Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost - 5

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DJ:I have sent the mail.guess it shud be fine
DG:hey thanks
DJ:its k

DG:got it thanks …but how did u open it..i asked many ppl nobody had it…where did u get this?
DJ: I got it from the same mail only …but only i know the magic words to open any document
DG: huh? wats that
DJ: Open Sesame :P
DG:ooo i thought kulja sim sim :P
DJ:that's for word docs..this was pdf :P
DJ: :)
DG: I didn't know u were this funny..u seem so serious all the time
DJ: well …appearance’s can be deceptive
DG: hmm
DG was surprised to see the funny side of DJ.. “he is not that bad i guess” she thought to herself.
DJ was thinking “there u go,one more surprised person.why do people think i am not funny..just because i think a lot doesn’t mean i cant make jokes or be it the glasses or the geeky image…i don't understand y ppl th…” blah blah blah he kept on bragging abt it…
DG was lil bored and at same time irritated…most of her regular chat friends were busy,offline or not replying.Then she noticed DJ online status: busy.
hmm lets see wat our busy boy is doing” .so she pinged him.
DJ: hi
DG: wat’s up
DJ:nothing…just watching Seth Godin speech in TED talks
DG(OMG!!! wats wit this guy)
DG: U watch those things??
DJ:yeah sure.. its interesting..y u don't watch? after all we r studying marketing.
DG:no yaar too much of studies :PPicture2
DJ:u shud see this its really sir has given the assignment on this
DG: oh ok
DG(yeah rite ..i shud probably bang my head twice instead of seeing the damn video and chatting with this stupid guy)
DG: ok enjoy ur video bye
DJ: ur not watching?? how will u do the assignment then?
DG: my group mates will be doing it
DJ:oh ok
DG:ok then .. bye
DJ:bye catch u later
DG(yeah… u i m stupid enough to ping u after this)
DJ was thinking hard as usual….he scrolled through the chat once again… “interesting..she pinged me..and didn’t ask any favour also”
“who knows… may be she likes me” AND with that thought he suddenly sat up straight and shrugged himself “seriously ..who am I kidding”
DJ continued to watch his marketing video without knowing wat really happened.
Meanwhile …The Info CoV was really pleased with the weekly report. the ops duo were standing relieved to see him smile after along time.
Info CoV : “So the system is in place …looks like its going well too”
Ops Duo : “Yes sir.we r expecting it to self sustain within the next fortnight or so”
Info CoV :“hmm..keep me updated”.
Ops Duo : Yes sir”

To be Continued.........


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