Monday, June 1, 2009

Life’s Good…. :)

Many at times,I realize things very early or very late,like i will be head over heels,abt spending the weekend @ Home(Madurai) two weeks later,and when I am actually there I will be sad that I have to go to college on Monday.

I am trying to be adjust the time variance between my realization of events and their actual occurrence.Which is why I blog,so i can express my feelings as spontaneous as possible.This brings to this last post of the month where I want to share with you all what I just realized today abt my life.

My Life is actually… pretty Good,Not bad ,way better than expected.Do You wanna know the reasons,as to how i have come to this conclusion? Here they are…….

One:I have completed My Post Graduation in Marketing,first PG in the family, First MBA in Family Group(immediate relatives) and I have done it quite good with 80 % overall

Two:Even though its recession,I have got the job I wished for – Placed from Campus ,In Bangalore in a Non Sales Job (nothing against sales ,the thing is I am not good at it)

Three:Though College is over,I still hangout with my best buddies and I am in touch with most of my good friends.One of them has become very special bcoz I believe this connection has made me more alive and full of life :)

Four:I have started working on my first real job,and have been given a huge responsibility ,bigger than i expected. While some of my peers are in training and chasing targets..I am training others and fixing their targets and I am loving it :) (there is a flipside,i earn less than my peers)

Five : My social outing time has has increased considerably,having more fun everyday,Sleep more than I used to ..(eating is still a problem)..This weekend I went for a movie I been waiting for ..Angels & Demons with my friends (will post the review soon) , I went to Innovative Film City with my Bro and his friends.

SIX : I have started two blogs and kept my promise of posting regularly with good stuff too..

Seven: Sure I had some problems but I have more reasons to smile than to crib about.

Eight : I finally have the courage to bury the skeletons in my closet and move on with life.

Nine : I have realized my Life’s Good in the correct time not sooner or later.

Ten:Last but not least I am alive and in good health ,good enough to blog this :)

I just want to Give a Big Warm HUG to everyone around me and thank them for all their Love and Support.



  1. nice post dude..i think everyone around you needs to learn from you to see life with a positive attitude and remember and recollect good things rather then cribbing about the past....nice post

  2. Throw away the skeletons ;) Hope my ambitions get fulfilled too. Good luck buddy

  3. It will...lil advice....face the reality no mattter how hard it is...All the Best

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