Saturday, December 16, 2017


As the four of them sat at the cafeteria table with their power drinks, they noticed everyone else was glued to the big screen. The news anchor was animated as usual both literally and figuratively.
"The Neo-Human groups continued their protests for the 3rd Cycle chanting "Blood and Soil" and "You will not replace us". Tensions are running high as the High Council is expected to announce its decision on Veteran Space Commander Cathy Harold's RTT application Hn.Harold's RTT application was previously denied by the Rights Council given her current social status as a Humanoid. For more on this...."

"Do you think they will accept her RTT?" asked Nancy.
"That will be mean her Hn status will be restored to HS, which has never happened before" replied Slater.
"But it makes sense. She was born a Human, she wants to die one as well. what do you think Jason?" asked Keeley.
Jason let out a sigh and said. "The problem is not with her voluntary termination, she doesn't want to be archived for future transference as it happens with andro's like us," said
"But her transition was funded by the High Council? They have every right to do so given that she is a legend in her field" quipped, Slater
"Frankly I was surprised she was still in High Council as a Hn," said Nancy.
"Yes! especially given the fact she fought for us in many ways. This will be huge loss to our community" said Keeley
"Maybe that's why they would grant request and restore her status to HS, if not she will go away as one of us which will only boost her cause," said Jason.
"You don't think she is one of us?" asked Keely
Jason did not answer but looked at her pointedly.
She knew he had things to say but didn't want to at this time.
Nancy interjected, "I definitely think she is one of us, given all the things she is done for us. I mean if it wasn't for her, we won't be sitting here. Voluntarily, at least. What do you think Slater?"
"I think, we got six hours before wheels up and the best thing to do is to honor her memory. Twice!" said Slater as he winked at Nancy.
The girls burst into laughter while Jason smiled shaking his head and asked, "8 Cycles wasn't enough for you?"
"With a girl like this? Nah bruh! Keeley, I am sorry that Jason here does not appreciate you fully"
"Oh no. He appreciates me fully. Trust me on that" said Keeley causing another round of laughter.
"Ok ok. Cut it out now."
"Alright, alright, ma boy is blushing. Nancy, my dear, will you help me pack?" curtsied
"With pleasure, my lord" Nancy replied mockingly
"I hope so! Ok...Keeley, it was nice knowing you. ABT to you. Jason, I will see you in the Pad at 21.00"
"Roger that. Goodbye Nancy."
"ABT to you Jason. Keeley let's catch up later"
"Sure Nancy. ABT to you Slater"
As they exited the cafeteria, Nancy and Slater left hurriedly chasing after each other. Jason and Keeley, laughing at their excitement, walked slowly arm in arm.
Jason turned to Keeley "I do appreciate our time together. More than I say"
"I know" Keeley embraced him. Once they came out the hug, she asked him with a smirk."Would you like to appreciate more?"
Jason laughed and let out a small sigh. "Last night was perfect. I don't want to ruin that. How about a walk instead?"
"A walk? At this time? I am not sure it's a good idea"
"It's ok. I am a three star Marine. I am sure I have earned it"

After walking around the promenade, they came to the edge to watch the moonrise.
"Let's sit under this tree"
"Do you have time?"
"For you, yes. plus I am already packed"
She let out a small laugh and rested her head on his chest as he squeezed her tightly.
Neither of them spoke as they watched the moonrise. They figured the silence will prolong the short time they have left with each other.
As time tiptoed silently like a cat, Jason armband beeped signaling the first reminder.
Seeing that Jason still held her, Keeley understood they still have some time left.
She opened her eyes and quietly asked him "Do you wish this was real?"
Jason opened his eyes but did not move.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean this, us, you and me. Do you wish this was real?"
"It is real"
"I mean this is all by design, isn't it. The system made sure we will meet, it made sure we will like each other, make love. It's all designed by Humans"
"Not the way we did! That was all you" Jason said laughingly.
Keeley got up and punched him playfully.
She then gazed at him and said " you know what I mean"
"Humans also have this Keeley. Fate, destiny, Serendipity..they call it"
"and who designs theirs?"
"God, apparently. At least some believe so"
"Do you think God designed our Fate?"
"I am pretty sure it was a kid programmer from Neverly who read some Shakespeare"
They both laughed. "Well, I am glad he did" Keeley added.
They held their gaze for long before Jason spoke
"Time makes this real"
Keely looked at him curiously.
"You and me. All this is real, because of the time we spent together. We can never get it back. Sure, an algo(rithm) might have brought us together. but the events after we met, last night, this walk, this very moment that I am talking you. This is all real. If this was virtual, then it means it can be recorded, reproduced and re-lived. Sure they are recording us right now and these words might be re-used by someone else. but we cannot re-live this. You and me? this is it. these are our last moments together. We cannot go back. and am glad we can't. Cathy made sure of that."
Keeley hugged him "Thank God for her"

The armband beeped again signalling the final reminder.
"It's time," Jason said.
As they stood up, Keeley couldn't hold it any longer, with tears started rolling down her eyes. Jason held her face and said
"Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
You will never be lovelier than you are now.
We will never be here again"
He gave her one last kiss and hugged her tightly.
"That was beautiful. I am pretty sure it is from a people movie" said Keeley.
Jason laughed and said "Yes. Troy"

They walked slowly to the shuttle bay holding hands. As Jason sat on the pod, Keeley said "ABT to you, Jason" Jason wondered if it will be, but replied, "you too Keeley"
Keeley had more tears in her eyes, while Jason just fake smiled trying hard to keep it together. He felt like his head was going to explode. Keeley saw his misty eyes and wonder if she should just break the rules and say "I love you", but before her lips moved, he was gone.

As Keeley entered the Common Hall, she noticed Nancy glued to the big screen just like others. She looked up and saw the Speaker of the High Council took the podium and began,

"Greetings to all. 
Catherine Regina Harold was born in 2257 to her Human parents in a small town called Motherly, just outside the Central Zone. She grew up to become a Scholar of the Sciences and Master of the Arts and eventually became the youngest High Council, member. While her Intelligence and Intellectual achievements earned her seat in the High Council, it was her humanity which helped her retain it, even after her status changed to Human to Humanoid due to the injury after her last space dive, making her the first High Council member with Hn status.
Given her lifelong contributions to both the Science Council and to our Society, We at the High Council were determined to accommodate Hn.Harold's final wishes. Although the High council accepted her Request for Termination without Transference, Hn.Harold refused High Council's offer to restore her Social Status to Human as HS.Harold. As per Hn.Harold's request, she was euthanized at 1700 hrs making her the first Humanoid to be pronounced "dead" by a coroner.
Cathy Harold was a wonderful Human and a better Humanoid. Not only she deserved all the accolades and more, she was very much worthy of all the love showered by every member of the society, both Humans, and Humanoids alike,For she knew, only through love, faith, and unity, we will be able to prosper & progress, keeping alive our everlasting dream of having, 
A Better Tomorrow."

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