Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Geek & The Ghost - 17

This story is based on some true events, however it has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

"Oh no...not again"
DJ's irritation was so radioactive .that even a lizard nearby would have become Mozilla..err...Godzilla. He ran the network troubleshooting wizard again, but it was still showing no internet access.
"Troubleshooting wizard could not identify any problems"
DJ suddenly in his imagination became Quick Gun Murugan wearing yellow coat and green trousers with fringes & a cowboy hat. He could see modems branded "Trouble” hanging on wires in a distance .He took out both his revolvers and started shooting them A la' matrix time slice. After the first round, he blew the smoke from the guns and said
"Ennada Rascalas, I am the ultimate Trouble Shooter.... Nan nenacha...."
His dialogue was interrupted ..........DG Calling...........
DJ decided to cut the scene short and simply said "Mind It" and picked up the call

DJ: hmm
DG: oye where are u?
DJ: room only where else I will be
DG: doing wat?
DJ didn’t want to share his creative adventures so.....
DJ: nothing much
DG: come online na
DJ: theres no net
DG: oh shit net is it
DJ: hmm
DG: wat is the problem?
DJ: dunno..trying to figure it out
DG: wat macha ..ur the geek u shud know to fix these things hehehe
DJ: yeah ...i shud knw better
DG: hmm wat else
DJ: nothing
DG: had dinner?
DG: hmm.. i had fruits
DJ: will u ever eat proper dinner?
DG: heheheheeh
DJ: on top of that all u speak is abt food only
DG: hehehe yeah man...everybody thinks i eat a lot
DJ: well they should know better
DG: hmm acha the phone working?
DJ: yeah it is
DG: try restarting modem
DJ couldnt help but laugh ...'look who's giving advice to whom'
DJ:"done that already"
DG: u using wi fi or lan?
DJ: wifi
DG: try connecting lan na
DJ: "hello madam,you think i havent tried that yet?" He lied
he hadnt tried that
DG: "I was just checking yaar"
DJ: "hmm ok..i think the problem is not with the connection"
DG: "oh..k"
DJ gingerly took the lan cable and connected to the laptop....local area connection is now connected...internet access
DJ: "Listen net has come"
DG: "really?? how?"
DJ didnt want to admit she solved the problem
DJ: "Some dumb guy named WA11103 has got unsecured wifi"
DG: "what??"
DJ: hehehe its the modem number
DG: "huh??"
DJ: It was a joke....leave it ...i will catch you online bye"
DG: "chal bye"
DJ signed on
DG: chk FB...i took some quizzes
DJ: k
After some mindless chatting
DG : u knw wat i dont chat much these days
DJ: oh ...really (since they were gtalking DG couldnt sense his sarcasm)
DG: yeah man..i chat with u and just a couple more frens, thats all ....mostly its u only
DJ: i knw
DG: how u knw?
DJ: becoz it was meant to be
DG: yeah rite (even though they were gtalking DJ got the sarcasm)
DJ: no seriously i mean it.... someway or the other we end up chatting everyday
DG: hehehe yeah man
DJ: i think they are making us to do so
DG: who is they ??
DJ; the gods
DG: to do wat?
DJ: chat all time
DG: r u crazy??
DJ: no i think there must be some IT dept or something in heaven ..they are only helping us with free internet etc to keep us chatting...even after college
DG: hehehee
DJ: seriously tell me...u dont see many our frens online regularly as they used to be... do u??
DG: no
DJ: and y is that only we are chatting??
DG: we are both jobless thats y...lolzz
DJ: may be...but certainly i think somebody is behind all this..may be google paid them to do it ..i dunno
DG: heheeheh watever dude....may be god didn't want to separate two best friends whom he really likes
DJ: heheheeh thats also there
DG: anyways god or his IT dept whoever it is,I am thankful to them :P
DJ: awww so sweet :P
DG: :)
DJ: :)
In The SYSTEM......
"Are u seeing this??"
OD2 who was looking the logs of the recent chat stood up from his chair and screamed at OD1...
OD1 : relax, take your seat
OD1 was clutching a large roll of printouts with a red marker in hand and green marker tucked behind his right ear.OD2 couldnt relax..he was fidgetting more than usual
OD2: how can u be so calm?
OD1: relax ... chill out...
OD2 : should we pull the plug??
OD1 gave him a horrified look and screamed
"what the hell for?"
OD2: cmon he shouldnt be able to knw abt this ,let alone he sharing it with others
OD1: oh cmon now...he doesn't knowanything yet.... he is just imagining things on his many of them down there have a vague idea as to how things are up here so even if gets to know that there is a possibility its not a big deal..he wont do anything abt it
OD2: what if he does something drastic
OD1: he cannot do anything drastic that will jeopardize THE SYSTEM...he is not that powerful
OD2: what if he least tries??
OD1: Then we pull the goddamn plug
OD2 became silent..he looked pacified.After a few seconds he smiled.he smile grew into a grin and eventually he chuckled
OD1: something funny?
OD2 started laughing now
OD1: wat??
OD2: u said GODdamn..hahahah
OD1: hmmm hehhee yeah...
He stared grinning and said
"thats really GODDAMN funny hahahahaa"
And they both laughed in unison
To be Continued...............................


  1. thanks da :) yep they r great :P

  2. hi da... DJ & DG are rocking.... really enjoyed it... had a big smile while reading... :-)
    Sid (Siddharthan, ur school mate)

  3. @sid Thnks a lot :)pls do read from first and give your views
    i spend a lot of time on this and ur comments are the only motivation

  4. hey... I read it from the scratch da... I loved it to the core... I became die hard fan of MJ's " THE GEEK & THE GHOST "... I am anxiously waiting for your next release…. I also want to know what’s in DG (Ghost)’s mind…

    Keep rocking... I smiled a lot :-)... thanks for those...