Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost-22

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
y this is in white …shouldn’t it be pink?
It was 12.25pm on hot summer day in Bangalore.
“I will have a Lychee chill”
DJ was in CCD in Forum Mall.
“anything to eat sir”
He usually goes to Kalmane Koffee when he goes to Forum.
“hmm..u have anything sweet?”
“of course, would u like a muffin?”
“nah that won’t be chocolaty enough”
“pardon sir?”
But this wasn’t an usual day.
“get me Chocó-donut”
“certainly sir…”
Scientists say chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers. But DJ knew that he will need more than Chocó-donuts to get over this situation.
He wanted to tell someone but at the same time he thought it won’t do any good. He almost updated his Facebook status but somehow he held it.He wanted to call RJ and inform.But he knew RJ would be sleeping and wakes up only around 2pm.So he had to pass time till then.He would be the right person to discuss something like this.
He didn’t want to call anyone in home and spoil their day.It can wait.He has lots of time now.
DJ was surprised at himself for being so calm in this type of situation. He wasn’t flipping out.
“hmm… not bad… i handling this pretty well…may be i am emotionally stronger than I think….or….May be i haven't fully realized the full impact of this….”
Just then a “WOW” passed by CCD. WOW was the term DJ and his friends used to refer for hot babes.Not all the pretty or beautiful girls are termed “WOW”, it was only for the girls that every guy would like to flirt with(or more) but not marry.
DJ didn’t go WOW when he looked at her.Just then he realized he wasn’t calm, he has become numb probably a bit shocked.
“OMG wat the hell is wrong with me?”
He wasn’t feeling pain because he wasn’t feeling anything at all.
He suddenly had the urge to run out of the mall to the open road…just like in his dreams.
“Here’s your Lychee Chill sir”
Then he remembered how hot it is outside …may be i will run after having this Lychee Chill.
“Here’s your donut sir”
The donut reminded him the first time he met DG @ CCD.
“hmm may be i shud give a call and check how she’s doing.  at least i may feel better if talked to her”
It had been quite some time since DG and DJ spoke to each other,  due to busy work timings, they preferred talk more than gtalk.
1 message received
DJ couldn’t believe wat he was seeing …then he broke into a silent laughter…. “hehehehe why i am surprised abt this” and checked the message.
got hurt
in St Johns
St Johns is a famous hospital located near Madiwala, Bangalore. Incidentally even Forum is in Madiwala.
DJ gulped the drink, took his bag, threw some money at the counter and dashed out. He heard the waiter yelling
“Sir your doughnut!!”
DJ ignored him and muttered to himself
“uff.. she never lets me finish my donut”
Less than 20 seconds later , DJ was literally running on the open road towards St.Johns….exactly like he wanted.
“and all the files fell on me ….i fell down and my arm hit the edge of the stool and cut me and blood was coming.and my manager got very scared…then i told him i was ok… but he told me to take a TT shot ..then i thought i can bunk office today so I said ok and then came here…then waited for the doc”
Even though DJ came running,It looked like DG needs some air as she was talking breathlessly…DJ kept on looking at her..her face had so much emotions running…she was in pain because of the cut, she was happy becoz she can bunk office..she was little surprised to see DJ @ short notice..she was excited to tell the story to him  and little tired after telling it.
“then i got my TT shot..then told me to wait to dress up the wound..then i msged you,,didn't knw u will come this come u came here…no office today.?? how come u are roaming around here??…actually…….”
DJ thought she had met with some accident (St.Johns is not a small clinic) and so he ran to see her and help her, comfort her. But it was a just a small bruise and she was actually fine and started interrogating him as usual. He couldn’t control it any longer.DJ started laughing out  loud.DG got really irritated  & screamed.
“heyy wats so funny?? i am in pain and you are laughing??
