Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was another dull day in “SPARK TECHNOLOGIES”
DJ…. Boss is calling you
oh no that cant be good
may be he is giving a raise
yeah rite  we don’t have funds for a new water cooler  how the hell he will give me a  raise
just go yaar  he is waiting
ok ok  ooff here we go
DJ : ok.. now where the hell is Chatur?
where else ? he’s gone to tirupati 
what for?
you don't know? he goes there every month..
oh no  he is not going to come today is he?
no not till Thursday why?
I need to make these charts yaar.. he is good @ excel
well..enjoy maadi

DJ thought “ i cant wait till Thursday and chatur will be the last person who will help me thru phone, well i guess i am left with only one option”

It was 11am & RJ was sleeping , its midnight for him

DJ calling
RJ : hey dude
DJ : dude i am really sorry
RJ : wats up
DJ : need some help
RJ : tell me
DJ : have some analytics work our excel wizard is tumbling in 7 hills so i have to do it.. need some cheat codes for excel
RJ: hmm……oh…k (he aint happy )
DJ: sorry dude , i didn't want to disturb you but had no choice
RJ : Its K  can you gimme 10 minutes i will just freshen up…
DJ: sure Thanks a lot ..i owe you one
RJ: no probs….we gonna talk or gtalk?
DJ: gtalk is better
RJ: k will login in 10 mins
DJ: k
“and that's how its done”
DJ and RJ gtalked for 58 minutes 34 seconds (FYI RJ is a freelance consultant who bills by the hour, so  he is particular about timings)
DJ: whoa  thanks a lot dude go sleep
RJ: its k ….. are we meeting today? or you have a date?
DJ: hehehe yeah rite as if i am going on a date daily…no da  she’s gone to native…we will meet in Mocha..  my treat
RJ: hmm ok .gimme a call once you done
DJ: sure done
RJ: cheerio
DJ: hahahah  goodbye your Excel lency
RJ:  :D
So Syntax  3…Macro 1 ..ok now where is the pivot table?
ok now syntax..5   Macro… 3  (damn you chaturvedi…)
DJ was buried in excel sheets its been 3 hours since he looked away from the monitor.
9008009000 calling
now who the hell is this?  must be  one of the the ZuZu’s telling ‘kannadathallli kelakhay onthanu othi”    DJ didn’t pick up
9008009000 calling
“oh c'mon” DJ picked it up
“you forgot me”
sorry???  (what the hell…)
“I said you forgot me”
oh  you only..i got  scared  (It was DG)
“am I so scary”
“why are you talking in such a serious tone”   (ok …this is not good)
“I am angry and irritated”
“who made you angry tell me i will kill him” (oh $#!^…. looks like this will take time)
“you only stupid”                      
“what did I do?”                                 
“You didn’t do anything”
“what are you talking about?”  (O my syntax… macro.. sniff sniff)
“You didn't call me , You didn't msg me”
“hey this is not fair  you were thousand miles away. (Raipur is that far  isn’t??)  and i didn’t want to call you while in roaming.i msged you but i think zuzu screwed up i didn’t get a reply so i thought u must be busy plus i dint know you were back..and…
“yeah yeah u have an explanation for everything”
“ok wat is all this about really? why are you acting weird”
“yeah weird..see that’s the problem…y is it that it is always me who is calling you? y is it always me to plan to go out? it seems as if i am forcing you to talk with me…
“ok ok my mistake i will call daily hereafter”
“don’t call me daily”
“ok i will msg then”
“stupid should say ‘no DG i will call you daily’ see even now ur doing it just bcoz i told you and not that you want to ”
“uff listen……”    (wat kind of logic is this??)
“ok what shall i do to make it up to you?”
“I wont tell …you figure it out”
“uff  listen i don't have time for playing games..i have to get back to work  if u ….”
“ok bye”
“hey hello  hello?? …damn…”
Two days later  RJ & DJ where trying out Caramel Lattes in Java City
DJ: Stop it RJ  it is not funny
RJ: hahaha..heheh oof hhehehe ok ok then wat happened?
DJ: then wat……  i met her yesterday and sorted it all out
RJ: that’s it?
DJ: what else did u expect…. a song & dance?
RJ: hehehehe  no i mean the way u said it looked like she was really angry
DJ: yeah she was but not with me
RJ: then?
DJ: i had got her flowers
RJ: u don’t say
DJ: yeah…its interesting how flowers can alter moods
RJ: and  u are going to tell me it was a friendly gesture?
DJ: it definitely was
RJ: oh c'mon DJ..stop kidding will you?
DJ: no i am not kidding  u want to know why i bought her flowers?
RJ: I think i knw..but i wonder whether you know?
DJ: no you don’t ..lemme tell you….there is a lil girl in my lane who sells flowers..every time i pass her she asks me to buy some..but i never do  simply bcoz i don’t have the need…one day i even offered her money but she wouldn’t take it unless i take flowers. When i crossed her yesterday, the girl again offered a bunch of flowers…so i thought if I buy flowers the girl will be happy and if i give it to DG then she will be also happy…think abt it me spending 20 bucks is going to bring a huge smile on two faces ..i wud say that is money well spent.
RJ: do you see flowers in my ears? i mean seriously u r expecting me to believe your perfectly logical yet untrue explanation?
DJ: hmmm ur hard to convince…u wouldn’t be speaking like this if u knew wat we spoke yesterday
RJ: wat did you guys speak yesterday? unless its ur private stuff u can tell me
DJ: shut up and listen

