Friday, April 2, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost -23

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

How long to wait??
5 mins on the way….
DJ was waiting in Garuda. It’s been more than a month since the ‘unusual day’.
1 msg received ….DG

Reached coming up..plzz don’t laugh

DJ was wondering what was that supposed to mean and as soon as he saw her , he knew what she meant.

DJ gasped “OMG”

DG was wearing a sari. He was seeing her wearing a sari for the first time. She wasn’t the DG as he knew her.

Suddenly DJ got reminded of Steve Martin and his movie Father of the Bride. When his daughter walks up the aisle in the wedding dress, she still appears to him as the little girl playing bride. DJ was feeling similarly and he was very much surprised to actually think like that.

DJ thought “wow..if this is wat it feels like …no wonder dad’s cry at their daughter’s wedding

DG came towards him.

DJ: You look great

In all these days…DJ had never voluntarily complimented her

DG: really? Thanks….but I have to say .u look awful

It was true. DJ was wearing sweatshirt, tracks and sneakers. He looked as if he had come from a hospital or a road trip. Dark circles , unshaven face and dry hair.Reality had hit him at the right place and he wasn’t able to get placed anywhere.

DJ: hehehehe hmm that’s true..

any progress ?


if you go like this to interviews who will hire you??

hhehehehe….atleast for pity sake they could give me a job

I can’t believe u got sacked

Wat to do? Merger.. And they had to sack ..freshers were the first to let go. Last I heard around 300 have been sent home.

Hmm.i told you to speak to your manager ..did u?

Yeah …he told me he will definitely let me know once they start hiring….but he himself is scared of getting sacked.

U interested in banks? I can arrange a interview.

Thanks …but no..i won’t fit in

Uff how long u will say this….where u trying now?

Nothing much.. RJ has been calling his contacts…hehehe …he is more worried abt getting a job than me..

Stupid..don't waste time..only u shud take care of urself.

Hahahhahahah….is that you or the sari speaking?

DJ wondered wats the deal with sari.?.why is it girls become different when they wear sari’s? .Somehow they seem a lot more mature and start talking like mom’s & aunties…but this does not seem true when they wear it for work …like in hotels or flights..may be its not the sari..may be its just a perspective. DJ remembered the first time he fell in love that girl was wearing a sari. It was a light brown with….



Wat happen

Nuthn was just thinking

Abt wat?

Nuthn…just some old stuff….have u picked ur stuff?

Yeah….lets go grab sumthing to eat…



DG: Diet coke is not food

DJ: I knw I am well aware of that

DJ had refused to eat and picked up just coke.

DJ: I am not hungry

DG: were u ever hungry?

DJ: hehehehehe I think so ..when I was little..may be

They both ate quietly. Time seemed to have slowed down. Both of them knew, this is the last time they might be meeting. DG grew impatient

DG: say something na

DJ: wat?

DG: I am leaving tomorrow morning

DJ: hmm ..wat time?

DG: 6am

DJ: hmm home or Delhi?

DG: home .Friday I will go to Delhi…till the wedding I will be there.

DJ: hmm

DG: you are coming na?

DJ: where?

DG: wat where? To my wedding where else?

DJ: I didn’t get any invite

DG gave a look as if she heard the most horrible thing on earth. She was staring at him and trying to control not to scream

DJ: wat?

DG: why ur acting like this?

DJ: wat acting?

DG opened her bag and threw some invitations on him

DG: here this is wat u wanted no..take it

DJ was still calm. He took the invitations and arranged them..and said

there is a procedure for everything…. even for inviting to wedding

DG: then don’t come

DJ: ok

DG face was red as hell. She didn’t know why DJ is acting like a jerk that too on their last meeting.

DJ : oye

DG: shut up

DJ: I am seriously telling I can’t come

DG: then don’t come..y shud u come? That’s y I didn’t give u invite..u better don’t come

DJ didn’t dare to speak, He quietly gave her the invites. she didn’t take them.

