Sunday, April 24, 2011

Enjoy the Ride.....

Some of my friends shared this in FB. I seriously thought it was an Ad..actually it is..but not a commercial one.

The reason why I am blogging this and not just sharing in FB is to raise some questions of a different issue..see the video first..

What is Enjoy the Ride?

Enjoy the Ride is a Road Safety Council of Western Australia initiative, brought to you by the Office of Road Safety. Our aim is to show Western Australian drivers that there is an alternative to speeding – on the road and in life. And it’s a better way

Now..first kudos to Aussies  for this initiative...I am sure you would realise that they have gone past road safety in the message.

This is a world class film..from the narration..esp the voice..truly international

Imagine this coming from our Safety council (yes we have one !!).

I am not talking about making a short film spending huge money...I am just wondering how many of them working the National Safety Council are going to work everyday thinking about National Safety?

This is not just the problem in National Safety..or other Govt dept...this is the problem with everyone of us.

How many of you are going to work saying "I will improve my surroundings..I will make a difference in the society"? We all expect some superhero and prevent crime..we look for a Anna Hazare to fight against corruption.

We have to realise making a difference to the society is not a miracle to be performed..We can be Anna Hazares I what we it with sincerity to achieve the common  goal of improving life itself...

One do not have to have extraordinary talent to do so..but one should have the courage to do so....

If not then whatever you does not the least you can do is..stop running like a beheaded chicken...and ...



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