Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost-12

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG: oye
They were in the last term in college and both them knew that their 24/7 chatting is soon going to come to an halt as they will soon start working and life wouldn’t be the same.
DG changed from hellos to oye and DJ changed from hi to hellos,they said good morning to each other ,reminded each other to have lunch,discussed what happened in the evening and said goodnight at the end of the day.And occasionally they got into serious conversations about the changes that is going to happen in their lives.All the good ,bad & ugly was known to each other and DJ was actually surprised to find him comfortable to discuss many personal stuff with her which he won’t even think of sharing with his other friends.
DJ: nuthn..jus frustrated wid life
DG: y??? wat happen?
DJ: :(
DG:arrey bol
***** 20 minutes later*****
DJ: so thats the whole thing
DJ:and i don't know wat to do
DG:but what can i do
DJ:thats the point i want to do sumthing but i don't know wat to do
DG: hmm
DJ: wat can one do when they want to help but cant do anything
DG: u dr?
DJ: s
DG:tell me sumthing
DJ: s
DG: if i was in trouble wat will you do
DJ:is this a trick question?
DG:arey jus tel wat wll u do
DJ:of course i will try to help whichever way possible
DG: but if there’s no way you cant help
and if theres nuthing you can do
DJ: then wat can i do
DG: so u will sit simply, watch me cry ?
DJ: i can get u a tissue
DG:stupid don't irritate
DJ:yaar i really don't know… wat shud i do..tell na
DG: i thought u were brilliant..
DJ:oh plzz…there is a diff between being intelligent and wise.I may be intelligent but i am not wise thats y i make stupid decisions and stuck in situations like this
DG:yeh sab bol.. lekin jawab math dho
DJ: hmm lemme think…i will listen to the problem tell you not to cry and try to console you
DG:if its too bad ?
DJ: yaar wats this? y r u asking like this?? seriously i dunno
DG: ok if u had a problem like that …u know what i will do?
DJ:oh tell wise sage…wat thee gr8 thing u do?
DG: shut up u mkin fun of me
DJ:arrey baba…ok ok i wont make fun now tell
DG: I will pray
DG: i will pray to God to solve your problems

        to help you
        to make you smile again
DJ was stunned.he didn't know wat to tell.. how to react.Although he believes in god and go to temple & church..he is not too religious or he didn't think of sumthing like this..
DG:where did u go
DJ:i was praying
DG:   gud
DJ: thanks
DG:u r welcome
DJ:i will pray for u too if u get into trouble …which is always
DG:heheheh yeah man …thanks i will pray for u too
In The System
OD2 sighed after seeing the logs and rolled his eyes saying “Kids”
OD2:this is so kiddish
OD2:they have no clue abt what up here… do they?
OD1 : nopes…bcoz they are not supposed too
OD2:sumtimes i feel sorry for them
OD2:if only they knew wat was abt to happen to their sweet lives
OD1: they shouldn’t know and don’t you dare to do sum mischief
OD2: no problemo amigo
OD1:and stop watching the television thing
OD2:aye aye captain
OD1:(with a heavy sigh )…i dunno wat i am going to do with you…


To Be Continued………………………………..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Stupid Mouth

My stupid mouth,
Has got me in trouble.
I said too much again.
To a date over dinner yesterday
And I could see she was offended.
She said well anyway...
Just dying for a subject change.
Oh, its another social casualty
Score one more for me
How could I forget?
Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one soon

We bit our lips. she looked out the window
Rolling tiny balls of napkin paper
I played a quick game of chess with the
Salt and pepper shaker.
And I could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn
Between what was good, what just
Slipped out and what went wrong.
Oh, the way she feels about me has changed.
Thanks for playing, try again.
How could I forget?
Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one.
Im never speaking up again. it only hurts me.
Id rather be a mystery than she desert me.
Oh Im never speaking up again.
Starting now
One more thing.
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But its all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny.
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire
Im never speaking up again it only hurts me.
Id rather be a mystery than she desert me.
Oh Im never speaking up again
Starting now


Had some serious tussle with not 1 not 2 but 3 of my friends.Although each one was in  separate instances… all of them said the same thing “you cannot just say whatever u like..think before u speak”..I wasn’t abusing and was in anger ..nor i had a intention of hurting them..they were all just statements, sumthing which i said simply and eh yeah.. thoughtlessly..  may be i shud have put some thought before saying things…  funny thing i consider myself as a big thinker..stupid me.

