Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -6

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Since the initial conversations showed a serious disconnect between the two,neither of them were keen to converse.While DG still was a Media Junkie (refer Technographics segmentation by Forrester) and continued to chat with her usual chat buddies, DJ was as usual busy crawling the web for more information to add to his “intelligence”.But actually they were utter crap which won’t improve his standard of living (like new habitat in mars,ancient tomb in Egypt,cars that fly,home under water,etc etc) .He had no idea as to how these information is going to help him in his career or personal life.Nevertheless he continue to add  this junk to his brain as he believed information is power.
Due to this IFR rates went steeply down
The Info CoV  was pressurizing the Ops Duo to prevent the link from breaking. Ops Duo desperate to do something ,but computer viruses were not enough.So they turned to real viruses.They tied up with the  Physio guys and planted real viruses near DG’s location.This was done in to exploit the vulnerability in DJ who cares for others, especially girls (actually every guy has it,but its very prominent in DJ )
DG almost hit her head on her computer screen. “i am such a fool, shouldn’t have played in the rain and had brownie with ice-cream” she thought. She had been constantly changing her status from headache to itching eyes to cold …then she again updated “in the verge of fever'”.
DJ was observing her status changes…he couldn’t help it……he wanted to ping her..ask her to  take rest…his point was “why be online when ur not well??” .He typed hi every time the status changed, but his usual tendency of not to ‘disturb’ others stopped him from pinging her.But after seeing that she is in ‘verge of fever’,he couldn’t take it any longer so he finally decided to ping her.Just when he was about to send ‘Hi’ he was reminded how she pinged him …he quickly retyped …and pressed ENTER
DG(what does he want now)
DJ: y don’t u take rest..
DG (huh? why does he care…)
DG: have to do the case study yaar
DJ:ask ur grpmates to do na..take some rest otherwise it will get worsen
DG(hmm…he is sometimes nice)
DG:hmm but last time i didn't do anything… so i have to do 2 questions in the case study…
DJ:hmm…wat q’s are u doing
DG: 3&4…cant search my head is paining so much…took 2 combiflams still no use
DJ: don't take too many tablets its not good
DG:hmm ..…
around 20 mins had passed and by that time DG was dozing near her lappy itself……
she woke up thinking who the hell is it now…….
DJ sharing file with u
DG:wats this
DJ:3 &4
DG:huh? wat?
DJ: the answer for 3&4 ..just modify it a bit and ur good to go..
DG:go where?
DJ laughed out loud..even though he was alone in his room,he quickly suppressed his laughter as it echoed around the walls
DJ:go to sleep :p
DG opened the file and saw the assignment she was supposed to was even formatted !!
DG(wow …wat a nice guy..I didn't even ask him)
DG:thanks a lot buddy :)
DJ:welcome….now go take some rest
DG:yeah will do…thanks again
DJ:its k.
After sending the doc to her group mates,she thought of pinging him,but her head was still aching so she thought may be later she will ping him.And the she tried to get some sleep…
The cold didn't let her sleep..around 1.30 am she woke up again,she saw DJ still busy…
DG (wat is he doing still)
DG:u not sleeping?
DJ:hehehehe guess i am not…but so r u..y u nt sleepin?
DG:cant sleep yaar..cold
DJ:hmm..atleast don't strain urself
DG:what ur doing still
DG:Still doing? i thought u were doing the same Q’s
DJ:yeah actually i am doin all 6
DG:y?what abt others
DJ:i only told them not to worry abt it
DG:y so? they don't do well or wt?
DJ:nothing like that..i like cracking case studies
DG: oh ok
DG( wow…that's weird….he is a weird guy…..sweet but weird)
DJ:u go sleep
DG:okies :) thanks again
DJ: good night :)
DG:good night :)
The ops duo were smiling seeing the progress..they would get good good appraisals this time…possibly a bonus too.
One of them said “It is a good night ”
“Yes it is….for everyone”
we have exceeded this weeks target”
This is just the starting buddy..I have a feeling this is goin to be
legen..wait for it ….dary…legendary “
Back in earth …
without knowing they are part of a ‘Legendary’ process the geek and the ghost were sleeping peacefully in their rooms.
It was very good night indeed



  1. this is so damn good man.... i m in love wid dis story.... u write so well..... u can be the author of worlds best selling books.... i can bet u on dat..2 good

  2. thanks :)...but bestselling author?its a bit more dont u think? :P

  3. dae...
    lengendary geek kollae paneteyeda...
    they can ask u to write the script fr star trek next part ...!!!

  4. hahahhaa start trekka? ithu romba over :P

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