Sunday, June 7, 2009

SSIMM - Songs Stuck in My Mind

Fresh:1.After Let it Rock this is the second song by Kevin Rudolf which stuck in my head almost instantly. 2.I stumbled upon Kid Cudi’s day & night –this is one of the recent hip hop songs with good clean lyrics (don’t miss the video).

no video.. just the song

Day'N'Nite (pls double click-embeding disabled)

1                    2

Blast from the Past: These are couple of songs which are pretty old,but somehow popped in my mind.3.Dedicated by Linkin Park reminded of LP’s original Style.4.I had no clue about the last song,just knew the chorus,I binged it(very good for lyrics search) & found the info-(East 17-its alright).

with lyrics slideshow

Its Alrite-East 17

3               4 

Let me know the songs stuck in your head


  1. Looks like someone is promoting Bing... hmm now i am gonna try it. Good post MJ. I keep checking for lyrics.. hope this helps.. Linkin Park.. always rocks

  2. and also my blog...actually go to bing and change the location to united states and in the home page u will see shoppin and travel..explore them ,..its amazing..too bad its not for India right now...hopefully they bring it sooner