Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost -24

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


No I am seriously are you holding up?

RJ repeated his question. This time DJ looked him with a question mark.

DJ: Is it a trick question?

RJ: no..i really want to know

DJ:of course its a little tough..but I knw its just a matter of time..before I get a job..u knw eventually

RJ: I knw abt the job issue is not a big issue…I was talking abt the other thing

DJ: wat other thing?

RJ: um..DG?

DJ: DG? Y wat happen?

RJ: isn’t she getting married ?

DJ: yeah..u did get the invite rite?

RJ: yeah…but ..

DJ: wat is it RJ?

RJ: aren’t you doing sumthing abt it?

DJ: u mean gift? Yeah I haven’t decided yet let’s see..i am broke already ..contributions are welcome

RJ: oh god!! DJ.. don’t act smart with me…

DJ: wat are u talking about

RJ: I thought u were going to do something about

DJ: uh? Like?

RJ: are you going to delhi?

DJ: no why would I go to delhi?

RJ: uff….everything wont come to you DJ.. sometimes you have to go get it

DJ: wat has not come? Wat shud I go get it?/

RJ: its ok to lie to me…don’t lie to urself

DJ: ok now I am seriously confused…

RJ: have you told her how you feel abt her

DJ: yeah

RJ: u did?? And wat did she tell?

DJ: she feels the same way

RJ: then?? Y are u still here?

DJ: dude ..i think we are having a miscommunication here..

RJ: even I feel the same ..let me ask plainly you love her?

DJ: ofcourse

RJ: oh god!!! Then y are u still here???

DJ: dude dude…………hehehehehehehe…omg I get it.. you thought….heheheheheheheh…sry can’t stop laughing….you thought we two were going around and one day we will get married?

RJ: yeah..i thought u are her BF

DJ: hahahaha…no dude….i am her BFF

RJ: wat the hell is that?

DJ: Best Friend Forever

RJ: oh cmon…u gotta be kidding me

DJ: seriously I am not

RJ: u r in denial..

DJ: oh gawdd….how can I explain it to you…ok let me do this one last time….for the record..and this supersedes any past statements I have made..

“I like a her lot and so does she…but neither of us had any intention of becoming a couple…we are friends nothing more… nothing and less…we laughed a lot and fought a lot and talked a lot more..we have a lot of differences between each other, but only one thing has held us together…we genuinely care abt each other and nothing else matters.

We both are like parallel lanes.. we will be always be there for each other but not together.. i will lead my life and she will lead hers.. our lives will be very much independent of each other’s actions.

We had spent some time together and now it’s time up, she is moving to another phase, where I can’t follow. No one in this world can always be together. Even our mothers throw us out in 10 months. That’s inevitable and so is this.

Wat abt our school life or college life? How many friends we made? Where are they now? When everybody has a mobile phone, means to communicate is not a problem, then y are we not talking to all of them? There comes a point after which, distance, time or frequency of talking does not matter. Friends are not like clients, its not like I will forget them becoz they have not followed up properly with me or I will switch to other friends because they offer me more interest.

I talk to my friends more than my parents, that doesn’t mean I forgot them or don’t care abt them. I can pack my bags and go to home anytime, they won’t ask me y did I come now after so many days. Home is Sweet home, its always waiting for you.

I don’t know how frequently she will call and will she ever call .Even if she calls after 10 years, I will speak to her as usual and won’t scream why she didn’t call me all these years, because friends may get old, friendship does not.

I know things won’t be the same. Change is the only constant thing in this world. I am not sad the constant chatter is going to end, I knew it from beginning. I am very much glad that it happened.

I am not denying that she is special to me.. but even she does not know its reasons. I had hurt myself in the past and I was bleeding. Now it has healed, although the scar is still there. She healed it, now I feel alive more than ever. I have never told all these to her. If I tell all these she won’t understand..hehehheehe she will hear only blah blah blah..

So hear me out my dear friend, when I say I love her, I will also tell I love you and I love all my friends, sincerely, honestly, truly, faithfully and I mean it.”

DJ took a sip of his iced green tea. RJ didn’t say anything. the most precious thing that can be shared between two people is the silence which is mutually understood.

They both understood this was that silence which prevailed at that moment.

Guys how close they may be, don’t talk senti stuff like “ur my best friend, I will do anything for u..etc(unless they are drunk). It’s easy for girls. It becomes awkward in case of guys. DJ could sense it. He had breached the bro code and said senti stuff. He had to tell something, guyish to bring normalcy.

“wow… look at that chick”

RJ looked up and said “the red one in the right hand corner rite?”


After a few minutes…….

Shall we?

DJ got up

RJ was still seated..

DJ knocked the table twice and gestured wat happen?

RJ: u knw wat I think?

DJ: wat?

I think you love her more than you will ever admit to yourself


DJ sat down.. he couldn’t hear anything else..except RJ’s words echoing to his mind. RJ had said it very casually. But it took some time for DJ to understand the weight of the statement.

I think you love her more than you will ever admit to yourself

I think you love her more than you will ever admit to yourself

I think you love her more than you will ever admit to yourself

DJ stood up again and checked his mobile…

“I still have time…if I rush up now I can still make it ”


“dude cmon let’s go…. I need some cash”

Where are you going”

“To Delhi”


To Be Concluded……..


  1. i knew it smthing like this wil come up one day for sure in ur blog .. "do u love her??? " lol. all the best

  2. @nidz...hehehehe i guess everybody knew..but dont jump the gun...wait for the grand finale before u "all the best" me :P

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