One day before
DG: “wow flowers…for me ?? nice i like it”
DJ: “i am glad”
“thanks buddy”
'Welcome…. so am i out of danger or u still gonna kill me”
“heheheheh u will never be out of danger i will always kill you”
“I am still glad”
“hmm …. why didn’t you do this yesterday itself”
“i was busy then i had told RJ i will meet him so i couldn’t make it yesterday”
“oooh u shud have called me also i wud have met him also”
“yeah rite”
“oh you didn't want me to meet ur boyfriend is it ?”
“hehehee u guys meet almost daily  u talk to him more than you talk to me..i think  u like him a lot isn't it ? its k i am not jealous hehehehe”
“wats ur point?”
“you shud have called me ..we could have had coffee would have been like Dostana.. I will be the Desi Girl, U guys will be my gay friends..hahahahahahah”
“oh c'mon dude”
ok ok……….
DJ was looking away
DG: ok i am sorry ok?
DG:hey don't act too much  this jerk attitude doesn't suit you
DJ:just shut up will you.. …tell me sumthing  how will you feel if he talks about you and me like this….think for a sec…and tell me if it sounds funny.
DJ : after sometime i asked her about her trip and she started telling all the stories
RJ: hmm….btw In Dostana the guys only pretend to be gay …they are not gay
DJ: whatever dude.. stupid bollywood movies…  that's y i don't see them could have met her that day itself i wouldn’t have mind
DJ: nah its k dude..i always keep my word..if i had told her before you then i wouldn't have met you  friends are friends for me…i don't see gender bias
RJ: if i see ..c'mon dude.. even i have many friends who are girls ok……. u talk as if you are saint and we are all sinners
DJ: heheheh ok ok i didn’t mean that way…
RJ: everyone knows I am a decent guy ….
DJ: hehehehe yeah…..but then y do u tease me with her?
RJ:bcoz i never give flowers to my friends dude..
DJ: oh c'mon…it wasn't even roses
RJ: u knw wat?
DJ: wat
RJ: You should have done law..whatever the crime is somewhere somehow u will find a loophole and escape
DJ: hehehe if its true…i wud have been one of the greatest criminals, not a lawyer
RJ: hehehehehe both are the same anyways
DJ: hahahahahaha
and their laughter overflowed along with the coffee….

To be Continued…………………………….


  1. hmmm... 7 hills, mocha, flower in the ears!! Nicee.. :)
    wher is this heading?? lolz... :P
    neways keep writing Mr.Rebi!!

  2. keep watching this space buddy..many things are gonna happen soon :)