Friday, February 26, 2010

10 things I learned in Hyderabad

Recently I went to Hyderabad and these are the 10 most important things I learned which I think everyone who is going to Hyderabad should know, but seldom told.
So here goes
  1. People say biryani at least 5 times a day
  2. Biryani is available for breakfast,lunch & dinner – 24/7
  3. People eat biryani at least once a day..unless they are dead
  4. People don't say lets meet for lunch or dinner, they say lets have a biryani together image
  5. Not being a hungry is not an acceptable excuse for not having biryani
  6. Its rude to even ask what's so special about biryani.(caution,u may face physical danger)
  7. Impressing a local girl requires extensive knowledge about availability of biryani, capacity to eat more biryani than her and of course ability to afford it.
  8. Its never a pretty sight to see a girl dunk a whole biryani by herself ,no matter how pretty she is (solution-look at your biryani & eat)
  9. Any biryani is best as long as it is made in Hyderabad
  10. BIRYANI.


  1. Now you make my mouth watering. Ever saw a girl dunk 2 biryanis? U should try. Keep that engine running, take me away. BTW pack me a biryani :)

  2. I hope i never see that :) sure next time i will get a pack 4 u and take away the VW :P

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