Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eat out @ Food Street

Food Street in V.V. Puram, Bangalore is one busy place which is always swarmed by families.Apart from the lip smacking array of dishes from Butter dosa to American Corn,one of the main reasons is the timings. While most of the darshans& sagars start closing at 9pm ,Food street gets crowded after 10pm.

I just came from food street after a filling dinner with my friends. Food street works for us for a lot of reasons.Its not very far ,not to pricey,good food,and is always filled with people which is a good thing.. u know what I mean :p

For a detailed description of food street, u can check out this article in Hindu

1 comment:

  1. Food street is one of ma fav places 2 go and hog..tasty food and reasonably priced..... i love t....u can eat n eat n eat nythn and evrythn.... ur stomach wud fill but u wud feel lik eating more.. i wish i had 2 -3 tummy's to eat everythn available dere..but everytime i go dere..i try 2 taste each n evrythn available dere.. :)