SSHHHHHHHHH  aachey ogey mathadri..ithu enu hospitala? coffeeshopa?  
A ward boy screamed at them to be silent.So DJ started the recovery process.
DJ: “ok ok let’s go let’s go”
DG: “don’t talk to me …go disappear”
DJ: “sorry sorry  now let’s go somewhere n fight”
DG: “lets go to Kalmane Koffee”      
DJ froze for a moment and looked at herimage
“As You Like it”
“nothing lets go”
“How is RJ doing ?
He is fine”
They were in Kalmane Koffee exchanging pleasantries.Its been quite sometime they had a long talk. DJ somehow felt something strange about DG , but he couldn’t figure out wat was it.
DJ: “something is different abt you”
DG: “is it my hair??..i got a new haircut”
DJ: “no not that”
DG: “how is my hairstyle?? i wanted to look professional that's y changed it”
DJ hardly found any difference in her hairstyle,but he wasn’t really concerned about it.And he knew if he commented something the next 30 minutes will be spent on her parlor
DJ: its nice..its good….wat was that u wanted to tell me?
DG: wat ? when?
“That day u told u wanted tell something then u said u will say when we meet”
“oh yeah man”
“tell now na”
“yaar ..i dunno where to start only”
“wat is it abt?”
“u wont get mad na…promise me u wont get angry”
“why would i get angry? why?? did u do something?”
“no yaar…i shud have told earlier itself…that's y”
“u first tell …don't keep suspense”
“I am getting married”
DJ knew one day she will say this..but he did not suspect it would be like this.. out of the blue…that too of all days not today.He didn't how to was as if he was still numb…DJ let  out a deep sigh and said
DJ : “WOW”
DG: sorry sorry yaar…i know i shud have told u earlier…actually i haven’t told anyone yet
DJ:  u r engaged now??
DG: no not yet formally…the engagement is next month..i thought i will tell everyone once the dates are fixed.
DJ: i don't care when where u going to tell “everyone”..i was under the impression i was “someone” and not one of the “everyone group”
DG: yaar now y u getting can i tell u when i havent told anyone
DJ: watever
DG: this is too much DJ
DJ: is it? i mean seriously ? is it?
DG: i am telling u i am getting married  you didn't congratulate me…u dint ask me abt the guy ..u didn't ask me how excited i am….i knw its all of a sudden..but at least for courtesy sake tell me you are glad to hear the news.
DJ:  sorry………tell me abt the guy
After 25 Mins 
DG: ….so that’s all i wanted to tell you…happy now?
DJ: hmm… nice
DG: you don’t seem very glad abt it… are u upset or something?
DJ: on the contrary i am glad..i will get my freedom..u wont be killing me anymore
DG: hehhehee who told you that… i will still kill you only.
DJ: hehehehe hmm…i wish RJ was here….
DG: y?
DJ: he almost got me convinced
DG: abt wat?
DJ: that we two are going around
DG: wat??????
DJ: hehhee its k… i convinced him its not like that
DG: hmm…hhehehe so that's y ur heart broken? hehehe
DJ: hehehe yeah right..
DG:u still look upset
DJ: no yaar …its just …
DG:wat?? tell me
DJ: u knw ..i woke up today morning and saw a sparrow near the window…it was doesn't see much of sparrows these days….mobile radiation,cutting of trees
DG: huh??
DJ: and i knew today is going to be different…but i had no clue that it will be one of the most unforgettable days in my life
DG: can u plzz tell me clearly? wat are talking abt?
DJ placed the white envelope on the table..
DJ: i am talking abt this..even i have news for u my dear..but not a happy one like yours nevertheless a big one
DG: wats all this??
DJ was staring at the envelope
DJ:  u know… i always that it would be in pink in color
DG: DJ!!!! just tell wat the hell this is about??
DJ: I got fired today.

To Be Continued…………………………………


  1. hey planning to end to story...? I wish some twist happens here...

  2. @ Sid.. cant say much except .. buckle up ;P

  3. dude.... i thought u were building upto a proposal and it ended up with a pink slip!! wah?? I seriously think u shud read 2 states and draw some inspiration!! [;)]...

  4. @Rajiv this isnt over yet :P i read 2 states cover to cover n thought if that can sell so much.. i can write better :P

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