Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -9

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG: chup kar, don't irritate me
DJ:wat did I do?
DG: how can u say that without knowing sumone?
DJ:I didn't mean it that way
DG:i didn't expect this from u
DJ: u didn't understand what i am telling u
DG:huh? i don't want to understand
DJ:wat do u want me to do?
DG: chup kar.. dn irritate me..go disappear
DJ signed off
DG (omg… this guy na.. uff…)
DJ (all girls are stupid why don't they understand.??.)
DJ normally is silent but sumtimes he talks a lot..way over the line and that often gets him into trouble.He fails to understand that sumtimes its best to leave sumthings untold regardless whether its true or right.When there is a problem he want to talk it through and wants closure asap.
DG is normally not silent but when sumone irritates her she just shuts them out.She doesn't want to talk things through but leave the issue.After some days, she clears it off from the table and things become normal again.
As DJ & DG, chatted a lot,misunderstandings started cropping up and since they had different approaches in solving problems the peace process was more complicated than the actual problem.
Every time they fought ,DJ thought “ok this is it..its going to end.we wont talk anymore”.But he didn't want to end it.  He gave some serious thinking about wat to do abt the matter and how to resolve it.
DG on the other hand,does not talk to him for a day or two,and then again starts the conversation as if nothing had happened. Her thinking was “friends fight.. so wat?..its no big deal”
DJ will be amazed to see her chat without a trace of their fight.on the other hand he was little disappointed to see her take it lightly while he pondered over it for a long time.
somehow their connection survived..
It was a busy day in THE SYSTEM as usual.
The OPS DUO were tracking all the progress of “Project GG”.It was becoming one of the biggest projects of all time.They were even planning to get it added in the A* list which has dedicated lines.But they have still lots to do to get there.Even though the IFRs were steadily increasing,they needed something to accelerate its pace.
  Operations Duo 1:i don't think its a good idea
Operations Duo 2 :do u have sumthing in mind?
OD1: honestly nothing
OD2 : well we have to do sumthing
OD1:yes,but we gotta be careful
OD2:hmm we are in critical position
OD1:i know.He(Info CoV) wants to listed in A*.at the same time i don’t want to ruin the current     progress
OD2:Why do u think it will ruin this?
OD1:don't u see the logs?
OD2:i do see their logs
OD1:every time they fight,the IFR fluctuates than their bloody stock markets and there’s no log for a day or two but they do exhibit frequency signals
OD2: u have been going thru their metadata reports.. aren't u?
OD1: yes.. are u not?
OD2: good heavens ..i am not crazy like you
OD1:sumtimes u have to cross reference
OD2:whatever….anyways wats the plan now?
OD1:(sighs deeply)..deploy the cupids..lets see wat magic love can do?
OD2:u just told its not a good idea!!
OD1:I know wat i said..given the circumstances i think we have to take some risk
OD2:wat abt his approval
OD1:actually he mentioned the same idea very early,i convinced him not to go for it.So he will be more than happy to give clearance
OD2: that's y u agreed? now i get it
OD2:U think it will work? i mean will they actually become… u knw?
OD1:no they wont..but it will work alright
OD2:i don't get it..then y are we doing this
OD1:just do it..its like a crash test
OD2:oh…now i get it..
MEMO from Info COV 
I hereby approve the deployment of CU-0456-19-86 –code K1 for Project GG and hereby assign OD1 & OD2 as the Task-Masters for this operation

To be Continued ……….


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  3. Metadata... cross reference...
    i can see the microsoft effect rubbing off on you machi... :) !!! keep goin.. cheerzz!!! :P

  4. hehehee thanks will be adding more sci-fi in the coming chapters :P

  5. sounds likeu've been following the fake IPL plzyer blog closely eh?? :)

  6. dude i didnt get you? whats the relation between fakeiplplayer n this story.. if u have read all the chapters u may have a clear idea abt this

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