rest otherwise it will get worsen
DG(hmm…he is sometimes nice)
DG:hmm but last time i didn't do anything… so i have to do 2 questions in the case study…
DJ:hmm…wat q’s are u doing
DG: 3&4…cant search my head is paining so much…took 2 combiflams still no use
DJ: don't take too many tablets its not good
DG:hmm ..…
around 20 mins had passed and by that time DG was dozing near her lappy itself……
she woke up thinking who the hell is it now…….
DJ sharing file with u
DG:wats this
DJ:3 &4
DG:huh? wat?
DJ: the answer for 3&4 ..just modify it a bit and ur good to go..
DG:go where?
DJ laughed out loud..even though he was alone in his room,he quickly suppressed his laughter as it echoed around the walls
DJ:go to sleep :p
DG opened the file and saw the assignment she was supposed to was even formatted !!
DG(wow …wat a nice guy..I didn't even ask him)
DG:thanks a lot buddy :)
DJ:welcome….now go take some rest
DG:yeah will do…thanks again
DJ:its k.
After sending the doc to her group mates,she thought of pinging him,but her head was still aching so she thought may be later she will ping him.And the she tried to get some sleep…
The cold didn't let her sleep..around 1.30 am she woke up again,she saw DJ still busy…
DG (wat is he doing still)
DG:u not sleeping?
DJ:hehehehe guess i am not…but so r u..y u nt sleepin?
DG:cant sleep yaar..cold
DJ:hmm..atleast don't strain urself
DG:what ur doing still
DG:Still doing? i thought u were doing the same Q’s
DJ:yeah actually i am doin all 6
DG:y?what abt others
DJ:i only told them not to worry abt it
DG:y so? they don't do well or wt?
DJ:nothing like that..i like cracking case studies
DG: oh ok
DG( wow…that's weird….he is a weird guy…..sweet but weird)
DJ:u go sleep
DG:okies :) thanks again
DJ: good night :)
DG:good night :)
The ops duo were smiling seeing the progress..they would get good good appraisals this time…possibly a bonus too.
One of them said “It is a good night ”
“Yes it is….for everyone”
we have exceeded this weeks target”
This is just the starting buddy..I have a feeling this is goin to be
legen..wait for it ….dary…legendary “
Back in earth …
without knowing they are part of a ‘Legendary’ process the geek and the ghost were sleeping peacefully in their rooms.
It was very good night indeed


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost - 5

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DJ:I have sent the mail.guess it shud be fine
DG:hey thanks
DJ:its k

DG:got it thanks …but how did u open it..i asked many ppl nobody had it…where did u get this?
DJ: I got it from the same mail only …but only i know the magic words to open any document
DG: huh? wats that
DJ: Open Sesame :P
DG:ooo i thought kulja sim sim :P
DJ:that's for word docs..this was pdf :P
DJ: :)
DG: I didn't know u were this funny..u seem so serious all the time
DJ: well …appearance’s can be deceptive
DG: hmm
DG was surprised to see the funny side of DJ.. “he is not that bad i guess” she thought to herself.
DJ was thinking “there u go,one more surprised person.why do people think i am not funny..just because i think a lot doesn’t mean i cant make jokes or be it the glasses or the geeky image…i don't understand y ppl th…” blah blah blah he kept on bragging abt it…
DG was lil bored and at same time irritated…most of her regular chat friends were busy,offline or not replying.Then she noticed DJ online status: busy.
hmm lets see wat our busy boy is doing” .so she pinged him.
DJ: hi
DG: wat’s up
DJ:nothing…just watching Seth Godin speech in TED talks
DG(OMG!!! wats wit this guy)
DG: U watch those things??
DJ:yeah sure.. its interesting..y u don't watch? after all we r studying marketing.
DG:no yaar too much of studies :PPicture2
DJ:u shud see this its really sir has given the assignment on this
DG: oh ok
DG(yeah rite ..i shud probably bang my head twice instead of seeing the damn video and chatting with this stupid guy)
DG: ok enjoy ur video bye
DJ: ur not watching?? how will u do the assignment then?
DG: my group mates will be doing it
DJ:oh ok
DG:ok then .. bye
DJ:bye catch u later
DG(yeah… u i m stupid enough to ping u after this)
DJ was thinking hard as usual….he scrolled through the chat once again… “interesting..she pinged me..and didn’t ask any favour also”
“who knows… may be she likes me” AND with that thought he suddenly sat up straight and shrugged himself “seriously ..who am I kidding”
DJ continued to watch his marketing video without knowing wat really happened.
Meanwhile …The Info CoV was really pleased with the weekly report. the ops duo were standing relieved to see him smile after along time.
Info CoV : “So the system is in place …looks like its going well too”
Ops Duo : “Yes sir.we r expecting it to self sustain within the next fortnight or so”
Info CoV :“hmm..keep me updated”.
Ops Duo : Yes sir”

To be Continued.........

