Tuesday, May 12, 2009


HI...thanks for visiting my blog...this is my second blog and marks a denovo of MJ 2.0

MJ 2.o is my attempt to make my first blog DENOVOS more professional, I would post only in BTM (not the BTM layout in bangalore :) i .e Business Technology & Marketing and post all the personal stuff ...things i like,things i love ,things which i want to share with others ... here.

Although DENOVOS is primarily subject oriented i do post personal stuff sumtimes and evrytime i do that i get a lot of comments so i suppose visitors find my personal posts more interesting than the conceptual posts.

So i hope u will like this blog the same way u liked DENOVOS or even more than that..pls do comment and keep visiting...


  1. I always tell u not be modest...u are a Rockstar...one whos always there for friends and groupmates....very creative and i dnt need to say more ..the blog itself speaks volumes about ur capabilities.....and i declare I am an ardent fan of this blog and its writer.....

    and i do agree that personal stuff about u is more entertaining than subject related blogs.....

  2. thanks a lot rockstar :) i liked ur declaration :P