Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost-12

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG: oye
They were in the last term in college and both them knew that their 24/7 chatting is soon going to come to an halt as they will soon start working and life wouldn’t be the same.
DG changed from hellos to oye and DJ changed from hi to hellos,they said good morning to each other ,reminded each other to have lunch,discussed what happened in the evening and said goodnight at the end of the day.And occasionally they got into serious conversations about the changes that is going to happen in their lives.All the good ,bad & ugly was known to each other and DJ was actually surprised to find him comfortable to discuss many personal stuff with her which he won’t even think of sharing with his other friends.
DJ: nuthn..jus frustrated wid life
DG: y??? wat happen?
DJ: :(
DG:arrey bol
***** 20 minutes later*****
DJ: so thats the whole thing
DJ:and i don't know wat to do
DG:but what can i do
DJ:thats the point i want to do sumthing but i don't know wat to do
DG: hmm
DJ: wat can one do when they want to help but cant do anything
DG: u dr?
DJ: s
DG:tell me sumthing
DJ: s
DG: if i was in trouble wat will you do
DJ:is this a trick question?
DG:arey jus tel wat wll u do
DJ:of course i will try to help whichever way possible
DG: but if there’s no way you cant help
and if theres nuthing you can do
DJ: then wat can i do
DG: so u will sit simply, watch me cry ?
DJ: i can get u a tissue
DG:stupid don't irritate
DJ:yaar i really don't know… wat shud i do..tell na
DG: i thought u were brilliant..
DJ:oh plzz…there is a diff between being intelligent and wise.I may be intelligent but i am not wise thats y i make stupid decisions and stuck in situations like this
DG:yeh sab bol.. lekin jawab math dho
DJ: hmm lemme think…i will listen to the problem tell you not to cry and try to console you
DG:if its too bad ?
DJ: yaar wats this? y r u asking like this?? seriously i dunno
DG: ok if u had a problem like that …u know what i will do?
DJ:oh tell wise sage…wat thee gr8 thing u do?
DG: shut up u mkin fun of me
DJ:arrey baba…ok ok i wont make fun now tell
DG: I will pray
DG: i will pray to God to solve your problems

        to help you
        to make you smile again
DJ was stunned.he didn't know wat to tell.. how to react.Although he believes in god and go to temple & church..he is not too religious or he didn't think of sumthing like this..
DG:where did u go
DJ:i was praying
DG:   gud
DJ: thanks
DG:u r welcome
DJ:i will pray for u too if u get into trouble …which is always
DG:heheheh yeah man …thanks i will pray for u too
In The System
OD2 sighed after seeing the logs and rolled his eyes saying “Kids”
OD2:this is so kiddish
OD2:they have no clue abt what up here… do they?
OD1 : nopes…bcoz they are not supposed too
OD2:sumtimes i feel sorry for them
OD2:if only they knew wat was abt to happen to their sweet lives
OD1: they shouldn’t know and don’t you dare to do sum mischief
OD2: no problemo amigo
OD1:and stop watching the television thing
OD2:aye aye captain
OD1:(with a heavy sigh )…i dunno wat i am going to do with you…


To Be Continued………………………………..

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