Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost-4

After the mouse trouble, whenever the ghost had a problem with her lappy (which was very often)she just turned around to the geek who was just sitting opposite to her in class.Not much will be spoken,bcoz first she has no clue about what is the problem,second its usually the same problem and third the geek never says no and like the Hutch puppy is always “happy to help”

“DJ (the geek’s name and henceforth will be used often ) ..its happening again”

DJ: give it to me

(after fiddling with it sumtime)

DJ:”DG (undoubtedly that's the ghost) here take it,its fixed”

DG:”thank you”

DJ doesn't say anything ,just gives a smile and instantly goes back to whatever he was doing.

This went on for like two weeks and the pattern of dialogue continued to be the same.

Meanwhile light years away (FYI,Light Year is a measure of distance and not time)…. 

Info COV was fuming after seeing the GG weekly report…..

“that's it?? progress??…this is not enough..its peanuts…do you even realize what will happen if this operation fails???..the IFR(info flow rate) levels will be crazy enough to crash the got 24 hrs..better get this started or I am pulling the plug on this operation..AM I CLEAR?”

the ops duo said in unison “Yes Sir

The two operations executives (ops duo) were in a desperate situation to initiate online contact between DJ & DG.After intense brainstorming in Star-Buks (this is actually located in a star near the Andromeda) they finally got it.

“you think this will work??”

“i am positive”

“we don’t have much time we got only one shot”

“i know..the timing is got to be dead on”

“yes.. they both have to be online”

“most importantly, they should not be present offline in close proximity”

“I will hack the admin mailbox and mess with the file extension..but R U you sure he can fix it??”

“I am positive”

“you better be… bcoz if this fails He’s gonna hyperblast our @$$e$ in cosmic proportions” 

Back in Earth………

DG refreshed her inbox for the zillionth time,and needless to say she was damn irritated.She was waiting for the next term schedule which is supposed to come in the mail. Not that she was keen to know classes to prepare her study schedule,but she wanted to see the schedule so that she can plan her trip to home and book the tickets asap.

And finally when the mail came,DG quickly downloaded the file and clicked open……but it didn’t..  "$#!T… why in the hell its not opening”…she tried different things like forwarding and opening in other mails…pinged her online buddies…but everybody said the same…none were able to open it.Then it came to her mind…if anybody could solve this its him… 

“DJ dude…. where are you……………”(DJ dooby doo)

but he was not there in her orkut list which meant he was not in her gtalk too…

She went to another guy’s profile who adds each & everybody he knows to his orkut account,not surprisingly, she found DJ in his list and quickly sent him an invite.

Exactly 2 minutes later ….it popped up.

DJ has accepted you request.

Click here to add in your gtalk list.




DJ :“HI”


To be Continued…………..

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