Sunday, November 22, 2009



Oh sorry those of who u didn't know  Rajiv S.Perumal has been officially posted in TCS,Mumbai (finally!! almost an year since he got the offer). So we had met up for dinner for the last this year

We included Me ,Rajiv,Vaisak, Manoj & Dhiru.

Rajiv always liked Oye Amritsar in church street  and since Dhiru recommended the new one in Koramangala is Very Good, we thought lets see wat’s all the Oye about.(even i like Oye,but that's a different one the blessed souls who read my creative gibberish G&G will understand what i mean)

Coming back to OyeImage0190 Amritsar,the first thing that hits you is the decor and ambience,trying to recreate the Dhaba environment.The parking-lot itself is covered in the design of a lorry back door .The sign board too is very creatively done,not too mention the walls where one can see relaxSingh 

Step in to the dining roof (yeah its in terrace) its all breezy and nice.I saw some candle lights too in some tables,but I seriously doubt whether its was supposed to be candle lit romantic dinner,because the place is kinda funky and loud. The Bar counter is named London beer & wines owned by Tipsy Singh and similarly tandoor and main food counter have been creatively decorated as well. I could have take many pics, but you see all attention was on Rajiv. 


The menu was in form of rubber flaps which hang in the back of a truck.One can see the effort that has gone in the designing of the whole thing. 

Johnny ka Label , Pepper Vodka Golgappa shows they really mean it when they say dhabha experience.

The staff were courteous and the service was good enough for a restaurant of this kind.

Dhiru wanted to try the shorbhaImage0192 and we almost chuckled at the sight of it.First the quantity was too low.Second the spoon was already inside and the waiter just brought it as it is .No tray no saucer no salver and the spoon with the soup was wobbling as the waiter was figuring out who among  us was the lucky one.Finally it settled on Dhiru’s place.He looked at me and  said “Lakshmi aren't you gonna blog abt this??” Sure dude i just did.

The soup was good so we didn’t make it a big issue.The starters were amazing both the Chicken and Gobi.The main course was good,but again, the presentation was poor,none of them looked appetizing. Since almost all dishes were tasty and the fact that it was past 10 pm already we didn't have the time to crib about it, plus u know… Rajiv IS  leaving to Mumbai.Vaisak and Rajiv had the long glass lassi’s .They said it was really nice and awfully heavy.

Overall it was nice but lil expensive than i thought (came to 300 per head and we ordered very few dishes).But it has definitely made into my list of eat-outs.

BTW I am pleased to inform, Rajiv has landed safely in Mumbai,   and will be travelling 80 kms daily to work in the local trains ( he didn’t sound happy abt it though..i wonder why )

BYE RAJIV, all the coffee shops in Bangalore is going to miss your presence,but not more than me.





  1. Sounds delicious :)).....and why are you wondering about why he isnt happy about travelling 80 kms daily on local trains... :P:P....Poor Rajiv I hope he survives :))

  2. Macha greattttttttttttttttt da...
    really enjoyed reading your post....

    also liked the profile description that you wrote under "MJ unveiled".... kalaka da.....

    keep it rolling bro....

  3. @Ruchi -it was delicious :) Hehehe he told me he has got used to it already :P

    @Suman : thanks machi..keep visiting :)

  4. Java city & Oye Amristar are gonna shut down soon in bangalore, by loosing its regular customers like Rajiv :P

  5. @ vaisak hehehehe yeah heard they r moving to mumbai :P

  6. Thnx pal for the nice send off with good food and a warm post!! :)
    Infact this reminds me that ive gotta start writing in my blog too!! its been a month!! phew...
    N yeah, ive managed to find a few good places to dine out and coffee shops here too.. so its juz that Java city has lost business but there's no drop in the industry revenue.. u see!! :P lolzzz... :)!!!

  7. @Rajiv - ur most welcome and thanks for keeping the F&B industry alive:P means a lot to me (u knw y :P)

    and yeah blogosphere is really missing ur BZZZZZZ

  8. Lucky ppl staying in bglr.. get lost rajiv.. go better TCS :)