Friday, June 5, 2009


If u had only read the book or only saw the movie,u might think I have got the title wrong,But if u have read the book and also seen the movie like me, I am sure you would agree with me.image

The movie starts as a sci-fi movie with the CERN and the LHC particle accelerator then quickly turns to a horror movie with a popped eyeball, before becoming a mystery thriller revolving around the mysterious ILLUMINATI.

.Dialogues were really good and lot many times the whole theatre itself went LOL.Since it happens in Vatican ,everyone talks with a European tongue and Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon stands outs as the American Symbologist. Hanks justifies his role,but nothing more than that.His looks are getting older and I seriously doubt whether we will see him in another mesmerizing performance like in Cast Away or Forrest Gump.

Ewan McGregor fits perfectly as the young Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca.Ayelet Zurer who plays Dr.Vittoria does not do much other than just running along with Langdon following the path.Her role is very much underplayed in the movie whereas the book gave much weightage to her character. My biggest disappointment was the terror killer, the Hassassin.The character in the movie was totally different from the book and frankly speaking Nikolaj Lie Kaas who plays the role is neither scary or terrifying but looks like a pissed off nerd wanting to take revenge on the bullies in high school.

The camera goes all around Vatican City and if anyone saw the movie couple of times,they image can tell which church is located where in Vatican.I liked the cars in the movie especially Inspector Olivetti’s Lancia Delta.It was refreshing to see Alfa Romeos instead of the usual cop cars .Background score is quite neatly done ,but gets ur attention probably just once in the movie. Editing could have been better as the movie just rushes right from the beginning and does not wait for the shock ,fear, the chill or thrill to sink in.So I suggest it would be better if viewers have an idea of what’s the movie about before watching it.

As it always happens,the story has been compressed to fit the big screen.During compression there is a loss of data,which has happened here also.There are few major changes,like some key characters are skipped or combined into one (cost cutting??).But then where the hell is the fifth sign?? I cant believe they skipped it or… was it edited later to shorten the running time??.

If u have read the story,just forget how good it was when u read it. Because Dan Brown’s novel was Angels and Demons but Ron Howard’s movie is Demons & Angels.If u ignore the difference,then u will enjoy it. Overall its a good movie worth spending time and money to see in theatres.

Watch it this weekend..let the Angels guide you :)


  1. I hate you. I hate the way you told the story. But still will take your advice and watch it. :) Good review MJ.

  2. Wat Story??? i purposely didnt say anything more than what u will know from the trailer...anyways thanks for the compliment and yes u shud watch it

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