Friday, April 23, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost - 25

Bangalore, India
April 4, 2020 A.D
8.00 pm

“Next Stop CMH Road”
..announced the Namma Metro in its sweetest electronic voice. DJ got up from his seat, while checking Twitter in his ADAM tablet PC.
ShashiTharoor: in bhurj khalifa ..Excited abt today’s meeting between our PM Rahul Gandhi & his Pakistani counterpart
An old uncle who lives nearby DJ’s place looked at it and said..
“these guys will never get it over with ..will they??”
DJ smiled and said in mocking military ton
“No Sir. Never”
DJ reached his apartment on the 12th floor ,let himself in and announced
“Honey, I am home”
“welcome dear”
As DJ entered the living room, He could see the familiar sight of Mrs.Geek setting up the dinner table.
“Hi dear.. how was the day?”
“Well the stocks went down by 2 %, our logistics dept messed up so the shipment will be delayed by 2 days by which our stocks will crash and I almost punched a MBA candidate who asked for stocks options post interview”
“hehehehhhehe just another day in office I guess”
“ you bet…coffee??”
DJ came near to the table and got the coffee cup from her.
“Where is she?”
“She is in her e-class. Have coffee and shower up dinner will be ready soon..”
“hmm before that can I get some sugar?”
“ but I already put two cubes in that”
“I wasn’t asking it for coffee”
DJ settled the cup on the table, grabbed her by the waist , leaned in and planted a wet kiss
DJ got startled and quickly let her go.
“Hi Cupcake”
Their daughter was standing in a frock with orange flowers on it.
What were you doing with mom??
Nuthn nuthn just saying hi…come here beautiful
She ran towards him and he took her in his arms
“aah…yes..give daddy a kiss….hmm good…how was school?
“School was good but short”
“had eclass today??”
“yes..Mrs.Nokumara from Japan taught us History”
“really…good wat history world war? India’s independence struggle?”
“ no rise and fall of 8071 Microprocessors…it was history of electronics”
DJ turned towards his wife
“honey are you hearing this…plzz tell me I am dreaming”
“hehehheeh …like father like daughter..she herself opted for extra e-class electronics”
DJ let his daughter down from his arms
“off you go sweety will call
when dinner’s ready”

He then said “I just hope she does not become a geek like me”
“Don’t worry, even if she did she will still be you sweet little cupcake”
“Hmm ok I will go shower”
“Ok…oh ..before I forget your Ghost had called”

“Oh ya…she called me also…around 15 missed calls.. i couldn’t pick up… the MBA guy was blabbering why he should be given stock option and I was trying hard, not to punch his face. Did she tell anything?”
“No...nothing specific , she asked “ where is the stupid guy..why he is not picking up” I told her he is in office, I will remind one you reach home..which I have done.. now its upto you”
“Hehehehe trying to escape huh? I tried in the way usual she didn’t pick up..i guess she will call back”
Ajeeb dastaan hai……… DJ’s mobile rang….

Di screamed to DJ who was in the shower “ Honey she is calling…”
“Tell her I am in the shower………….”
“Should I?”
“If u don’t pick up she will kill me again. Save me plzz”

Di picked up the phone

“Where is he?”
“He just came now…”
“If u don’t mind can I talk to him”
”Actually ….he…”

DJ came running
“Wait i will give it to him”
DJ: hellos
DG: oye.i am gonna kill u.cant pick up my call or wat

DJ was still dripping wet. Di took a towel and started drying his hair while DJ was talking on the phone.
DJ: wassup
DG: he hasn’t called me still
DJ: where did he go?
DG: somewhere in Brazil or Peru
DJ: well which one ?
DG:I think its Peru only
DJ: hmm actually I heard it was snowing for the first time..
DG: yeah very bad climate..and they said all flights have been cancelled
DJ: oh ok
DG: and this stupid guy hasn’t called me still …I am worried
DJ: did u contact his office? They might know
DG: no they haven’t got any info..but they tracked the flight and it was showing landed safely
DJ: hmm may be the signals are down
DG: yeah that’s wat…my friend told me that sumthing called Zappin has knw wat it is?
DJ: yeah even I heard but haven’t done it
DG: do something na..try that zap thingy..and let me know
DJ: ok I will let you knw
DG: then wat else
DJ: nothing much…dinner’s junior?
DG: he is like his dad only not at all listening to me…feeding him is my biggest problem..if I say eat .he runs is RJ?
DJ: hehehehe hmm..RJ is dancing in Dublin..will be coming in october..
DG: hmm..have u got me my gift?
DJ: wat gift?
DG: uff my bday is coming u fool
DJ: oh really I forgot when is it coming?
DG: chuck it ..u don’t have to gift me
DJ: hehehe its already packed and sent dear..
DG: really wat is it?
DJ: u will knw when u get it
DG: tell na..plzz
DJ: no can do….let it be surprise
DG: hmm okay….chal u have dinner and let me know abt the zap thing
DJ: will do
DG: bye
DJ: bye