So I shut myself for some time,so that i don’t get into trouble.. at least for now (:P)…………………..the more i thought abt it i found something

I could have got angry and thought…

  1. They are stupid
  2. they are rude
  3. they don’t respect my friendship

If  I want to look at it positively...i can say

  1. they are listening to me and really give importance to wat i say
  2. they are honest enough to tell it to my face rather bitching abt me with others
  3. they really care & want me to change my negatives to be a better person

Everything happens for a reason… but what reason?  its all in the way you look at it…its like the shoe salesman who went to a new city and said with frustration “ there is no market cuz no one wears shoes there” while another shoe salesman went to the same city and came back  with glee and said “There is a huge market cuz no one wears shoes there”

I am like the second salesman and see things positively..(but frankly speaking  i cant sell anything :P).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The GEEK The Ghost -11

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

"So you are saying this is not a proposal or something like that?" asked OD2
They were all sitting in the Cafe Galactica -OD1,OD2, & HEX1 , the Human Expert who is certified professional in studying human behavior.It is rumored that he was actually trained in earth by living among the earthly mortals.
OD2: but i have seen in the archives ,this is the same words they say when they make or enter a commitment
HEX1:true,but u are taking it in face value.Just because they said doesn't been they are committed to each other plus same words mean different things in different contexts
OD2 : but the context here hold good right? i mean he is a boy she is a girl, both are single ,talk daily.
HEX1: It is not that simple.There are many more variables involved in it.I cannot explain sitting in a coffee shop .You have to study million cases before generalizing.Also i have seen the earlier transcripts and they both have said the same lines to other people too,close entities,biological relations like parents,brothers etc
OD1 stopped sipping his Grande Latte and broke his silence.
OD1: what's your point?
HEX1: they are just Good Friends, Nothing more Nothing less
"We are just good friends,nothing more nothing less"
DJ said it out loud as if it was a press meet and took a sip of Iced Green Tea. He was surrounded by his friends in Infinitea
"ooo really??" "yeah right " "i believe you man" " "If you say so" " "are you sure?"
His friends responded with many varied answers,but none of them seem to accept what he said.
DJ: i am sure
"hmm how was the date?"
DJ: i told wasn't a date ..i just took her to her aunts place .It was far and she didn't know the place,so i just went with her. It was not like we went to a movie or dinner sumthing
"hmm so u were planning for a movie & dinner?"
DJ: c'mon guys... cut it out
"ooh u getting serious ? you like her... don't you?"
DJ: of course I like her but only as a friend
"hmm actually she 's good .. you can go for her"
DJ: yeah rite......actually she's too good for me
so if she's okay wid u , u wudnt mind right?? do u want us to talk to her?? we will be happy to do it
DJ: oh plzz ...stop it.. nuthn like many times u have seen me speaking to her in class
"thats y we were wondering how come u went out with her"
DJ: OMG!!..... i told u it wasn't like that.Its like ..(DJ's mobile rang)
...DG CALLING......
"ooooo look who's calling"
DJ: ssshhhh, (picked up the phone) "hellos"
"no, tell me"
"with the guys"
"hmm" hmm"
"no problem"
"its k"
"pakka na 6.30. . my bus stop"
He hung up and looked up.His friends were all grinning big time
"one more date huh?"
DJ: Oh plzzz will u guys Shut up
"don't get worked up lover boy... we didn't say anything"
DJ: guys seriously ..there's nothing between us..don't go spread any "hot news"
we know man ..just messing wid you..just don't get in any trouble
DJ: i will take care .. thanks
6.20 am
The streets were filled with morning mist..Lazy Bangalore was still rolling under the sheets.
DJ was walking as fast as he could..he felt the his heart was pounding "Last time" he thought "let it be the first & last more more chatting.... just hi ,hello thats it...have enough trouble already"
As he neared the bus stop..he froze.....
DG was sitting inside the bus stop..She was shivering due to the cold air.
Something melted away from his mind...
"when did u come?"
"15mins before "
"ooh..but u said 6.30 how come u reached soon"
"no traffic na so reached early"
DJ was feeling bad for keeping her wait in this cold.
DG : one bus went sumtime back
DJ: u could have gone na
DG: i was waiting for u
They got in the bus
"How is ur aunt? "
" we were talking all night.... didn't sleep at all"
"Sleep now.. it will be atleast an hour before we reach college"
DJ looked at her sleeping peacefully.He kept looking....His mind was calm , there was no was good feeling .....he remembered how he when he saw his Dear Dolphin ...this was nothing like that... He was sure ... now all his doubts flew away....
DG opened he eyes and saw him looking her.
"nothing go to sleep"
His mind was clear - She trusts me... I trust her...I don't care what they say, what others think..we understand each other..and nothing else matters....
DJ said to himself "We are friends and Come what may we will be best friends forever... nothing more, nothing less"
To be Continued..........................................

