Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Geek & The Ghost – 16

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
They all asked the same questions…………………
tell me abt yourself?
why did u do an MBA ?
wat is marketing?
wat is ur strength & weakness
can u sell me this pen?
why shud we hire you?
bcoz i am damn good dammit
that was exactly DJ wanted to say..but of course he didn't. he told
what was expected...and finally the day came. He started msging everyone.
hi, got thru spark technologies..
will call later

soon he got replies and rings ..
way to go dude!!

Super machi congrats!!!
good yaar :)
thats great :) will call u
0804311 8585 calling………..
DJ wondered who it was.eventually picked up
'congrats' - a voice whispered
DJ was puzzled who it was....

"thanks but who is this?"
"hmm ..GHOST"
DJ's face lit up was DG
"oooo..thank you ghost..but why are you whispering"
"I am in office"
"oh ok ok"
"chal i will call later..congrats again"
"thanks dear.. bye"
In the System
OD1 : so how is it going
OD2: pretty good
OD1: really ...?
OD2: yeah the geek and the ghost are still going strong
OD1: the what??
OD2: he is the geek and apparently she is the ghost
OD1: where do u get all these?
OD2: i have been reading their logs
OD1: but y??
OD2: its interesting ..u shud a have a look
OD1: I got other things to do
OD2: uff ...yeah rite
OD1 was puzzled with OD2 's expression. He left the room wondering
what was that "uff" thing?
2.00 am.
DJ woke up...
DJ:hellos (why is she calling this time?)
DG: oye u sleeping?
DJ: yeah (not anymore)
DG: can u do me a favor ?
DJ: sure (its 2 AM FOR GOD SAKE!!!)
DG: u will definitely do it na?
DJ: yeah yeah tell me (as if i have a choice)
DG: can you come to library in the morning?
DJ: i can ..but isn't ur viva tomo ?
DG: yeah that's wat..need some help with the presentation..have some doubts
DJ: and u ask me now?
DG: uff ...listen
DJ: yeah tell (oh no... not the uff again)
DG: can you come or not
DJ: of course i will ...
DJ: k thanks
DG was waiting in the library..she was so tense...DJ went towards the table
DJ: hellos
DG: Thank god u came
DJ: why wat happened ? and why u looking so tense?
DG: yaar my viva is today
DJ: i know ..but i didnt know u cared abt it so much.... that too
after getting placed...

DG; yeah i didnt.... thats the problem
DJ: no me the presentation i will clear ur doubts
DG didnt say anything she kept looking at him
DG: yaar....u wont get mad na if say one thing
DJ was wondering what is going on ,but he was sure there is some big trouble
DJ: tell fast wat happened? and where is the presentation
DG; thats wat..there is no presentation..i didnt make it
DJ: OMG!!!!
DG:can u plzz do it for me?
DJ: u ask me now? Oh my GOD....i cant believe this
DG: i thought i will do it myself... but then...
DJ thought for a sec..nothing good is going to come by scolding
her..and its too late..I better start working...
DJ: step aside...gimme ur lappy...dont worry …everything will be fine
DG: thank u thank u
DJ: only the ppt rite..or anymore shockers u have for me
DG: no no only ppt
DJ : hmm ....and wat if i hadn't come?
DG: i knew u wud come
DJ ; yeah rite....
He started on the presentation...he spent 1 full day preparing his
ppt...he quickly pulled his presentation and started editing it .
DG: yaar
DG: I am hungry
DJ froze for a second...he cant believe what he is hearing....Food??
..she is talking abt food now?..he slowly turned to her
Like a lil kid asking for a toy she asked him
DG: can we eat sumthing and then start?
DJ couldnt control his laughter ..and DG wondered wats so funny
DG was studying the slides and writing notes...less than 15 mins for
her presentation
DJ was looking at her...wondering "how cooly she is doing this?"
DJ: tell me sumthing
She kept looking at the slides and asked……
DG: wat?
DJ : why do u always wait for the last time...why do u always call in the middle of the night and ask things like this?
she turned towards him and with a sweet smile she said....
DG: i am the ghost na...hehehehe
It was that moment DJ realized matter what she said ,no matter
what she did..and how much ever she troubled him ,,,its just
impossible for him to get angry on her
DJ :hehehehe yeah ...ur the ghost and i am the geek...may be i will write a story one day about all this -
DG: gud it…wat is the title?
DJ: wat else …. THE GEEK & THE GHOST
To Be Continued...............................................


  1. The Geek and The Ghost..... It's an amazing story mus tell u.... One day u can come out wid a buk and become one of the most renowned authors from India...lik Chetan Bhagat....

    THis post was the best post till date must tell u....hats off 2 u...

  2. ahhh nw i knw hw it all started. I enjoyed the conversation. atleast i didnt get lost in this :)

  3. @Nidzzi Glad u liked it and not lost :P

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