DJ ended the call and looked up Di staring at him
DJ: wat?
Di: wat’s that smile u have when u talk to her?
DJ: wat smile
Di: its all over ur face
DJ: no its not
…he glanced in the mirror…where?
Di: if only you smiled in our all the pics u look as if ur forced to be seated
DJ: hehehhehe stop complaining …i am hungry……
Di: its her
DJ shouted towards the stairs…Come down cupcake…dinner’s
While Di served, DJ & Aura (cupcake) started eating. Since they had a rule of not talking about work in the dinner table, DJ started telling about DG’s call.
Di : Her hubby hasn’t called her still?
DJ: No
Di: Network problems I guess
“yeah..I think he is stuck inside the airport…”
“Hmm …actually sumthing call zappin has come..some direct communication technology..but I am not sure how it works”
“Hmm ok”
“U have an idea abt that?”
“No clue”
Aura interrupted….
“Zappin is a revolutionary direct communication using microwave frequencies which can be directed through satellites even in the absence of traditional telecom" networks…something like a digital telegram of sorts
DJ stopped eating and looked at Di..who was giggling helplessly…
DJ turned to Aura and said “thanks dear..daddy will try it”
After Dinner.. Aura went to her room…DJ said…
“next month put her in a dance or art class something ..will ya”
“hehehehe ok”
“no ..i don’t want her sit with her computer all day..she will turn into a girl geek and once she gets to high school all geeks would be after her”
“heheheheh good..may be she will a good geek like I did”
DJ couldn’t hide his smile “shut up….”
Di giggled again
“oh god..look at you blushing…mister we are married and have a kid..ur still blushing”
DJ: “yeah whatever …hey no dessert?”
Di: “I thought we will have it afterdark..we might get hungry”
DJ: oooooo…somebody’s in a good mood
Di: ok ok don’t jump now..let me clear the table first and put her to sleep
DJ: need a hand?
Di: its k.. u go chk out the zap thingy..she will be waiting
DJ: yeah I better do that
An hour later DJ found Di standing in the balcony….
DJ: Bonjour mon amour
Di: Bonjour chers… why the moon is so red tonight??

DJ wrapped her with his arms from behind and whispered in her ear
“its because its embarrassed to see a more beautiful thing than itself standing in a balcony of Bangalore”
Not really…today is lunar eclipse that’s y its red…

Di’s face grew red.she pushed him away instantly…
You you..u do knw how to ruin u perfect moment don’t you?
DJ was laughing out loud
“No wonder you didn’t have any would have geeked the hell out of everybody”
DJ: hehehehe…that’s true…
Di: you tried zappin?
yep..i contacted the airport in Peru..tracked the flight down..he is there.and I zapped a msg to them asking for his zap id and I got it and left him a msg..he replied with a msg to DG..i have to forward that to her..
you informed her?
I called her she didn’t pick up…may be she’s running after junior to feed him
“Hehehehehe hmm..” she noticed DJ’s face has become serious and had a question to ask..

Di: wat?
cmon I can see you have something to ask
hehehe you see right through me don’t u
of course I do now tell me

doesn’t it bother you?
Me ..her..still like this
Why? should it?
no ..i am just curious,,you have never talked abt it..let alone complain..if it was any other girl she might have picked a huge fight with me
hehehehe…jus wanted knw if ur okay with all this
ofcourse I am..otherwise I would have told u wouldn’t I….i mean I can’t deny I was lil annoyed in the beginning..but once I read ur blog everything was
black n white..i never had doubts after that

thank god ..i have a blog
heheheh yeah..sometimes even my friends see ur
facebook profile and ask who’s DG why is there so many wall posts by her an all..mostly I ignore them..if
needed I ask them to see your blog.for clarifications

hehehehe…but sometimes I don’t even tell wat I talk with her and even you don’t ask wat it is…
y wud I want to know wat u both talk about?
Y?? You are my wife!!
And that’s why I understand…listen DJ..i married you and for u alone..i love u for wat u are…your friends, ur job, family, etc comes next..I knw you have only few friends and you love them. I have my own friends and I love them are not snooping around to see what I am talking with my friends…why should I?
I knw dear …she is your ghost …but I also knw I am your angel.
Wow..i so love u now
But since you have brought this up..i want to ask you…If there was a next life and if u get a chance to choose between one of us..who would u choose?
Wat stupid question is this..its like asking sumone if he wants 8 ghz Intel chip or 16 gb ram..both are needed for the computer
Don’t act smart with me…answer correctly..or there would be no dessert y wud u say such things??…You knw you are the best thing that has happened to me…
Do u mean it?
Aura called from her room.DJ pointed towards her room and said
“And that’s the proof for that..”
”Hehehehe answer..ok its time to put her to coming?”
In sometime ….have to inform DG abt the zap…
Ok ..come soon
Hey i am still getting dessert rite?
Not if ur late…
Have mercy ma chérie..
Hehehehe… You first finish the call
I am dialing rite now…..
DG didn’t pick up. He knows she will call back.DJ looked at the stars. He remembered a forward msg he got a long time ago.
Good frnds r like stars U don’t always see them, but u know they r always there
DJ remembered the last time he saw DG. It was on her wedding. She was delighted to see him.
“Thanks for coming”
“Credit goes to RJ.. he got the tickets”
“Why didn’t he come?”
“he had a investors meeting”
“Oh ok”
DJ had never seen a North Indian Wedding..he couldn’t believe people actually dance like in the movies. He sat along with some of her other friends and enjoyed every bit of it.
Well if this is wat they really like then probably I shouldn’t blame Bollywood to have so many dance songs..
DJ thought “RJ was right..but he was also wrong , I love her but was never in love with her and that’s a difference many ppl don’t understand..If I hadn’t gone to Delhi , even I wouldn’t have realized its true meaning”
He saw DG with filled with happiness and his heart was filled with her happiness. There was a moment when their eyes met and a moment of silence was shared. Of all the the chats, sms, calls, blogs & zaps the silence which they both shared on the wedding night was the most precious and they both knew, they are friends for life and nothing’s gonna change that.
DJ looked up the stars again
“Well its been more than a decade since we are friends and it wouldn’t been possible not only with technology support. I don’t knw if it’s the gods or fate or destiny.. but whatever it is whoever it is responsible for this connection I just want to say…..
DG calling…….
Thanks with all my heart. I really truly mean it
DJ picked up and said
And the grass was greener
The lights was brighter
With friends surrounded
They all lived happily ever after


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