Saturday, August 15, 2009


This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

OD2:the cupids have been deployed
OD1:I can see that…their intimacy levels are increasing
OD2: u look tired may be u need to rest
OD1:Yes but i want to see the initial reactions
OD2: this is unbelievable..look at the IFR’s ..we have already level 4
OD1 : i have a feeling it may go even more higher
OD2:This is great ……breached level 7
OD1: hmm make sure everything is stable
OD2:don't u feel its going too fast..shouldn't we inform him(info CoV)
OD1:unless it breaches level 10 nothing to worry about
OD2:what if it does
OD1:its highly will stabilize by Level 10
OD2:ok i will take care of take break
OD1: hmm …see that indicator if it goes to yellow be careful ..if it reaches orange call me immediately
it will go up to red also but its highly unlikely image
OD2: don't worry i will take care of it
OD2 was scrambling his pizza ..he loves late night shifts…bcoz it will be very peaceful and only he will be there to monitor the logs.
He was checking the logs of was rising steadily but did not go above the level 10
……………………… image
OD1 was in his dorm resting with the slight sound of Buddha trance filling his room.He suddenly got the prompt…its was OD2 “we gotta situation you better come here”
when he reached OD2 was looking pale .He has never seen him like that.He soon got to know why.The indicator was glowing red.
OD1: why didn't u call me before
OD2: i don't know suddenly it jumped to yellow and by the time i prompted you it went to Red
OD1: get me the logs
OD1 looked carefully the logs of GG which records all the interactions between DJ &DG
OD1: wow looks like the cupids are working better than i thought.
OD2:oh yeah, they are on a roll here – Boyfriend , Girlfriend ,u r the best and all the heart ,smiley stuff.
The indicator went one more level up.
OD2: we better tell him
OD1: Don’t call, just send a prompt
OD2: okay
OD2: what the ….?
OD1: check the status
OD1 quickly grabbed the intercom called for backup
OD1: This is OD1 from sector 86 . come in Console
Console: Console here, go on
OD1 : need emergency back up,our network is crashing
Console: right away sir ,I will deploy the SRT(System Recovery Team)
OD1:plz hurry thanks.
OD2 was running here n there checking all dashboards
OD1: You are sweating
OD2:really …then give me a tissue…are you kidding me ? what is all something
OD1 smiled like a saint : its an ESS protocol – Emergency System Shutdown.
OD2: ESS? Is it normal?
OD1: its rare , but its internal preventive measure.
OD1:don’t worry he won’t screw you .but we have to figure out why the ESS protocol was triggered
OD2: hmm .
OD1: check the final transmission
Since the displays were down , OD2 took a print out of the last log report
OD2: You have Gotta be Kidding me!!!
OD1: what happened ??
OD2:I think we got the reason ?
OD1 cant believe what he was seeing.
LOG F34DTKNE - 2.00 Am EST
“I love u :)”
”I love u too :)”
Fatal System Error
Error ode 21
Transmission Failed

To Be Continued………………


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