DG: y u giving it..u only asked na…u itself keep it…..bloody ..till today u haven’t wished me , u didn’t ask anything abt the marriage…on top of that u are telling I didn’t get any invite…don’t u knw when ur best friend is getting married u shud be there?

DJ: its not that ..i was just kidding…I have a interview on that day I won’t be coming

Another 20 mins passed and probably for the first and last time DJ spoke for long and DG listened.

DG: hmm….but at last minute if it gets postponed..u will come rite…

DJ: if I get flight tickets yeah….

DG: book it now itself. Later u can cancel it..

DJ: hmm let’s see….

Time seemed to drag on….both had lots to speak. But neither of them did..

DG: wat else?

DJ: packed everything?

DG: y? if I haven’t will u come n pack?

DJ: only if u threaten to kill me..heheheheheh

DG: hehehehehhe……I will miss u

DJ: I knw

DG: will u miss me

DJ: dunno

DG: wat dunno ..

DJ: how can I tell what will I feel tomo..

DG: uff…ur logic sucks

DJ: heheheheh …if I did I will let u knw


DG: tell more….

DJ: isn’t it getting late for u?

DG: u seemed to be eager in sending away..y u have other plans?

DJ: yeah…my wife will be waiting

DG: oh really..tell I said Hi

DJ: will do..

DG thought atleast now DJ will tell something she wanted hear..but she lost hope

DG: chal I better go..its getting late

DJ: ok

Both of them came out …it was time…

DG: try to come wud be nice if u come..

DJ: I will try

DG: we will go see taj mahal…have u seen it?

DJ: we ?? heheheheh my wife wont like it..

DG: stupid…hehehehee bring her also..we all four will go

DJ: anything else I can do for u

DG: eat well sleep well..u look pale..

DJ: u try to yell less and smile a lot…u look great

DG: hehehehheehe…… anything else u want to tell me??

DJ: nothing

DG: nothing?

DJ: no y?

DG: nothing…chal bye ..

DJ: bye tc

DG: u too bye

DJ: bye

DG got into the auto ..While DJ walked in the opposite direction…

DG thought..i dunno wat kind of guy he is..when is he kidding or serious? He seems to uninterested in anything…I hope he comes to his senses..and

DJ calling…..

Y Is he calling …did I leave sumthing there itself…

DG picked up

DG: oye

DJ: hellos

DG: wat??

DJ: nuthn…I forgot to wish u

DG: u forgot??

DJ: hmm…wish u a very happy married life…god bless u ..keep smiling…have a lot of kids..

DG: hello hello enuf enuf…there is procedure for wishing a bride…

DJ: hehehehee…..hmmm I missing u already

DG: hehehhehe…stupid …how many time I asked… u could have told there itself na

DJ: nah ..its easier to lie on the phone

DG: hehehehe… idiot…I will kill u

DJ: hehehhee…pleasure is mine…chal u take care

DG: hmm k…I will call when I reach Delhi…

DJ: k bye

DG: bye

DJ ended the call and thought “well… that went well”…he had planned it..he wud act like a jerk..irritate her…after all this wud be the last time they can fight.. he was afraid ..her eyes might well up as it did on farewell day…he wasnt ready for that again…so he will start a fight..then quickly compromise…their separation became lot easier…..


In the System…….

OD2: I am sure he will go to Delhi…obviously he can’t let her go

OD1: I don’t think so

OD2: I bet he will go

OD1: u do realize that we can actually stop him from going rite…

OD2: but we can only create obstacles…if he decides to go..i will make sure he gets the tickets

OD1: really? Hmm so wat’s the bet

OD2:I will give up TV for a week

OD1: u shudnt watch IPL even in YouTube…deal?

OD2: darn it….ok deal.

To Be Continued…………………….


  1. hey i feel bad da... now a days there r no happy endings right... the world has become so cruel...

  2. @sid how do you knw its not a happy ending?? and wat do u mean by happy ending? its not over yet