Monday, May 18, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost -3

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was a fine day and as usual it was classroom filled with boredom.It was so boring,that even the professor was wishing if he could give proxy for himself and go to his cabin.He cursed himself for not having told the students to make presentations so that he could manage a nap while the students try their best to imitate the faculty.
But then he had one more hour in the afternoon,so he desperately wanted to escape from professing before boredom kills him.Surprisingly he got an idea (may be he ate a mentos or something) and told the class to present a case in the noon and gave the remaining time to prepare.This pattern followed in the future also so effectively he reduced his professing time to 15 mins (the first 15 mins he takes the roll call which is the only reason students come to class)
Anyways,after hearing the professor almost everyone left to the canteen.As usual just one or two remained in each group,who usually do the work.Since the Ghost got her lappy for hearing songs, she was given the burden of preparing the ppt. And so grumbling at her fate she started working on it. And something went wrong in her lappy as it usually does and the mouse pad was dead.She tried everything ,even restarted it,but in vain,the mouse was still dead (don't say ewww or aww I am talking about the touchpad in the laptop).So she looked for help.
As fate would have it, there he was sitting alone in the next row,the geek, her saviour,  looking at the computer screen so intensely as if he is trying to get inside of it. She thought for a moment ‘should i ask him?’.The geek had a good reputation of being a geek which meant he is good with computers.So she thought “there’s no one better here,so why not ask him”.So she approached him and then it struck her… she didn’t even know his name. But then, she was smart to handle these situations and  so simply said  “Yaar ,my mouse is not working,can u check it”. The geek as u might  have guessed  was a big time loser when it comes to girls, almost inversely proportional to his expertise with computers. For a split second , he thought she meant something else,but as she held her laptop towards him ,he quickly dismissed the thought,cursed himself and quickly regained his composure and said “yeah sure”.   
Not surprisingly he fixed it and would have been better if he had stopped there. But then he started explaining how did he fix it and what to do if the problem arises in the future.
You shud try restarting it first
I did
Oh …if it does not work try rebooting in safe mode
“Oh ok” (in her mind… “no clue what it means”)
“Otherwise you can go to control device manager,select touchpad and look for error messages”
“hmm.. yeah will do that” (“what is he talking , is this English”)
“probably u may need to update or reinstall the device driver”
hmm.. sure.. thanks (“just give back my lappy.. u freak”)
Mean while light years away from Earth…..
The two young fellows entered the cabin of the Info-CoV.He looked at them and nodded signaling them to give the status report on mission G&G
“Operation was successfully accomplished @ 1300 hrs resulting in initial offline contact”
The Info-CoV smiled and said “that’s good,how was it done?”
“We infiltrated her system and corrupted her cursor controller”
“Hmm..good work both of you.Keep me updated ,btw what’s next?”
“Operation will commence in approximately 48 hrs to initiate first online contact”
To be Continued…..

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