Thursday, May 6, 2010


From Our Special Correspondent -

Chennai: If You are not aware of the Latest Tamil Movie SURA (means Shark) then its better u be beware of the Terror terrorizing Tamil Nadu
SURA the 50th film of Vijay a.k.a Young General  is certainly making deadly Tsunami waves –through theaters. Some instances below.

  • Kasab has reportedly gone into shock after the judge sentenced him to watch re-runs of SURA in solitary confinement. His lawyer told the press that they will be appealing to reduce the punishment to death sentence.

  • Chinese have decided to include “watching Sura” as one of their torture techniques and have ordered for 10,000 digital prints of the film. Apparently an official said “we can beat India in anything but not in making movies like Sura”

  • In a medical breakthrough lunatics were cured instantly after watching the opening sequence of SURA. They said “we feel smarter already”

  • Thousands of people are leaving Chennai after the movie got released –“We can tolerate the Summer …but SURA is just too much”

  • Insurance Companies report that claims for personal damages have tripled in the last month.usual reason is “watched Sura”

  • Hospitals are reportedly bribing Theatres to run more shows,as more & more people come to get admitted in the hospital straight from the movie theatre showing SURA. Usual symptoms are dizziness & nausea.
Last But Not Least…
Sharks have filed defamation case against the producers of the movie for using their name without their permission and making them look like a “comedy piece”

really a must watch for Vijay Fans atleast that's wat the reviews say

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