Monday, July 6, 2009

The Geek and the Ghost-8

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DJ:wat abt u
DG:watching movie
DJ:had dinner?
DG:no mood
DJ:wat u doing
DG:searching for a song
DG:wat abt u
DJ:ted talks
DJ:it has lectures n presentations regarding innovation n stuff like that
DG:kk …don't study too much
DJ:hehehe ok don't download too much
DJ:u thr??
DJ:wat happen? u sad
DG: S .but hw do u knw?
DJ:i have spies
DG: then ask ur spies itself y i am sad
DJ:i have not authorized them to get to u that close
DJ:tell me
DG:nuthn yaar…
DJ:if u don't want to tell me thats fine i wont ask u but don't tell me theres nuthn obviously sumthing is bothering u
DG:arrey ..Feroz Khan passed away na he was my fav.just seeing his songs thats all
DJ:ooooh ok,,,hmm its sad..i have seen his movie i think…too bad he’s gone
DG:hmm  i have seen all his movies he was my fav of all
DJ:hmm that too at this young age
DG:huh??? young age?? he is almost 90
DJ:90 really?? didnt he act with kareena kapoor?
DG:nahiiiii...stupid he is another guy…Feroz khan was a very old bollywood actor
DJ:me stupid?? every bollywood actor is sum khan or kumar…u stupid the actors all stupid bollywood is stupid..thats y i don't see such lame movies
DG:chup kar..this is regional bias i tell u..lolz
DJ:hahahaha …may be it is
DJ:but tell me if he dies y u feel bad ..its not like u knw him personally
DG:but yaar don't u feel bad when sumone dies
DJ:nt really hundreds of people die everyday i cannot sit n cry for them
DG: u don't understand…
DJ:yes i really don't understand y u feeling bad about some old guy who u don't even knw personally
DG:chup kar dn irritate me..go do ur stupid assignment
DJ:hehehe ok ok..there nuthing called stupid assignment  its the people who give it r stupid
DG:whatever the assignment r stupid ppl who give it r stupid and ppl like u who do it r also stupid
DJ:hahahahhah…..ok ok i accept ur smart coz u don't do any of them
DG: :P
DJ:good evening my lady
DG:hehehehe my lady??
DJ:its how English Gentleman address women
DG:u r so formal..i am very informal with my friends
DJ:gud i like that ..but wat to do i am like this only..
DG:gud yaar..i like decent guys
DJ:yep i am one decent guy
DG:hehehe not all times i guess
DJ:y u saying that
DG: don't act smart I saw u leching at that girl n the second row
DJ:  i am guy cant help it….
DG:hehehehe its long its gal ur leching at
DJ:oh plzzzzzzzz
DG: wat is RIP
DJ: Rest in Peace…Jackson is dead
DG:hmm yeah gotto to knw
DJ: i cant believe he is dead
DG: Y? u like him so much?
DJ:ofcourse i used to dance for his songs in school competitions
DG: but u only told me ppl die evryday u cannt sit n cry for all blah blah blah..gave me all that gyaan

DG:u thr?
DG:sry didn mean to hurt u
DJ:no its k…i am sorry now i know how u felt the other day
DG: hmm…now cheer up
DJ:hmm i will
DG n DJ chatted everyday…all weekends all day & night..they knew exactly what was going on in each others daily lives.They had completely different perspectives of life..different cultural backgrounds very different tastes in almost spite of all that sumthing kept them connected.. it was the attention they gave each other daily.Over the days their friendship grew strong which eventually brought complications to their friendship…
Will DG & DJ able to handle the obstacles they will come across in the near future…??

To Be Continued…..


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