Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost -19

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

DG calling DJ
DG : oye
DJ : hellos
Why aren’t u online
because i am outside
Kalmane Koffee – Garuda
with whom?
RJ image
When will you come?
around 10 i guess
ping me

I message received - DG

DG : where are u ? image
DJ : Cuppa
Oh where?
with whom
“DJ online” “DG signed on”
DG : listen
DJ : hmm
i wanna have coffee
hmm actually good weather for coffee
come na
we’ll go to coffee day
no next year
then wat now only
but i have plans
wat plans
i am meeting RJ
you meet RJ everyday
yeah.....(really? oh yeah)
wat do u guys talk so much
hehehehe ...wat questions u ask
you coming or not?
but i already told him i will meet him
its k call him also.
but he has some work in Garuda so we r meeting up there
you come there na
hmm ..its k ...u carry on ...
k.....chal i am logging off
Barista MG ROAD 7.30pmimage
RJ: so u see… wat Amazon does is really amazing...
DJ: hmmm
Ebay doesn’t have this problems of inventory management
hmm seriously so do they have any ERP or something
they shud obviously..But I used only in Excel for this project
that's interesting
DG calling DJ
DJ:just a sec dude….hmm tell me
DG :wassup
I am in barista MG road
you cheapo
you didn't tell me
abt wat
i called u knw that day u dint come
yeah but i thought you will be working late
I am still in office only but you didn't even have the courtesy to call me
don't laugh i hate u what...we will go out tomo
no thanks i am busy
see exactly.. you work late , you are always busy..when ur free you r tired i thought of calling you yest evening but u said you were tired so didn't want to disturb u
you keep sweet talking like this and put the blame on me...
hehehehe nothing like that .....anyways we talk daily wats imp to discuss
oh yeah? wat so importantly u guys discuss daily
hmm today its about and how its managing its inventory
either you guys are crazy or you r lying to me
no its true and thats y i dont prefer to meet you both @ one place.. as there would be serious disconnect beacause our wavelenghts are differ....
blah blah blah blah....
ok ok got the point rite?
i got it .u r cheater you act different with different ppl @ different places & I hate you
hehehe then u didn’t get it...listen i will catch you online we will def meet up sumtime I promise
now u talk like as if I am desperate to meet you wat do you want me to do
nothing enjoy ur coffeee.. bye
hey..I.. w.. $#!t ...
DJ tossed his mobile indicating his irritation
RJ: wat?…. she hung up?
DJ: yeah
hmm you 2 fighting an all.. nice
oh plzzz its not wat u think it is
really? then why don't u call her now
oh cmon RJ.. u knw her
not really
bollywood is all she talks abt
I hate bollywood its stupid
I like bollywood
i mean i watch hindi movies all the time
you don't say
oh yeah i even went last Sunday to Love Aaj Kal
I cant believe this
hehehe y not?
i mean how can sum one like u can possibly watch movies like that
hehehe two things 1. not all Hindi movies are stupid ..i agree some of them are stupid 2. i am not too into technology like you..i know stuff and do projects and all ...but that's not my passion..
Ok i think i am fainting
hehehehe wat i am trying to say is i am not a geek like you..i knw you like tech stuff so i talk to u abt that..i go to hindi movies with my other friends who like Hindi movies
u knw wat..ppl say i am smart ..but i always feel like a dumbo when i talk to you
trust me..ur not… u just dont realize ur potential and i think thats the problem
i dont knw man..i seriously dunno..i am always stressed abt it
why dont u relax once in a while?
wat i am doing now?
hmm no… i mean u keep reading browsing blogging brainstorming i dont know wat exactly u do will all that info...but have u ever gone out and didn't talk abt technology or philosophy or anything serious?
hey i am not a loner or anything …even i have gone out with girls
really? Who that Shakespeare girl?
and what did u guys do
we had lunch, we roamed around did some shopping... had ice cream.
hmm..but can u tell me wat did u guys talk abt???
hmm books mainly..Shakespeare....oh u must hear her points on objectivism..never seen a smart girl like that..we had a fight over etymology and she was describing abt the Victorian era of Engla.......wat???
RJ was slowly shaking his head as if saying NO
RJ: don't u get it ??
DJ: no wat?
Shakespeare? Victorian Era? seriously? u call that fun day out?
Hey there was Ice-cream too
aww very romantic.....
wats ur point??
there are simple things in this world other than books or technology
hey i see movies too i luv music u knw
