Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost -20

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

on the way will reach in 10 mins
////////////message sent///////////////

RJ Calling.........
DJ: hey
RJ: hi dude
u r back?
yeah reached this morning
how was the trip
yeah it was ok
so where ?
where wat?
coffee of course
oh......(darn it)
ur busy or something?
um uh um....actually
i am on the way to meet DG
thought u r coming tomo
hey no probs man..wats there.. we will meet tomo
sure... done

6.30 pm Commercial Street
DJ: how long to wait?
DG: sry dude suddenly got a client call ..cant hang up jus like that knw
u shud ...when i am waiting....
ok ok...lets go..... what are we shopping and why??
its a long story ..i will tell you on the way
when DG says its a long story is guaranteed that it has at least 1 main plot and 2 subplots.
DG: ......and i was telling all this and that...and he was telling all blah blah blah and started giving me all gyaan....
DJ once read a foreign science journal which had a interesting article on quantum physics , and went to his physics sir for clarification...the "sir" got wild and scared him off saying" first do your homework properly". He was 13 years old.
DG: so i told him i don’t need you to tell me all this... i can take care of myself blah blah blah....and kept the phone..uff guys these days......
DJ couldn't grasp what she was saying ..he couldn't decipher her lingo...he did not have clue on what premise or context is this conversation related to....this was more complicated than quantum physics ....... yet he knew exactly wat to say
DJ : hmm
He knew she wouldn't stop suddenly and ask to tell what she just told...if she did ...that would be his funeral..he would be like Rahul Bose in Pyar Ka Side Effects "i am screwed i am screwed i am screwed"... bcoz chat was easy ...he can refer back and quote sumthin...but when it is happening "real time"...there is a high possibility of #failwhale in his head.
After she finished the lllooonnggg story…after they did all the shopping , suddenly DG screamed as mentioned above and DJ ears went BLEEEEEEEEEEENNNNK..couldn't hear anything for a few seconds.
He once read that the normal decibel level is 60-70dB and anything more than 85dB damages the ear. He was sure the scream must be around 90dB becoz the train whistle is measured @ 90dB
DJ : shhhhhh omg ..dont screaaam (45dB)
DG: I will Screaaaaaaaammmm Iscreeaaammmm (90dB)
then started to hop and said
lets go lets go lets go
omg!! DG stop jumping
i am not jumping this is hopping
whatever it is don't do it
wat happened now y u telling don't talk don't hop... uff
DJ looked at her and thought she is just like a kid ..a cute little annoying kid with whom you cannot get mad as usual he compromised
DJ: ok ok cool down lets have ice-cream
DG: yay!!
When he saw the icecream DJ wanted to scream bcoz he was expecting a cup...not a was almost the size of his lunchbox. He was wondering why the spoons are so long "may be to excavate a tunnel in the ice-cream"
but DG kept the whole tub by her side and started scooping..
um...DG...shud i..
DG was gesturing "wait wait" nodding her head with a mouthful of ice-cream after the 5th scoop she pushed the whole thing towards his side and said
DG: hmm eat...i am done
wat?????? but u barely touched...
i am dieting yaar… cant eat much..
then y did u order this frigginn tub??
she started to say sumthing but her mobile rang and DJ was forced to suppress himself from screaming over ice-cream
yes Mr. kapoor Good evening sir
not at all sir it was kind of you to call me
DJ noticed a transformation..the hopping screaming icecream girl had vanished....
ofcourse sir, this is the right time ..ur judgement is exact sir...
ofcourse sir one should always aim higher..we believe customer satisfaction is not the end sir, we always try to delight our clients...
no problem sir i will get the paperwork done by Thursday
thank you so much sir..have a wealthy weekend (that was the company tag line)
DJ sat there with his jaws dropped ....
DG: so u were saying???
the icecream from the spoon fell back in the tub.....
ufff u just a baby... u dont even know how to eat ice cream
she took a big scoop and stuffed in his mouth..
DJ was like OH MY GAWWDDD what is she doing ???
so there he was ..DJ who cracked quantum physics @ 13 years was learning to eat ice cream 10 years later
DJ was thinking hope nobody saw that…
DJ: sorry do i know you?
DG: huh?
u suddenly changed when the call came
hehheehe hello..when it comes to work i am a professional okay??
really? hmm finish the ice cream fast… its getting late
yes ma'am
hmm good boy
DJ realized he has become the kid now
**************************************** image
so how is it?
DJ & RJ met the next day and suddenly decided to get some ice-cream so they went to Lakeview St,Marks Road.
DJ replied :Its good…this butterscotch is great..
RJ: hmm….it is one of Bangalore's best…
but corner house is always a better place
of course..hehheheheheimage
cmon wats funny
of course u will say corner house is better
wats that supposed to mean?
u knw wat i mean
no seriously …wat is it?
nothing …except that in corner house they have spoons long enough to feed the person sitting in the opposite side
wat?…..oh….k……..ohkaay…but ..but how did you know?
i was there only…outside.My friend wanted to pick up some ice-cream
u saw us?
u cud have atleast said Hi
was in a hurry actually but frankly i didn't wan to disturb you guys..hehehhe
oh cmon yaar…i knw i have told this already but it is not wat it looks like
oh you do realize how it looks like…
hey y u getting tensed?…i am just kidding…i don't have any probs man…its your life, your choice…
will u plzz stop this?…its not what you think it is
but are you sure it is what you think it is???
yes….DJ gave a deep sigh…yes i knw what it looks like but i am sure it is what i think it is
i sure hope so……
In the System……
Good news ..He has approved it
OD1 announced as he came in….
OD2: approved wat?
OD1: to include all sorts of communication in calculating the Information Flow Rate for project GG
OD2: oh…. (he let out a feeble) …yay
wats the matter?
I dont like this RJ guy
y so ? I think he is brilliant
yeah thats the problem..he is taking away all the fun
this isnt some reality show get back to work and get me this week’s report
D…. (OD2 croons like this when he wants something)
now what?
can we take a break..u knw lets go get some ice cream
ice-cream???? wat are you ? mortal human???
oh cmon plzzz
ohkaay .. heck lets go…even i want to celebrate the approval
OD2 mumbled : watever
nothing..i am excited about the approval thingy too..yay (hmm… wat and all i have to lie to get some ice-cream..i hope Milky Way is open..)
and they rode down to Milky Way for some butterscotch sundae……

To Be Continued…………………………………………


  1. you can write so much in a blog post??? Guess the ghost is very very very lucky... good luck dude

  2. @tiger hahahaaha its a story dude its just a story :)

    thanks anyways

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