Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -14

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Thanx :)
It was Placements Season 09 and things were looking bleak more than ever.Yet everyone in the‘A’grade B-School were burning the midnight oil, drafting reports and hanging out with friends with all day reminiscing the Happy Days they spent together.
DJ:when is the joining?
DG:Next monday
DJ:so soon?
DG:yeah man,no time only.. lots to do
DJ:so wat abt the report
DG:which report?
DJ:hello!! ur still in college who will do the final report??
DG: yaar i am least bothered ,i have to look for accommodation,pack all my stuff,so many things to do,report is last in my mind
DG: acha listen
DG: i will be busy for the next week days..i wont be able 2 chat
DJ: i know , the time has come
DG: for wat ?
DJ:change..all our lives are changing ….its time to move on
DG: arrey chup ur talking as if we r going to die tomo
DJ: hehehe yeah ..but still i dont think we will be able to chat like this anymore
DG: don worry dear..i will get internet in my new room..i cant live without it :P
DJ:hehehehe I know…. seriously
DG:chal i am going out…catch u later
DJ:k ..but when?
DG: dunno yaar..i will ping u when i get time..anywayz u will be online 24/7  :P
DJ: yes..i will be waiting :)
DG: dont miss me ok? :P
DJ:heheheh.. yeah rite :P
DG: chal  ba.bye 
DJ: listen if u want anything for the report lemme know
DG:    thanks i will sure eat ur head for that.who else is ther :P
DJ: hehehe okies..have fun and congrats again
DG: thanks again ..I am sure you will get through soon
DJ: hopefully :P
DG:dont worry ..i will pray for you :)
DJ: :)  chal you go get ready
DG:  okies ba bye
DJ closed his lappy with a sigh.. “hmmm its will be just one another good memory”  
In The System
OD2: so how long ?
OD1: atleast 2 weeks or so
OD2:thats too long
OD1: yeah i am concerned about the IFR’s
OD2: chuck that..i am worried abt him..poor guy is going to miss his GF
OD1: chuck that? wat lingo is this and wat does GF mean?
OD2: it means its not a major concern and FYI GF means Gtalk friend
OD1: where do learn this stuff
OD2: dont u see television
OD1: no i have better things to do…i heard its a waste of time
OD2: they call it the idiot box
OD1:then it suits u perfectly
OD2:hahahahaha man u & ur PJ’s……..

To be Continued……………………………………………………………………………..


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