Sunday, December 13, 2009

John & Sophie

"I promised you Sophie,I will never ever leave you .
And tonight I am keeping my promise"

He held his grip on her. Its been 7 years....7 glorious years...though he has crossed his prime..she still appeared the same as she had looked before 7 years. Bold & Beautiful.That's what he always looked for, that's why he waited and never rushed into things.

When he saw Sophie in one of those famous magazines while waiting in the airport, he immediately booked a ticket to Germany just to catch a glimpse of her. When he finally saw her in the grand party hosted by her family,he was breathless.He kept on gazing her , her curves, the intensity in her looks, her boldness,her charisma which made her stand out of the crowd.

The next day he made his offer,an offer which took their breath away,for he was a man who would not take No for an answer.He didn't want to take any chances with her.The heritage of her family was globally known and even though his friends & family were worried that he took an hasty decision without consulting anybody,once they met her, they couldn't help but to let it go and simply stood gazing at her.

Some of them would say "Man, you are the luckiest man in this world"
He would simply smile and say "I know"

The lights went of plunging the Nova Nautica in total darkness.The water was gushing inside so fast as if it was swallowing the huge ship to satisfy its hunger.

"Marcus...give one last call before we say good bye to Nova"

"We have already checked all areas Sir.I think we have got them all"

"Just do it sailor,I don't want any blood on my hands"

"aye aye captain"

Although there was only limited time,there was enough time to alert everyone follow the emergency protocols, More importantly since there were enough ships to accommodate all the 847 passengers along with the 153 staff members, it was not exactly a tragic accident which Hollywood would be interested.However the captain wanted to make sure, that everyone was rescued because there was no time to count properly or cross check the passenger list.If someone had drunk too much and lay under his bed...that may be his last drink.Seeing the Nova going down the Captain had already made up his mind not to sail any more.He will buy a beach house somewhere and spend his rest of his life gazing the sea with his beloved wife beside him.

"Last Call...Last anyone left behind?? Speak up now or you may never can..."

Nova gave one more shudder and one of the huge pipes broke of and fell into the ocean

"Sir I don't see anybody..its better to leave.... there isn't much time"

"Cut her off Marcus" The captain gave deep sigh.

"So long Nova"

The last life boat got detached from the Nova Nautica and began its destiny - to transport the crew safely to the shore.

It was total darkness inside.He was still inside along with his beloved Sophie. He had heard the sailor screaming last call.But he couldn't let go of Sophie. He knew for sure they wouldn't allow Sophie in this condition. When he tried to get Sophie a place, the deck hands looked him as if he was crazy. No amount of money or power was not enough,after all everyone cared about their places in the lifeboats and not others. He knew Sophie wouldn't mind if he had got on the boat ,but he couldn't just let her go of his sight.Wherever he went, business or pleasure,he took Sophie along,even though many people found it weird and thought he was crazy. He would say to himself "yes, i am crazy about her"

He held her tightly.He can hear the water now rushing through the corridors."Its about time" he thought. "Don't worry Sophie.I am still here.You are not alone and soon it will be all over" Sophie didn't say anything.She was always calm and poised,only when he greets her after coming from work or after a meeting or after a party or something like that ,she replies soothingly "Hello John Hope everything went well" Now she didn't even say that. But John knows why and he understands in this condition,she would not be able to speak.

The Nova Nautica gave a loud cry as it went down, which sounded like a amplified scream of a women in labour,but life wasn't coming out, but it was going in,into the dark depths of the Atlantic. John was inside her,he felt a warmth as if he was inside his mother's womb.

"I promised you Sophie,I will never ever leave you .And tonight I am keeping my promise"

The Nova Nautica went down and the waves were still roaring.


3 moths later;

"You gotta be kidding me...." Sarah couldn't believe what she is hearing

"I wish, But unfortunately its true" William replied calmly

"but...but its insane,I mean how could he do that..are you sure there is no conspiracy involved??, I mean he had a lot of enemies you know"

"I am positive,the medical reports say he had died of natural cases,in his case drowning,i have already checked the guest list,,whoever had john met during the trip were investors in our
company and I don't think anyone wanted him to die as it may lead them to a financial turmoil "

"personal feud may be?...passion can be dangerous thing u know"

"John ?? no no.. he was never like that....the only thing he loved was his Sophie and this company and although this sounds absurd or ridiculous, I think we cannot ignore the possibility, that he decided to give up his life for the things he loved the most"

"Oh plzz Bill don't say that name,its giving me the creeps.I never understood this obsession of his"

"The board is meeting @ 12pm to decide what happens next.We better collect as much details we can before that"

"I am on it......I , I just , I still can't believe he did that "

"See for yourself"

William tossed a couple of photographs given by the SRT(Search & Rescue Team) which went underwater to the wreckage of Nova Nautica for gathering material evidence and also in search of John Richard Alexander,president of Alex Electrical Company.After a gruelling sixteen hours,they had finally found what they were looking for , in the debris of the Nova Nautica,

the frozen body of John sitting inside his Porsche CX named Sophie

Wiki Stub :the Porsche CX isa unique concept car which had astounding artificial intelligence features including voice capababilities.However it never went for commercial production and out of the two units ever produced,one is in the Auto museum in Germany. The other is placed in the memorial of John Richard Alexander, president of Alex Electrical Company who was the only one to buy this car for an undisclosed amount.


  1. Well it sure is a transition from starting off being a love story to a spoof... but nevertheless keeps the reader involved...!!
    whats next author?? :)

  2. thanks maverick :) kinda of having a writers block in G&G will try & post next chapter soon :P

  3. Hmm...complete masala...this story has everything....romance,passion,tragedy and its end is typical bollywood stuff :P:P....

    But atleast it provides a breather from usual G&G which is even more complicated to understand :P:P...anyway im trying hard and waiting for ur next post :))