oh i know..i heard you discussing the Matrix philosophy with that Shakespeare girl
wats wrong with that?
Nothing wrong.. Listen i am not blaming you or mocking her...i knw she is guys have intelligent discussions that’s all fine...but all i am trying to say is...loosen a bit… once in a while relax...
And how exactly to do that?
see if u go meet someone..u talk, u laugh eat and come back and once u comeback think what exactly u talked abt.....if u cant answer that question properly then it means u had a good relaxing time.Long and short of the story is - its not always about KT - knowledge transfer
I knw wat KT means
hehehee I am sure you do ….
hmm sounds interesting but what shud i do abt it?
tell you wat..i have a good idea
i am all ears
go out with DG
yeah for coffee or something..
but why?
wat why? why u always need a reason? isnt she a friend ?
yeah of course
isn't that good enough to meet someone
yeah but...
but wat? you think u will get bored?
no ..on the contrary i think she will get bored and probably stop talking to me
just go DJ.... for once...
hmm i am not sure....
listen if ur not really sure consider this as a social experiment
hmm that's interesting
we can keep my point as a alternate hypothesis and urs as null
now we are talking
yeah rite.....should i make a 7 slide ppt with Tahoma font just in case ?
heyy cmon...i am not that stupid
I sure hope so...
DJ Calling DG
DG: pls tell me i am not dreaming
DJ: hey..wassup..wat ? no ur not dreaming...why ?
you r calling me ..that itself a great shock
hehehe..then i have more
how about we discuss this over a glass of Tropical Iceberg
are u ok?
yeah y?
nothing u r acting weird
wat weird?
first u call me ..which is very unusual..then u call me for coffee which is even more shocking
listen..u wanna go or not
i am busy
oh? abt tomo?
hehehehe stupid i was just kidding...we will go...but where?
CCD of course.. 6 is fine?
ok then 6 it is
Brigade Road Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) image
DG: hey
DJ :hi
When did you come ?
5 mins before
hmm so wassup macha wats happening?
suddenly ur calling for coffee n all
wat? ur my friend and i think its a gud enough reason to meet up
oh is it? hmm...btw nice pick up line
we will discuss over tropical iceberg … it sounded cheesy..but naiceeeeeee
hey ..i didn't mean it that way
oh shut up..don't try to act so innocent
i am not.. i swear
ok ok don't cry wats happening
hmm nuthn much… lets order first
i knw my order
tropical iceberg wat else?
hmm i will have a latte.... anything to eat ? chocolate fantasy?
nah...u order if u want
hmm i will get a doughnut
so wt else ?
u tell me
hmm....(this is tougher than i thought) hmm wats this? image
its a clutch
clutch ? i thought it is only in bikes
haw haw very funny
no i seriously didn't no..where did u get it
u knw Abhi
hmm..u have mentioned him a couple of times
yeah he is working in delhi
okaay....(now y she is telling this??)
After 23 mins 15 secs
DJ: …So in summary your friend’s sister got this for u when she came to Bangalore?
DG: yes
you could have told that directly
then you wont know the whole story na? i knw why bollywood films have 10-15 lead characters & each have a song in one single movie...
hey dont mock bollywood k?
i will.... all bollywood movies are stupid
She got very angry &took the doughnut and threw it away ...
DJ gave a Vadivelu look ...
Aahaa Vadai Poche...
nothing its a Tamil proverb
wat does that mean
many a slip between the cup & the lip
aur bata
tell more
(oh not again).. hmm....its clutch with a C or K?
u knw wat
u r boring
hehehe tell me abt it...
Mocha - Lavelle Road 7.30 pm image
RJ: So ?
DJ: so wat
had fun?
we didnt have fun we just had coffee
a lot can happen over coffee
yeah rite...
so wat did u guys talk abt
hmm....lemme see..nothing much ...just chit chatting i guess...why are u grinning?
remember my hypothesis
oh.oh yeah.....oh no...
Oh yes... hypothesis just got proved
but but
no but.. you don’t have any clue what u were talking the whole time ? do you?
not really
Welcome to Life Mr.Geek
TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………


  1. this is the best so far in the G&G series.... :))....oh I want to see these conversations Live...I am laughing here by imagining only ;))

  2. @ruchi...thanks but best? you may think so as probably this may be the first post u have really "got it abt G&G" :) thanks for not loosing patience :P
    as for the live version is has many practical difficulties of which u of all ppl wud knw better...anyways that's y i am writing this story like a memory archive :)for i may lose my memory, my brain, my life..but our Big brother Google shall preserve till end of time :)