Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rumbling Rain & Tumbling roads

Bangalore is a well known city around the globe and often compared with the Silicon valley of USA. But it is also compared with New York for a different infamous reason…traffic.Its a common to hear people muttering “bloody traffic” I remember Dhiru, during his first month in Bangalore had his name in Orkut as “Bangalore Traffic… #@$$#&%$# (he is too decent to swear:p).

Now throw some rain on the bloody traffic and it gets bloodier…actually muddier.Anyways after battling with the horrid traffic ,somehow I managed to reach my place..i was in for huge shock.Just when I thought it was safe..I saw my street gushing with rain water. I wished i had a inflatable raft instead of undergoing the torture of walking through it.If u r one of the poor souls like me who live in a low level kindest condolences to u.

Its not that i don't like rain.As a person who spent my entire childhood in a hot city like Madurai,Rain was a gift to escape the heat.I too have enjoyed the wonderful rainy days, sitting in the porch with family with a hot cup of elaichi tea and sizzling samosas :)……… i miss those days :(

Rain is heavenly.EVEY (V4Vendetta) says “God is in the Rain” standing in the rain while finding her true self. I guess even in Rains some are Good, some are Bad,some are just the one i saw today…


  1. b'lore is atleast a better city whn it comes to hot. come to calcutta u will knw. its so humid.
    ROFL at eh idea of Rafting instead of walking :D

  2. yes rain or no rain..bangalore is still has a better climate than most cities..also if u compare Mumbai rains, Bglr is far more better..a raft is not enough for bombay even the titanic will sink in its rains :P