Friday, August 7, 2009


Yes. This post is for YOU.

Don’t look around …its really ‘U’

so who are you?

You are one of kindest souls who took some time out of your busy life to read my scribbling and  I would like to say a Big Heartfelt “THANK U” to stress on how much this means to me.

I met my friend today..I meet him daily and we hangout for 2-3 hrs daily to chat all nonsense..It helps me take my mind off all the stress of work.

Talking about stress , its not my work that’s stressful (because i like what i do) its the people around me who are the reason for my stress.Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are causing the stress, its my inability to give proper attention to them which is causing all the  stress to me.

I met a friend today and after initial Q’s like how r u? how is work? how is life? etc etc she told “ i keep reading your blog from time time”

OMG!!! I had almost forgot my blog..

I didn’t know she reads my blog and there is good chance that there might be others like her who read my blog occasionally and yet i don't know who they are..

I haven’t blogged for quite some time with lot many things going on around me……

So Am I so Busy? – not really

The ppl with whom i used to talk frequently or with whom i want to talk frequently are busy with their lives and ppl who want to speak to me say i have become so busy with my life (my dad called up one day and wanted a appointment to talk with me – although he meant as a joke  I felt very bad)


Truth is I feel something is missing in Stuart Little, he says there is a “empty space”   I am not sure what i am missing …may be its my friends ,the daily hi, hellos, genuine ones not like in office as a formality .

i can see my friends drifting apart ,the degrees of separation seems to increase.Yeah i know life’s like that only..but

wherever you go ,whatever you do,i would pray for your well being because you have took your time of your busy life to read my scribbling…

and i cant THANK U enough for that.



  1. its just a phase...when u shift from the student life to changes..responsibilities increase and with that stress too...

    lets face isnt happy go lucky anymore and friends and family will understand that coz they have all been through this phase or will go through it.....

  2. Stuart little ah! :) hmmm...
    nice post to prevent ya blog from drying up! :P

  3. @ ruchi - yeah i know.... just wanted others to know i am going through that

    @neha totally :P

    @ rajiv : heheheh righto!