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

OD2:the cupids have been deployed
OD1:I can see that…their intimacy levels are increasing
OD2: u look tired may be u need to rest
OD1:Yes but i want to see the initial reactions
OD2: this is unbelievable..look at the IFR’s ..we have already level 4
OD1 : i have a feeling it may go even more higher
OD2:This is great ……breached level 7
OD1: hmm make sure everything is stable
OD2:don't u feel its going too fast..shouldn't we inform him(info CoV)
OD1:unless it breaches level 10 nothing to worry about
OD2:what if it does
OD1:its highly will stabilize by Level 10
OD2:ok i will take care of take break
OD1: hmm …see that indicator if it goes to yellow be careful ..if it reaches orange call me immediately
it will go up to red also but its highly unlikely image
OD2: don't worry i will take care of it
OD2 was scrambling his pizza ..he loves late night shifts…bcoz it will be very peaceful and only he will be there to monitor the logs.
He was checking the logs of was rising steadily but did not go above the level 10
……………………… image
OD1 was in his dorm resting with the slight sound of Buddha trance filling his room.He suddenly got the prompt…its was OD2 “we gotta situation you better come here”
when he reached OD2 was looking pale .He has never seen him like that.He soon got to know why.The indicator was glowing red.
OD1: why didn't u call me before
OD2: i don't know suddenly it jumped to yellow and by the time i prompted you it went to Red
OD1: get me the logs
OD1 looked carefully the logs of GG which records all the interactions between DJ &DG
OD1: wow looks like the cupids are working better than i thought.
OD2:oh yeah, they are on a roll here – Boyfriend , Girlfriend ,u r the best and all the heart ,smiley stuff.
The indicator went one more level up.
OD2: we better tell him
OD1: Don’t call, just send a prompt
OD2: okay
OD2: what the ….?
OD1: check the status
OD1 quickly grabbed the intercom called for backup
OD1: This is OD1 from sector 86 . come in Console
Console: Console here, go on
OD1 : need emergency back up,our network is crashing
Console: right away sir ,I will deploy the SRT(System Recovery Team)
OD1:plz hurry thanks.
OD2 was running here n there checking all dashboards
OD1: You are sweating
OD2:really …then give me a tissue…are you kidding me ? what is all something
OD1 smiled like a saint : its an ESS protocol – Emergency System Shutdown.
OD2: ESS? Is it normal?
OD1: its rare , but its internal preventive measure.
OD1:don’t worry he won’t screw you .but we have to figure out why the ESS protocol was triggered
OD2: hmm .
OD1: check the final transmission
Since the displays were down , OD2 took a print out of the last log report
OD2: You have Gotta be Kidding me!!!
OD1: what happened ??
OD2:I think we got the reason ?
OD1 cant believe what he was seeing.
LOG F34DTKNE - 2.00 Am EST
“I love u :)”
”I love u too :)”
Fatal System Error
Error ode 21
Transmission Failed

To Be Continued………………

Happy Indepedence Day

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yes. This post is for YOU.

Don’t look around …its really ‘U’

so who are you?

You are one of kindest souls who took some time out of your busy life to read my scribbling and  I would like to say a Big Heartfelt “THANK U” to stress on how much this means to me.

I met my friend today..I meet him daily and we hangout for 2-3 hrs daily to chat all nonsense..It helps me take my mind off all the stress of work.

Talking about stress , its not my work that’s stressful (because i like what i do) its the people around me who are the reason for my stress.Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are causing the stress, its my inability to give proper attention to them which is causing all the  stress to me.

I met a friend today and after initial Q’s like how r u? how is work? how is life? etc etc she told “ i keep reading your blog from time time”

OMG!!! I had almost forgot my blog..

I didn’t know she reads my blog and there is good chance that there might be others like her who read my blog occasionally and yet i don't know who they are..

I haven’t blogged for quite some time with lot many things going on around me……

So Am I so Busy? – not really

The ppl with whom i used to talk frequently or with whom i want to talk frequently are busy with their lives and ppl who want to speak to me say i have become so busy with my life (my dad called up one day and wanted a appointment to talk with me – although he meant as a joke  I felt very bad)


Truth is I feel something is missing in Stuart Little, he says there is a “empty space”   I am not sure what i am missing …may be its my friends ,the daily hi, hellos, genuine ones not like in office as a formality .

i can see my friends drifting apart ,the degrees of separation seems to increase.Yeah i know life’s like that only..but

wherever you go ,whatever you do,i would pray for your well being because you have took your time of your busy life to read my scribbling…

and i cant THANK U enough for that.