Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Nature Calls

No ,this is not about the metabolic activity we all do every day (one thing where no one failssmile_regular ).

Today, I left office much earlier than my usual time ,didn’t want to hangout with friends (cost cutting smile_regular). Anyways i took a Volvo near empty and the FM  [at least that still works in my dumb ericsson,Sony is still sound smile_regular] played my “color of music”.

I got out the bus with the music still playing image

i took a walk along the park

where the sun was still setting,

its funny to see dogs bark

without any sound (headphonessmile_regular)

It started to get dark

i slowly crossed the play ground

the breeze made me to take my headphones off

i heard the birds chirping with glee image

as if they were happy to see me

I realized simple things of nature brings 

peace to my mind more than precious things

So when natures calls me

i would attend with glee


pls bear my poetic insanity…..

love all (at least trysmile_regular



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