Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost 13

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
thud dud thud dud thud dud thud dud…………………DJ was running again.
It was a long,dark, lonely highway.
Running away from the world…. the world which is “full of practicality” Running away from the so called “reality”……As he ran the same images that used to haunt him kept coming again.he kept running towards the faint light at the end of the road.
The light grew closer…interestingly the light  was getting dimmer as he got close to it…. 
As  he approached the light… he could see the source of light… there was a face…… but it was not the same …it was not her was not the face that stole his sleep…this was different…… .it was someone else…he heard a giggle, the girl was laughing….
DJ couldn’t stop …he ran towards her ….then he felt something different…
zzzzoooooooooopppppp……It was a sudden pull… a gravity pull…he was falling…..aaaahhhhhh…………HUH???
but this time there was no sea,
there were no rocks…
instead he heard
DJ : wat the hell?
DG was standing up on the stairs and was calling him.
DG: oye…come fast
DJ looked around and thought ‘you have gotta be kidding me’
DG: u fool …i am calling u only… come fast
then she continued to walk up the stairs and disappeared in the darkness
DJ: damn..this is not happening
He climbed up the stairs and reached a porch.and a tall building like a church..there was huge door denoting there is a huge hall inside.He saw her entering inside.
He approached the door and he almost froze.His old school watchman was sitting beside it.
 “is it really you uncle?”
“of course its hurry up.. everyone’s waiting”
DJ was utterly confused  “everyone???”
He finally entered the building
and it was a huge hall and suddenly he was hit by loud music ‘AAJ KI RAAT…’was blaring in the speakers
DJ was thinking ‘wat in the world is going on here??’
and then he noticed the crowd …it was really everyone …everyone from his life..the very ones he was running from… hiding from….his school friends,old neighbors, college friends,his teachers , girls he had a crush on,..and he heard someone calling…
“ah ! there you are.. we were waiting for you”
“first look wat is he wearing” (he was in sweatshirt and tracks)
DAD: yes u must change now..there’s fresh set in that room
MOM: first wash your face..u look so sleepy
DJ was staring at them blankly
MOM: wat you looking.. go go
DJ went inside the room and changed amidst all the confusion.when he came out he saw a girl passing by in the corridor.He couldn’t see her clearly.he went behind he could see her dressed in a long white dress with white wings she was dressed as an angel..DJ became very curious and stepped up .but she was moving swiftly through the passage..suddenly out of nowhere DG appeared.
oye… where you think you are going?
hey… no ..i…i thought  i saw someone
which girl ur following?
.no ..yes …yeah… i mean ..white dress .. how did u know it was a girl??
you guys are all the same…i am waiting here and your running behind some  girl
it was not some girl..she..she was like an angel
and i look like a ghost to you??
DJ noticed that even she had dressed up…
arrey no look great
hmm …you look good too
thank you.but can you pls tell me whats going on??
cant you see ….its a party!! come come
and she pulled his hand and ran to the hall..they entered and the music dj shouted “look finally the real DJ is here” and spinned off Bon Jovi’s “Its My life”
And the crowd clapped and hooteed “wooohoooo” some shook hands wid him girls waved at him ..friends lifted him up…and then…
BOOM   a banner opened “Welcome Back DJ” and party poppers exploded and the party was officially on…
and his friends   who were carrying him finally got him on the ground and he was searching for DG..but she seem to have disappeared…he looked around and saw was everyone he loved and cared about more importantly it was everyone who loved and cared about him…
the dj spinned off “Its the time to DISCO” and the people started joining hands and forming a train…suddenly DG was there and grabbed his hand and they joined the dance train…..and he had to scream becoz of the loud music..
wats all this
you still didnt get it?
no…Welcome back to??
life is short so ENJOY MADI DI DI DI DID IDING DING DING DING DING DI DING DING DING …DJ killed the alarm…it was 7 am
DJ couldn’t believe it was all a dream..he was wondering how come his usual nightmare changed into a big party dream…even then his sleep was not disturbed
hmm so you keep alarm to get up @ 7am??? how lazy are you?
DJ heard his mom’s voice.he got up and realized he was @ home..he had come for a short holiday
hehehehe 7 am is early morning in Bangalore.
get up and freshen up… coffee is ready…
hmm ok..
DJ suddenly missed DG..he realized he hasn’t spoken to her since he came home.He got up,freshened up ,,grabbed the coffee cup and went to the balcony and rang up to her mobile.As soon as she picked she started screaming
oye…you alive ?? you went home and completely forgot me huh?
DJ’s face lit up with  huge smile …then he calmly said

To be Continued…………..


  1. v all welcome back DJ to life :)
    nice post...loved t

  2. Thanks :) DJ is thankful too :P

  3. ad ad ada...!! enna machi dream le la party pani kalakere!! ;)
    newyz good goin' ... ;) peace out! :P

  4. hehehe its not me dude its DJ :P
    but thanks

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