Sunday, June 7, 2009

SSIMM - Songs Stuck in My Mind

Fresh:1.After Let it Rock this is the second song by Kevin Rudolf which stuck in my head almost instantly. 2.I stumbled upon Kid Cudi’s day & night –this is one of the recent hip hop songs with good clean lyrics (don’t miss the video).

no video.. just the song

Day'N'Nite (pls double click-embeding disabled)

1                    2

Blast from the Past: These are couple of songs which are pretty old,but somehow popped in my mind.3.Dedicated by Linkin Park reminded of LP’s original Style.4.I had no clue about the last song,just knew the chorus,I binged it(very good for lyrics search) & found the info-(East 17-its alright).

with lyrics slideshow

Its Alrite-East 17

3               4 

Let me know the songs stuck in your head

Friday, June 5, 2009


If u had only read the book or only saw the movie,u might think I have got the title wrong,But if u have read the book and also seen the movie like me, I am sure you would agree with me.image

The movie starts as a sci-fi movie with the CERN and the LHC particle accelerator then quickly turns to a horror movie with a popped eyeball, before becoming a mystery thriller revolving around the mysterious ILLUMINATI.

.Dialogues were really good and lot many times the whole theatre itself went LOL.Since it happens in Vatican ,everyone talks with a European tongue and Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon stands outs as the American Symbologist. Hanks justifies his role,but nothing more than that.His looks are getting older and I seriously doubt whether we will see him in another mesmerizing performance like in Cast Away or Forrest Gump.

Ewan McGregor fits perfectly as the young Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca.Ayelet Zurer who plays Dr.Vittoria does not do much other than just running along with Langdon following the path.Her role is very much underplayed in the movie whereas the book gave much weightage to her character. My biggest disappointment was the terror killer, the Hassassin.The character in the movie was totally different from the book and frankly speaking Nikolaj Lie Kaas who plays the role is neither scary or terrifying but looks like a pissed off nerd wanting to take revenge on the bullies in high school.

The camera goes all around Vatican City and if anyone saw the movie couple of times,they image can tell which church is located where in Vatican.I liked the cars in the movie especially Inspector Olivetti’s Lancia Delta.It was refreshing to see Alfa Romeos instead of the usual cop cars .Background score is quite neatly done ,but gets ur attention probably just once in the movie. Editing could have been better as the movie just rushes right from the beginning and does not wait for the shock ,fear, the chill or thrill to sink in.So I suggest it would be better if viewers have an idea of what’s the movie about before watching it.

As it always happens,the story has been compressed to fit the big screen.During compression there is a loss of data,which has happened here also.There are few major changes,like some key characters are skipped or combined into one (cost cutting??).But then where the hell is the fifth sign?? I cant believe they skipped it or… was it edited later to shorten the running time??.

If u have read the story,just forget how good it was when u read it. Because Dan Brown’s novel was Angels and Demons but Ron Howard’s movie is Demons & Angels.If u ignore the difference,then u will enjoy it. Overall its a good movie worth spending time and money to see in theatres.

Watch it this weekend..let the Angels guide you :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life’s Good…. :)

Many at times,I realize things very early or very late,like i will be head over heels,abt spending the weekend @ Home(Madurai) two weeks later,and when I am actually there I will be sad that I have to go to college on Monday.

I am trying to be adjust the time variance between my realization of events and their actual occurrence.Which is why I blog,so i can express my feelings as spontaneous as possible.This brings to this last post of the month where I want to share with you all what I just realized today abt my life.

My Life is actually… pretty Good,Not bad ,way better than expected.Do You wanna know the reasons,as to how i have come to this conclusion? Here they are…….

One:I have completed My Post Graduation in Marketing,first PG in the family, First MBA in Family Group(immediate relatives) and I have done it quite good with 80 % overall

Two:Even though its recession,I have got the job I wished for – Placed from Campus ,In Bangalore in a Non Sales Job (nothing against sales ,the thing is I am not good at it)

Three:Though College is over,I still hangout with my best buddies and I am in touch with most of my good friends.One of them has become very special bcoz I believe this connection has made me more alive and full of life :)

Four:I have started working on my first real job,and have been given a huge responsibility ,bigger than i expected. While some of my peers are in training and chasing targets..I am training others and fixing their targets and I am loving it :) (there is a flipside,i earn less than my peers)

Five : My social outing time has has increased considerably,having more fun everyday,Sleep more than I used to ..(eating is still a problem)..This weekend I went for a movie I been waiting for ..Angels & Demons with my friends (will post the review soon) , I went to Innovative Film City with my Bro and his friends.

SIX : I have started two blogs and kept my promise of posting regularly with good stuff too..

Seven: Sure I had some problems but I have more reasons to smile than to crib about.

Eight : I finally have the courage to bury the skeletons in my closet and move on with life.

Nine : I have realized my Life’s Good in the correct time not sooner or later.

Ten:Last but not least I am alive and in good health ,good enough to blog this :)

I just want to Give a Big Warm HUG to everyone around me and thank them for all their Love and Support.